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  1. Whisperwind of Obex

    Whisperwind of Obex [bird noises]

    Whisper waved excitedly, then gestured to where he'd sat Updraft last time; the studio could fit larger clients comfortably enough, but Updraft was big enough that there weren't too many other places to put him.

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Here, please! c:
    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: I'd prefer to start at the top and work my way down-- perhaps with your shoulders if you don't want me to work on your face right away?
    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Have you noticed any particular rough spots, or shall I just go over everything?
  2. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    He sat down as told, wings mostly folded out of the way for now.

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: Whatever works best for you, really. I have done some reworking of the inlay on my wings, so maybe we can leave that for last, if possible? But otherwise I trust your judgement.
    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: I suspect my hands have it roughest, I do try to be careful but the paint tends to chip a little at the edges, I admit.
  3. Whisperwind of Obex

    Whisperwind of Obex [bird noises]

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Oh, hands take all kinds of wear and tear, it's not your fault!
    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: We can certainly leave your wings for last. How long does the inlay take to set?

    Whisper tilted his head, looking Updraft's face over; nothing dramatic seemed out of place, but perhaps he could be talked into just a little bit of accenting? Something to nudge at while Whisperwind worked, at least. He shrugged and pulled the ladder over to start on the nearer of Updraft's arms-- something had eaten away the finish across his shoulder, and the paint beneath wasn't in much better condition.
  4. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: yeah it is hard to avoid when working with organics, they have a tendency to either get into the plate gaps or downright aim for them.

    Surely Eclipse had the same sort of problem, and surely Whisperwind would know, but it felt rather wrong to question one part of a trine about another.

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: About quarter of a shift, and I have been working on it a while already, so the left wing should already be firmly set, it is just the right wing that might take a bit longer yet.
    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: How bad is it?

    He held very still as to not disturb what Whisperwind was doing, or worse yet, knock him off the ladder.
  5. Whisperwind of Obex

    Whisperwind of Obex [bird noises]

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Oh, absolutely-- I've had to pull splinters out of Eclipse any number of times, these things happen.

    Hm, maybe a touch of sanding-- yes, that evened it out nicely, and the paint went on more smoothly after.

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Not bad at all!!!!
    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: There's a touch of corrosion here, but nothing worse than you'd get flying through an old industrial zone. It hasn't even gotten through your paint, the finish is just all pitted and we need to get you looking spotless, right? c:
  6. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    Oh, that was good to know, and made him feel a bit better about his own slightly mangled hands. Only very slightly, but still.

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: Oh, that is probably from the centipedes! They get defensive if you try to pick them up, and unfortunately their first line of defense is to spit acid. I still have to relocate them on occasion to work on the plants in their enclosure, so these things happens.
    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: Please. I am... trying to make an impression? Sort of?

    That was... a good way to put it, right? No details? Maybe Whisperwind wouldn't ask for details?
  7. Whisperwind of Obex

    Whisperwind of Obex [bird noises]

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Ooooo, an impression! We do need to get you pretty then!!!! c;

    Whisper's wings fluttered with silent giggles, but his hands stayed steady. Only even paint here!

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: You still sure you don't want a little shiny ivory to match your inlay? It'll look nice and subtle against your normal white!
  8. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    He caught the movement out of the corner of his eye and it just made him smile in turn.
    Hmmmm, should he? Would it be too much? But surely a tiny little bit of shine wouldn't hurt...

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: If you are sure about it? I trust your artistic judgement entirely, so if you say that a little bit of detailing would be a good idea...
  9. Whisperwind of Obex

    Whisperwind of Obex [bird noises]

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: You were the one who said 'impression'! c:
    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Once I've got your base coat sorted, I'm thinking a vine pattern similar to the one you've done for your wings, brought in across the upper part of your face and chest.
    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: It won't be as dramatic as it is against the wood, but it'll catch the light nicely and draw the optic to where it should be! c;
    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: I've got a shade or two in mind, I can grab them for you to look at when I'm done with your arm here.

    If he'd done something similar for Eclipse, drawn gold 'sparks' up out of his orange bits and biolights-- well. Complementary paint schemes did lead the processor to feel more comfortable! It wasn't meddling, it wasn't like Whisper had gone and actually asked Updraft about Eclipse.
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  10. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: I do want to make an impression, yes. The vine pattern sounds lovely, thank you, I wouldn't have considered doing that on my own!

    Nothing he would have thought to do to himself even if he had any skill in painting. He wasn't sure if his chest needed more accenting, really, but clearly Whisperwind was the one who knew about pretty here.
  11. Whisperwind of Obex

    Whisperwind of Obex [bird noises]

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: That's what I'm here for! c;

    The one arm was simple enough to complete, once the corrosion was dealt with; having worked his way down to Updraft's fingertips, Whisper hopped off the last rung of the ladder to retrieve the potential color choices for the extra patterns. He offered the cans, complete with dried swatches on the lids, to the larger flier: one an off-white a few shades creamier than Updraft's usual white, the other a closer match but iridescent and almost as pearly as his inlay.

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: I'm thinking one of these two! Is there one you like better?
    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: I'll be finishing your base coat first in any case, but while I'm already down here...
  12. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    He leaned in to take a close look at the cans, holding his arm next to it to get an idea of how they would match up. Both very pretty, and subtle in their own ways, the pearly one seemed like it wouldn't show at all until the light hit it right.

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: Thank you. I think the iridescent one, i am pretty sure that it matches my existing inlays? Both are very pretty though.

    Not counting the wooden parts, but frankly that didn't really count as 'inlay' to him anymore, it was just his plating.
  13. Whisperwind of Obex

    Whisperwind of Obex [bird noises]

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Alright! The iridescent one it is! c:
    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: I'll just put the other one back real quick and then we can get back to painting you!!!
    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Go ahead and have a stretch if you need one. c:

    Whisper set the pearl can down and bounced back over to the shelf to put the cream away; no need to leave things lying around cluttering up the place!

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Can I ask who you're trying to impress?

    It wasn't interfering if he just sounded Updraft out a little, right?
  14. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    He did roll his shoulders and stretched a little. He didn't mind staying still for a long time, but it was nice to have some moment to flare his plating and resettle everything comfortable. At least until he got that question and things clamped down again even if only for a moment before he made himself relax again.
    What should he say? He didn't want to lie to Whisperwind, but admitting it out loud.... Well, no help for it.

    [Updraft to Whisperwind] I- ah, I have a meeting with Eclipse scheduled? Nothing big, just a little talk about botany and infusions...

    Totally not a big deal. Totally. That's why he was getting himself prettied up before it. Because it was absolutely not a big deal to him.
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  15. Whisperwind of Obex

    Whisperwind of Obex [bird noises]

    Oh, that was easier than expected. At least someone between the two of them might be able to say something without dancing around it, then! Whisper pulled the ladder around to start on Updraft's other shoulder. If his wings were fluttering-- well! Just some perfectly normal excitement at one of his trinemates getting out and about.

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Oh, that sounds nice! Eclipse needs more friends, big brooding nerd.
    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: He was really excited that you liked his plants last time!!! c:
    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: I'm not sure he needs much impressing, but I won't complain about getting to pretty you up! :p
  16. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    That was a rather positive reaction, right? Certainly a lot better than he'd feared it be, though it was still a struggle to keep the nervous little flutters down.

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: He was?

    That was flattering!! Very flattering!! There were perhaps some minute wing wiggles at that. Really Tiny ones. Easy to miss if you weren't right up there painting his shoulder.

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]:His plants are absolutely gorgeous and he does take excellent care of them and I would very much like to talk to him about them again. And err, about other things, too? But we certainly both like plants, it is an obvious topic

    No, why was he rambling now, stop that!!

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: Ah well, even so, I uh, i would feel bad showing up looking all scruffy and like someone just pulled me out of a flowerpot?
  17. Whisperwind of Obex

    Whisperwind of Obex [bird noises]

    Oh, wasn't that just precious? Whisper didn't try to hide his smile-- it wasn't like he had reason to when Updraft was being so sweet!

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Flowerpot is quite a fetching look, but you put so much effort into your wings I can hardly do any less for the rest of you!!! c:
    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: We're gonna floor him with how pretty you are, just wait!!! c:<

    And hopefully Updraft would be just as gobsmacked by Eclipse's updated look, but telling him that would spoil the surprise!
  18. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    Updraft was trying to stay still so he didn't exactly see the smile but he was suspecting that it was there.

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: Perhaps, but I would like to think that showing up clean and well painted is going to be more hmmm. respectful?

    And Eclipse deserved that! Though clearly Whisperwind was having... somewhat different ideas? Not that he was wrong but oh Primus, was he so transparent? Was that bad? Was that good?

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: Also thank you! I really only started on the wings because I had some much time on my hands planetside, my first attempts were really not pretty at all.
  19. Whisperwind of Obex

    Whisperwind of Obex [bird noises]

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Well, of course! Practice means improvement, you probably don't want to see some of the color schemes I inflicted on Venture when I first started out either!!! :p

    That was... probably enough needling about Eclipse. For now. Even if Whisper wanted pictures of the two of them next to each other, all prettied up.

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: I'm sure the quality of supplies I had access to at the time didn't help, but that seems like something you're also familiar with! :p
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  20. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    That was a good topic change, much more comfortable than talking about Eclipse.

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: That is certainly true, but I suspect you didn't glue your fingers together several time in the process.
    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: Now I am almost tempted to ask for pictures, but that would be mean and I don't actually have any to trade for them, I was a little short on mirrors and external cameras at the time. But yes, poor quality supplies are something I struggled with rather frequently
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