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  1. Whisperwind of Obex

    Whisperwind of Obex [bird noises]

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: You'd be surprised!

    Whisper's wings were probably going to be sore later with all this laugh-fluttering, but what did that matter?

    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: Ven's in luck, I haven't kept many pictures of him from those days anyway.
    [Whisperwind to Updraft]: I could probably mock up a few sketches, but it might be better for all of our dignity if I don't!!!! :p
  2. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    [Updraft to Whisperwind]: oh yes I think Venture might be cross if the next time I see him I picture him in one of your first practice paintjobs.

    Nothing practiced about this one, though. Whisperwind's work was stunning, and Updraft couldn't help but thank him profusely several times while admiring himself in the mirrors. The pearly color did match his inlays, and it looked rather eyecatching indeed, and much better than anything he could have managed on his own.

    He was hoping that it would make the right impression while he was already on his way to the observation room, a growing curl of anxiety tightening in his chest. Yes Whisperwind had said that Eclipse had liked their last meeting... but what if this one was different? What if he did something wrong? What if what if - the thoughts kept chasing themselves in his head and he knew it wasn't a useful thing to do but he wasn't sure how to put a stop to it either.
    So he just tried not to pay too much attention to those thoughts as he stepped into the observation room, a little early but maybe that would give him time to settle as he enjoyed the view?
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  3. Half a shift early was definitely too early. Exactly at shift change would look like 'almost late', wouldn't it? Eclipse had been chasing his thoughts around since the second he'd stepped out of Whisperwind's studio, at first around their quarters and then-- after Venture had snapped about finding a real racetrack if he was so keen on running in circles-- on a long circuit that just happened to include the door to the observation deck they'd agreed on. Just in case. Checking it once every five minutes wasn't excessive, and it took just over five minutes to complete the circuit he'd mapped out. Seeing Updraft already settled in shouldn't have been as much of a shock as it was, but Eclipse couldn't clamp down on the surprised little twitch of his wings. He ducked through the door instead, hoping it would cover the motion.

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  4. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    He jumped a little at the voice, getting out of the chair he'd used to allegedly watch the stars - more like stare in the middle distance while trying not to work himself into an anxiety - at the sound.

    "Eclipse!" Also a bit earlier a quick check of his internal chronometer revealed. And then we was just stunned for a moment because Eclipse looked stunning. Ok he always looked beautiful, but there had been some alterations to his paintjob that made him even more so, little 'sparks' from his biolights and brighter paint, enough to leave him speechless and staring for a moment before some long-buried manners subroutine kicked his mouth back into action.
    "Thank you for joining me today" Ok that was admittedly not his best line ever, but it was certainly better as dumbstuck staring even if he still felt like someone had hit him over the head with a VERY pretty anvil.
    "Would you, um, would you like an infusion?" He gestured vaguely towards the table that held the necessary implement. A normal enough start for things, right? And a good way to buy a little time to convince his wings that they absolutely didn't need to flutter. At all. Please. Even if it was more than a little tremble at the edges right now.
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  5. "Oh!" Updraft's plating shimmered as he moved, a beautiful almost-watery ripple that didn't ever seem to be in the same place. Eclipse found himself stunned speechless for a moment; at Updraft's gesture he forced himself back into motion, settled at the offered table. "Uh. Yes, sorry, you-- did you change your paint? It's..." 'Gorgeous' was absolutely too forward even if it was true, frag. "It suits you."
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  6. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    He went and prepared the infusions for them both almost entirely on automatic. Eclipse was just stunning, the sparks drawing the eye just so over his frame, along the elegant flier lines and his wings that it was hard work to focus on not spilling anything as he sat two cubes down on the table between them.
    "I, uh, yes Whisperwind was so kind, thank you. My paint was getting rather ratty from the work in the organic labs, I asked if he could fix it up a bit and he agreed" And he was very grateful for it and at the same time wondering if he imagine Eclipse's gaze following him, or if he was just admiring his trinemates handiwork. Which admittedly, deserved a lot of admiring.

    He should probably say something more, right? But argh, hat to say, his processor was suddenly blasted as empty as if you'd acid scored it clean.
    "Yours is very um" pretty. Gorgeous. captivating. No, those were all too strong, "you, too, the detailing is very" lovely "intricate"
    Yes that was hopefully acceptable? He didn't think he could admit that he knew exactly what Eclipse looked like before the paintover, that was certainly too much.
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  7. "Oh. Um. Thank you." Primus. Thank you? There were worse things to say, but it was still bland. Where had his processor gone? Right out the window, that's where-- or right into the window, rather; whatever Whisper had done drew the eye down to Updraft's windshield and back up to his face.

    Looking into his optics just made it worse. Eclipse refocused on his infusion instead, like it would at all hide the way the rest of his own biolights brightened. Words. Words were... useful. Primus, Updraft had invited him here to talk (you're so pretty), not to babble incoherently and fade into silence. "He, ah, does that sometimes-- Whisperwind, I mean, he sees a simple paintjob and can't help but spice it up a little, I'm sure you've noticed." Ugh. More babbling. Great.
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  8. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    He couldn't help but notice that brightening even out of the corner of his eye even as he was looking down into his infusion and oh if he had biolights left he might have started glowing too, which made him rather glad that he'd removed those for the sake of energy efficiency. He also clamped down on his fans because that was really really not a thing that needed to happen to right now.

    "I have, yes, not that it bothers me, though I admit I do feel bad for the fact that his paintjob won't survive very long" He noticed a moment later that that maybe required some explaining and well they had come here to talk about plants, or plant-adjacent things at least and he just sort of babbled on because he didn't want Eclipse to get bored and leave.
    "Just because the one on my hands usually doesn't make it through more than five cycle without getting chipped, I am sure you know how it is with the repotting and such? And the centipedes are a bit of an issue, I don't even notice anymore, but Whisperwind said that they leave the upper paint layers in shambled when they are feeling grumpy about getting picked up"

    Oh Primus maybe he should indeed stop babbling, this wasn't making a good impression at all, and he should absolutely give Eclipse a chance to talk, not just go on and on about his own lab, right?
  9. "Oh, yeah, the acid-spitters?" Talking shop was... easier, at least, more familiar territory. As long as he didn't look back up he'd be fine. "If you know the chemical composition of their venom I'm sure between the two of you you could work out something a little more resilient. If you even care about the corrosion, I mean, obviously if it's not an issue then..." More rambling. Stop that. Eclipse ran his thumb over one of the cube's edges. "I don't keep anything with defenses strong enough to eat through my normal finish, but I know anti-corrosion coatings exist."
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  10. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    "Yes those" Talking shop really was easier, gave him something to think about besides the fact that Eclipse was sitting right there, looking pretty and talking to him and just. Being there. Because he'd asked him for this. He couldn't exactly complain about the lack of eyecontact, considering that he was very busy looking into his infusion as well, though he could see Eclipse's fingers moving over his cube and oh Primus how was every part of him so pretty, that had to be against the rules in some way.
    "oh, huh. I admit, it didn't occur to me. I would like if I wouldn't have to worry about it eating through to the metal anymore, I just never had the luxury of working out a finish that would achieve that? I suppose I am not fully acclimated to civilized society again yet" Self-depreciation helped, yes? No? It was true though, it hadn't even occurred to him to that. "I will bring it up next time, thank you"
  11. "Of course." The infusion was a convenient excuse to stop and collect himself. A convenient, tasty excuse that lasted just long enough for his gaze to wander back up and get lost in the subtle shimmer across Updraft's shoulders again. "Can I ask what you keep the centipedes for? Clearly they're important, if you're willing to go to such lengths to keep them, but I've never bothered keeping fauna in my collection."
  12. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    That was a good question, a very good question that required him to think about things that weren't Eclipse, which was clearly a good idea. "Of course. Planetside they helped keeping the garden secure against all sorts of herbivores. Even those much bigger than them usually prefer not to tangle with him, so keeping some larger ones along the periphery meant I didn't have to bother with fencing. Now the smaller species," And it was probably somewhat scary to consider that the ones he had currently were 'small' ones, "help with soil quality and composting of dead plant material because the juveniles subsist almost entire on dead plant part. They are very particular about what sort of soil they lay their eggs in and make sure to keep it at those parameters."
    He considered it a moment. "I can see why fauna would be tricky to keep for you, especially since your collection doesn't hail from only one planet and the mixing could be potentially disasterous." Was he jealous? Maybe a tiny little bit, "Being stuck with one ecosphere to deal with, I found that letting the local fauna do the pollinating and some of the upkeep for him quite useful. Admittedly, the glowflies are nowhere near as showy as the centipedes, especially not when the lights are on"

    It was so much easier to talk about that, something he actually felt secure in, enough so that his wings slid into a comfortable, relaxed position without him having to consciously keep them there.
  13. "That does make a certain amount of sense." Eclipse nodded over his drink, fans slowing a little with a more familiar topic to focus on. "Any composting I do has to be contained within the individual habitat zones, so I haven't bothered keeping anything more mobile than a few carnivorous species-- bad enough some of them produce seeds meant to be carried on air currents, I don't want to think about trying to pen up something with legs or wings of its own." For... multiple reasons, actually, but-- no. Today was for nice, pleasant conversation with Updraft, not dwelling on things millions of years past.
  14. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    He nodded along. "That makes sense. All of my plants are essentially from the same habitat after all. How do you deal with the air currents problem? I have plants like that but I only need to weed them out before they start spreading further. I have to admit, i haven't seen any carnivorous species planetside... how do you feed yours on the ship?" Since they obviously needed some sort of organic matter to eat or they wouldn't be carnivorous.
  15. "Mostly I just try to remove the seed pod before it grows enough to split-- if I really want mature seeds, I can repot the specimen in particular and put it in... well, when my trine were on our own ship it would get a separate room, but that's going to be more difficult here. He tapped a finger against the side of his cube, thinking. "Repurpose a fume hood, maybe, I'm sure we have some onboard. The carnivores are easy, though-- most don't need live prey, so I buy preserved diets in bulk from their native planets. Nutrient powder is a lot easier to store than six different fauna breeding setups." Eclipse grinned crookedly, forgetting for a moment that he didn't have a mask to hide the expression at the moment.
  16. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    "We most certainly do have fume hoods, I have a number in my lab. If, uh, if you don't happen to have any in yours, I would be happy to lend you mine, under the usual containment protocols?" That hopefully wasn't too forward, but he did want to help and maybe have Eclipse think of him as a competent person, not some idiot who'd gotten himself stuck on a planet for four million years...
    "No, I suspect that that really only is viable if the fauna is very very small and easy to contain and even then the bulk would be easier. I should have thought of that before bringing the centipede along, but there had been so little time" He grinned back after a moment of stunned silence. Oh that expression just made Eclipse even prettier oh that was just unfair, completely and utterly unfair. "I suppose I will just have to figure something out"
  17. "Oh, that would be... thank you, yes, I'll let you know when it becomes an issue. You said you wanted to see some of them in bloom anyway, it should be easy enough to combine the two and make a day of it." A day. Not a date. It wasn't a date, it was following up on care requests. "I think one of the Obrizen delegation has an organic pet onboard, you might be able to ask him how he's sourcing its food? I haven't caught his name, but it's housed down in the organic containment zone with us and Doctor Iridium's lab, you should be able to find him if you're patient." Sourcing proteins native to Updraft's planet would be its own problem, but... at least it was a suggestion?
  18. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    "I would like that, yes, it seems like a good way to hit two targets at once" Totally not a date, much like this wasn't a date, they were just making plans for future scientific exchange. "Oh I think I heard it. And about it. Some sort of, and here I quote one of the velocitronians who apparently has a bad time remembering which organic lab is which: 'unicron spawned tentacle beast'. From the complaint I gathered that it is very territorial or considers small mechs as food" Perhaps both. "I will see if I can ask him about it, though the compatibility does remain an issue, thank you for the idea. Worst case I may have to take up proteinsynthesis, it isn't that hard, just... inconvenient"
  19. "Wouldn't be the first planet to spawn metallivores." Eclipse shrugged; one more metal-eating tentacle monster in the universe wasn't much of a problem, if it even did eat metal. "Obrizon's a primarily organic planet, so I'd guess territorial over actually hunting, but you never know. Can your centipedes eat metal, or is the strength of their acid for something else?"
  20. Updraft

    Updraft While you fought I studied the Organics (18+)

    "A bit of a side effect. They use it to fight each other and larger animals over territory, or when they got hunting, it helps them demineralize the bones of their prey. This does also mean that it is strong enough to damage me, but at least it isn't really build for it." He shrugged as well. It was a fact he'd long since accepted and learnt to work around. "Speaking of which, you mentioned your carnivorous specimens. Do they hunt more actively, or use traps?" He leaned forward over his infusion a little, honestly interested.
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