Feb 23, 2015
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Resident Queer Feminist Theologian


70% abuse and 30% ramen, Female

Both Insane Clown Posse dudes are on Have a Seat With Chris Hanson right now. What is this bizarre timeline??? Jul 15, 2020

    1. Beldaran
      Waiting for the internet guy to come fix my internet. I hate strangers in my home, but love internet. :T
    2. Beldaran
      What is this thing? Also hello friends, I am here.
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    Resident Queer Feminist Theologian
    Question: Should you fight me?

    "why. why would you even. you monster.
    (I mean even if you tried, you'd probably get served, but really. why. Beldaran is literally the sweetest)" ~Wiwaxia

    "if you fight beldaran you had better at least be wearing a tuxedo cause that motherfucker will outclass you in a thong bikini" ~Vast Derp

    Pastrysona: Anman (bread filled with red bean paste)

    Collection of really nice things people have said about me so that I can look back on them and smile:

    "whenever you post in a messy thread my immediate reaction is always 'oh thank god, Beldaran's here.' :) " ~Wiwaxia

    Seebs: I still tend to think of you as "one of the sane people who didn't go through all that much", which is ludicrous.

    Beldaran: I'm rather happy to be thought of as "one of the sane people" considering. I mean, I really ought to have more wrong with me it seems.

    Seebs: I have about one available explanation, which is "miraculous healing". I am vaguely superstitious about saying so after reading a story once where it stopped working if you told people, but I am pretty sure it is in fact safe: You are one of the more obvious paths through which love enters our world, and I think that tends to be a healing thing.

    "Beldaran is a badass, txt it" ~Lissiel


    If you need to contact me please message me here or on tumblr, or at least shoot me a note on tumblr asking me to check my messages here.

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