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    I'm so glad you like him :D
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    As suggested, the big Carrier Infodump Write Up

    ok i mean it's robots and i know nothing about canon so watch me spitball but ok
    basically it's like a halfway thing beteween meiosis and mitosis in organic things
    oh and lamarckian evolution because i can
    essentially, carrier sparks can bud of a smaller spark then then grows into a fullsized spark if it's given enough space. ina carrier sparkchamber itself there usually isn't, resulting in a smaller cassette spark. if you remove the spark early however (aka harvest it off) you can more or less make it grow into a normal sized spark
    like with meoisis, the coding/dna (help me out with the word there) is partially copied, but during the growth phase the spark is liable to outside influences, be they from the carrier itself (that's how Felidae is going to her organic-integrating ability) or from mechs that spent a lot of time close to the carrier
    essentially the spark can imprint on another mech's field and take on certain traits (again, see why Feli is a catte)

    Mirrors-heute um 21:51 Uhr
    (it's usually called cna, what that stands for i can't recall if i ever knew)

    Alisette-heute um 21:52 Uhr
    (cna is good thanks)

    loq-heute um 21:52 Uhr
    cybernucleic acid, because tf writers are Original
    at least in tfp

    Alisette-heute um 21:52 Uhr
    pets the writers gently and then pushes them into a closet and locks it up. this is my party now

    loq-heute um 21:52 Uhr

    Alisette-heute um 21:53 Uhr
    anyhow, since the base coding is copied, traits like outlierness is also copied in the splitspark. outlier splits usually have abilites that belong to the same 'family' as their carrier's outlier ability
    so soundy's telepathic abilities would probably produce related abilites, maybe something like being able to 'nudge' someone's thought aptterns or otherwise influence them, maybe the abiltiy to make oneself invisible by applying a sort of perception filter, something that relates to preception and brainmodules/processing essentially

    CodyCat-heute um 21:55 Uhr
    (Sneaks though in sideways: outlier as outliers because they´re actually like random mutations.)

    Alisette-heute um 21:55 Uhr
    in cases of tripleformers the trait can be 'supporessed' in MTOs simply by not giving them a frame capable of doing that sort of thing though even then the frame might still be altered a little past-implantation of the spark (iirc, ivy mentioned that scanner being super flexible fits neatly with that so I'm pronouncing it canon)
    cody: whatcha mean?
    in the meantime: a carrier's ability to split is related to physical state. malnutrition means that no split takes place, much like being udnerweight enough terminates ovulation and all related things in humans because the body recognizes that reproducing now would be a terrible idea
    so carriers under functionist rule would be kept well fed and recieve very good medical care to keep them in peak condition and thus keep them splitting
    the frequency of splits is related to how many cassettes is carrier 'ideally' has. there's sort of a base number which s variable by nature, and can range from one to potentially idk, five or 6? going over the number is possible by adopting additional cassettebonds but does place growing strain on the carrier, so not a super great idea to just... keep going

    loq-heute um 22:01 Uhr
    soundy keeps 6 but soundy is an outlier adn should not have been counted :P

    Alisette-heute um 22:01 Uhr
    again how many more over 'minimum' you can go before negative effects (I'm thinking spark fluctuations, the sparkbonds themselves becoming fragile stuff like that) is again personally variable
    i would like to think that outside of that carrier sparks are actually kinda sturdy and more resilient to things that would otherwise to damaging for them because splitting is sort of related to regenerating it so there's probably some conditions they just don't get or get very rarely
    anyways, back to frequency: rule of thumb is that the higher the minimum amount of cassettes a carrier has, the faster they split

    CodyCat-heute um 22:03 Uhr

    Iwas thinking outliers happen my way of coding changing not slowly through selection but just suddenly oyu have this new line of coding and can teleport! congrats!

    Alisette-heute um 22:03 Uhr
    oh right yes
    that makes sense

    CodyCat-heute um 22:03 Uhr
    8or you know, have berserker rages for a not entirely benefical mutation)

    Alisette-heute um 22:04 Uhr
    sparksplits can also subspplit again, essentially producing sparktwins. I think this would be more common in carriers with a higher minimum cassette count (thereafter MCC because I'm lazy) if they don't have any cassettes at all, in an attempt to fill the splots faster
    i am also tempted to say that carriers could get regular sparklings easier because again, their sparks are sort of used to doing A Thing

    kaidashade-heute um 22:06 Uhr
    makes sense

    IvyLB-heute um 22:06 Uhr

    Mirrors-heute um 22:06 Uhr
    what i'm getting here is that if a carrier sparksplits one day they open their chest compartment and there's a bitty protoform in there

    Alisette-heute um 22:07 Uhr
    the splitting itself is imo not painful to the carrier, but def noticable. I wanna say like an angina pectoris but less terrifying?

    loq-heute um 22:07 Uhr
    what I'm getting here is fertility symbol carriers :P

    Alisette-heute um 22:07 Uhr
    loq: I'm down with that

    kaidashade-heute um 22:08 Uhr

    Alisette-heute um 22:08 Uhr
    i would also propose that a carrier can carry their splitsprak around ina sort of arrested development for a long time if there's no safe opportunity for the split to 'emerge'

    CodyCat-heute um 22:08 Uhr
    Where did we put out sparkling headcanons they´re relevant here

    Alisette-heute um 22:09 Uhr
    idk but please show me I am ready to headcanonweld
    pulls out the blowtorch

    kaidashade-heute um 22:09 Uhr
    iam intrigued

    IvyLB-heute um 22:09 Uhr
    ....... from that I'm getting that Sigma is probably some sort of weird half-baked almost-carrier

    CodyCat-heute um 22:09 Uhr
    miiight be in text ref thread?

    Alisette-heute um 22:09 Uhr
    ivy: because expand

    IvyLB-heute um 22:09 Uhr

    ✨ (em)-heute um 22:10 Uhr
    I know I stuck a good bit of it in main thread a while back

    Alisette-heute um 22:10 Uhr
    (also if you got any questions please ask i can keep infodumping on this i invested an inordinant amount of time into this)

    CodyCat-heute um 22:10 Uhr
    what we have is that pregancy in robots is easiest noticable when the parents start wanting to eat the walls. They start craving metal to build the body of the protform

    IvyLB-heute um 22:10 Uhr
    Sigma is my Obrizen Blacksmith. and his alt is a sort of incubation chamber thing.

    CodyCat-heute um 22:10 Uhr
    which i feel like if carrier make a protoform, thy´d also crave metals

    IvyLB-heute um 22:10 Uhr

    liek stick protoform in the glass bits in his torso while he works on them

    CodyCat-heute um 22:10 Uhr
    well also bad but

    IvyLB-heute um 22:11 Uhr
    yeah but the bad is mostly due to obrizon :P

    kaidashade-heute um 22:11 Uhr

    Mirrors-heute um 22:11 Uhr
    me and loq decided that when reincarnated (for the second time) switch would be shade's sparksplit

    Alisette-heute um 22:12 Uhr
    cody: def
    ivy: yeah that sounds like it might be what carriers looked like back before they started looking like they currently do
    so he could be a sort of atavism?
    or a sideline
    since carriers can't exactly consciously influence their splits
    i think a split would essentially run like a parthenogenesis pregnancy, robot version

    ✨ (em)-heute um 22:13 Uhr
    Also I think we established pregnant transformers age v radioactive

    Mirrors-heute um 22:14 Uhr

    kaidashade-heute um 22:15 Uhr
    wouldn't that fuck upo other bots around them?

    Alisette-heute um 22:16 Uhr
    literally radiant I'm dying
    i mean i reckon it would make it easy to tell if someone was preggers
    (also ups would be devasted if it started killing his plants asgdhfdjgk)

    Alisette-heute um 22:39 Uhr
    ok so a split at the age doesn#t really want anything yet, but 'improperly seperated split' is essentially what's going to happen to ups
    and if left untreated, it's gonna kill u
    because it puts excessive strain on both the spark and split, resulting in collapse of both unless you can make space somehow
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  3. Loq

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    Things are seen, I don't have enough time left on my break to write but I'll see yall this afternoon o7
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  4. Loq

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    Thing is seen, I have another 3 hours or so of work before I can get to a proper keyboard to respond IGNORE ME I REMEMBER WHAT THE TURN ORDER IS DEFINITELY
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  5. Loq

    Loq cursed blue crab pincher

    Another bit of Appropriated Car Injuries, courtesy of eavesdropping on phone calls: engine seizure sounds p damn serious
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  6. Codeless

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    In fact it sound as serious as a heart attack. :)
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  7. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants *cries in sports*

    @Loq iirc we talked about doing something with CC when I got back from vacation? A session with... Eclipse right?
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  8. Loq

    Loq cursed blue crab pincher

    Didn't wanna jump on you literally the day you got back, but ye :P I'm out at lunch rn, gimme like half an hour or so?
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  9. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants *cries in sports*

    Oh yeah I was just saying something so I didn't forget! I'm probably going to be decorating and resting and shit today so I won't be immediately ready, I was just making sure that I remembered right
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  10. Loq

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    o7 rest up friendo
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  11. TheOwlet

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    You wanna do something with Voltsy and Speedy at some point? Since Voltsy is kinda his boss and all that.
  12. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    Can do, gotta wrap up Voltsy and Beacon with a bow first.
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  13. TheOwlet

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    No rush no rush, just thought about it earlier today :-)
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  14. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    tis a good idea to do some like, office life
  15. TheOwlet

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    Velicitronian Embassy: Behind The Scenes

    Sounds like a plan to me tho.
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  16. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants *cries in sports*

    So as y'all probably know my life has gotten kind of batshit over the last couple of months and there's honestly no telling when it's gonna chill out, so I'm gonna need to officially scale my rp involvement way back. I know our next plot point is kind of dependent on my characters and I am honestly kind of lost on solutions - I don't want to drop out completely but I definitely can't be high-key involved in plot. So I figured I'd crowdsource some solutions! My idea so far is maybe making Life Support and Cloudcrusher closer to NPCs where people can kind of move them about based on their established characters but idk how that'd work for everyone else? Ideas welcome.
  17. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    Another thought that lets you fully participate and also gives me a lil room because I`m also not too well, might be to shuffle a different plot point in front of it.
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  18. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    We could also try to shove the next plotpoint back a bit in general? There's probably minor stuff that can happen in between/before the plot point comes up that we could do?
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  19. Loq

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    I'm out rn but @medical crew pls consider, in light of recent Ford recalls, what "may unexpectedly slip gears even at rest" might look like for space robots
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  20. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    So since the idea is that we postpone the Obrizon plot and things related to it seems to be the popular one.... what DO we do next, plotwise?
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