NSFW 18+ Dramatis Transformae - How Many Ways Can I Write Robots Crying

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  1. Lacuna of Devisiun

    Lacuna of Devisiun the quiet one (18+)

    [Lacuna to Beacon]: Oh! I wasn't trying to buy the unit, just the fuel.
    [Lacuna to Beacon]: ...I don't think it'd be exploiting, but if you're sure...
    [Lacuna to Beacon]: I could make enough treats with that much if nobody takes too much.
  2. Beacon of Praxus

    Beacon of Praxus To light our darkest hour | 18+

    Beacon's vents expell a small smile of relief.
    "I am sure. As a former priest and the one at fault for not keeping enough of a stock of filtered energon this is partially my fault. I will set things up in my suite once my shift is over, if this is alright with you?"
    He very gently pats her shoulder again.
  3. Lacuna of Devisiun

    Lacuna of Devisiun the quiet one (18+)

    [Lacuna to Beacon]: Yes! Um...
    If he was going so far out of his way to help her, she might as well offer.
    [Lacuna to Beacon]: Do you want to come to me and my brother's Sparkday party? We're turning 242.
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  4. Beacon of Praxus

    Beacon of Praxus To light our darkest hour | 18+

    "I didn't realize you were quite so young. It's always a very momentous occassion to celebrate young sparks, especially given how long it has been for us cybertronians. Only-- May I bring someone if he wants to come? Pillage is very sweet and dear to me, and was only recently added to the crew roster, so I'd be glad for an opportunity for him to get out a little with me."
    He very very slowly unfolded, making a small noise at his aching joints, then held a hand out to help Lacuna up as well.
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  5. Lacuna of Devisiun

    Lacuna of Devisiun the quiet one (18+)

    [Lacuna to Beacon]: Yeah, no problem! You're helping me out so much, after all. And... could I get an advance on medgrade? I kind of want to experiment now.
    She took his hand, beaming as she pulled herself up.
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  6. Beacon of Praxus

    Beacon of Praxus To light our darkest hour | 18+

    Beacon smiled, just a small uptick of the corner of his mouth.
    "Of course. I did offer it after all. And if you do manage something that tastes good and is healthy, I am sure the medbay will be eternally grateful. As will I."
  7. Lacuna of Devisiun

    Lacuna of Devisiun the quiet one (18+)

    [Lacuna to Beacon]: Well, you might have to settle for looking good, but we'll see!
  8. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    Ok. Ok he could do this. He had spent the last few several thirty seven cycles thinking about the right way to do this - directly, via comm, not personal as not to be pressure but also not via messenger because that would be ridiculous - and how to word it and he could do it now. Would do it, even.
    He just needed a calm minute to properly look over the comm again that he wanted to send and make sure it didn't have any typos or such. He wanted to make a good impression, even if it wasn't per se a first impression. But Eclipse was very very attractive and smart and clearly deserved a properly worded request for...a meeting. Not a date, he wouldn't go so far as to call it a 'date', that would be presumptuous. Just a friendly meeting between botany enthusiasts, no pressure.

    But it seemed that lab didn't want to award him a calm minute today, a failure in the water filtration unit keeping him tied up for considerably longer than he'd planned, so it was towards the end of his shift when he decided that alright, there wouldn't be any too obvious mistakes in his comm, he had edited the poor thing so often surely it was all fine now.

    [Updraft to Eclipse]: I hope I am not too forward contacting you like this, but I was thinking that perhaps we could meet during a downshift, perhaps for an infusion? I would enjoy an opportunity to talk to you in more depth [and also you're so pretty; edit this out before sending!] and there is an observation deck that has furniture in a comfortable size that should be ideal for such a thing. My schedule is currently very variable, so I am at your disposal whenever it is convenient for you, provided that you do want to meet up at all of course. I wouldn't want you to feel pressured in any way.

    It hit him about two seconds after hitting send that he hadn't edited out a very very specific thing that he'd meant to remove but now it was too late. Oh Primus. Ohh Primus. He needed to sit down right now, and did that, wedged into a corner where he was mostly hiding from everthing, fans maybe spinning up a little from distress. Oh no, he'd ruined this, surely he had! Why hadn't be read through it one last time?
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  9. Edit this out before sending.

    Edit this out before sending.

    Edit this out before sending.

    (You're so pretty???)

    Eclipse supposed he should have been grateful the comm hadn't come in while he was on duty; he went to focus on his ventilation and calm down for a moment and found his fans already whining. He wasn't-- opposed, no, not in the slightest, but he hadn't really considered-- alright, no, that was a lie. He had considered Updraft in a similar light, and then promptly decided to not think about it. But here Updraft was, inviting him to... share drinks and talk. Plain enough. Innocent enough. Eclipse wouldn't have thought twice about answering immediately if his processor hadn't got stuck on 'you're so pretty'.


    Perhaps he should just... ignore that part. Updraft hadn't meant to send it, after all. It would be rude to say anything about it, wouldn't it?

    [Eclipse to Updraft]: I'd be perfectly willing. Is three shifts from now acceptable?

    Hopefully that would at least give him time to get most of the nerves out of the way.
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  10. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    His fans screeched to a stop when he got the comm, and then he needed a little longer to actually look at it consciously because what if Eclipse said no? Even worse, what if he'd taken offense? But he had to find out, so he peeked at the comm and his fans were immediately spinning up again.

    He'd agreed? He'd agreed?!

    Three shifts from now as... probably enough time to polish all the parts of himself that he could reach? And get his vocalizer to work properly again because he could just feel the static and that just wouldn't do.
    But first. First he had to reply, he couldn't wait too long now or it'd look bad and just. Oh Primus. He'd actually agreed, this was going to happen.

    [Updraft to Eclipse]: That would be perfect, yes. Would you like to meet at the observation deck or should I pick you up from somewhere?

    Too forward? No, probably not, that was the polite way to go about it, yes? And maybe just... ignore that other bit in the initial com? Since Eclipse seemed to be doing that?
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  11. Pick up-- oh, Primus. Venture would talk either way, but perhaps it was better not to give him the chance to talk to Updraft.

    [Eclipse to Updraft]: I can meet you there.

    Possibly after shoving himself hands-first into a nice pile of dirt in need of aeration, but-- oh, scrap, no, he'd have to get himself touched up, wouldn't he? Would that look like he was trying to one-up Updraft? (Updraft had called him pretty, didn't he need to keep up that standard?)
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  12. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    [Updraft to Eclipse]: Wonderful, I will see you then.

    He sent it before thinking about it, then started to question is 'wonderful' was perhaps the wrong choice of words while picking at the edge of a plate on his arm. Actually, that needed fixing. Oh Primus so much of him needed fixing, and touch ups and perhaps a touch of wax? Just a little? He didn't want to be obnoxious about it, or vain, but he also wanted to look good for this...

    In the end it really wasn't much of a debate at all. Some minor fixing, a little wax, maybe check if any of his mother-of-pearl inlay needed updating...

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: I am very sorry for just asked like this, but would you be free to do some touch ups on my paint within the next three shifts?

    Later was probably better and he'd have to reign himself to lab work, lest the paintjob got all scratched up again... and no centipede handling!
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  13. Whisperwind of Obex

    Whisperwind of Obex [bird noises]

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Of course!!!! c:
    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: I'm on shift this one coming up, but maybe halfway through the one after? I have another appointment in the first part but he shouldn't take too long!! c:
  14. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: Thank you so much, that is perfect! You are a life saver.

    Surely he'd be able to keep a paintjob pristine for one (1) shift?
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  15. Whisperwind of Obex

    Whisperwind of Obex [bird noises]

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: You're welcome! c; See you soon!!!!

    And it was soon-- after hustling Eclipse out the door with more reassurances that a subtle gold glimmer in his black was not too much and was in fact quite fetching-- that Whisperwind found himself clearing away his trinemate's colors and pulling out what he remembered using for Updraft last time. Touch-ups probably wouldn't mean major changes, but it was always nice to have things laid out beforehand!

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: The studio's clear whenever you'd like to drop by! c:
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  16. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    He'd totally not been sitting on hot irons waiting for that message while fiddling with his wings and sticking down tiny bits of shiny material. At least the glue set very very quickly and wouldn't be an issue. And he managed not to jump and scratch his plates up when he got the ping either. Success?

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: On my way!

    He didn't want to keep him waiting when Whisperwind was doing him such a massive favour.
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  17. Whisperwind of Obex

    Whisperwind of Obex [bird noises]

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Just a maintenance visit, or are we doing anything special today?

    There, that wasn't too obvious, was it? Eclipse had been very clear that he didn't want Whisper (or Venture) sticking his nose in this early, but as long as the questions were just about paint it was fine, right? Not even a little wink to hint that he knew anything! Hm, would it look odd if the ladder was already out? Surely not.
  18. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: Maintenance and perhaps a bit of polish or wax, if it isn't too much of an imposition?

    Just a little bit of shining himself or - or getting himself shined up at least - for...reasons. Yes. Nothing untoward at all!
  19. Whisperwind of Obex

    Whisperwind of Obex [bird noises]

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Of course, of course!
    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Detailing is important too!!! c:

    Clean buffer discs, a nice quick spray wax-- Whisper bounced a little at the knock on the door, and spun to face it with a smile.

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Come in, silly!!!! c:
  20. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    Right right, he'd just not wanted to be rude, just barging in, but clearly it was alright?
    Updraft had clearly already done a bunch of cleaning on himself, and there as a notable absence of dirt or plant stains on his plating.

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: Thank you for seeing me on such short notice!

    He smiled back easily. Ok, they'd done this before, it wasn't familiar but it was much much simpler than considering just why he was here, getting himself prettied up for the next shift.
    Apparently Whisperwind had everything already prepared to? Not that it was very hard, considering that he wasn't going for a full repaint or anything.

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: Just tell me where you would have me stand or sit :)
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