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  1. KingStarscream

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    This is the basics of the TEAM itself, with vague sketches.
    The botanical/organic labs have solar arrays and a room specifically for Velocitronians. There are lounges scattered around the ship (as plot needs :P) and most habsuites are one-size-fits-none.
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    Obrizon rambling happened in Discord! Snipped unrelated bits out and moved some lines in the interests of coherency.

    IvyLB: reffy will also take one look at the identical jetski feet and nod sagely and go "swarm"
    no reffy

    Mirrors: reffy no

    IvyLB: reffy that's not what that is

    Mirrors: reffy that's evidence of systematic plantwide protoform abuse

    IvyLB: reffy your complete lack of normal socialization in early life is showing

    loq: meanwhile the cybertronians onboard nod sagely and go "coldcon production run"

    Mirrors: NOT THAT EITHER

    Mirrors: jetski does not know [why everyone looks the same]
    only people involved in arranging tourism companies and staffing rly know tht

    IvyLB: basically I feel like... focal isn't high enough up in the pecking order either. but someone in the obrizen contingent might

    sirsparklepants: oar

    Mirrors: oar might well know yes
    providing on if he was involved in supplying low-level workers to the big corporations that run the resorts

    IvyLB: oh i could
    just hear oar
    everyone looks at him
    completely horrified

    sirsparklepants: crack theory: obrizon is shitty but the reason oar, who really does have no diplomatic skills, is on this mission, is because he can be sneaky in the right kind of political environments, knowing all sorts of unsavory things about obrizon, and the position of obrizon rep was both a) cushy on the outside and b) far far away from damage he could do
    when Oar talks about "connections" he really means "connections to information flow" :P
    that's probably why he thinks he's untouchable and can get Nichrome kicked off or something

    Mirrors: basically even obrizon would be glad if the team accidentally on purpose killed him

    sirsparklepants: YEP
    and if he dies the reason they try to get his staff back is to find out how much they know and how cowed by the government they are

    Mirrors: 'not as much as they were'

    sirsparklepants: I would bet :P
    ...oh my god. oh my god. have an awful thought
    how bad was the "security screening" the obrizonians had to go through
    if their government regularly makes a practice of disappearing dissenters
    they must have a very scary interrogation division

    Mirrors: absolutely fucking terrifying
    you know how jetski got through it!
    smile smile smile smile smilesmilesmilesmile
    Mirrors: what happens is
    you get a protoform, you wait until it starts to show kibble that shows what its gonna become (if you happen to put it somewhere surrounded by pictures only of what you want it to turn into that's fine, right?), then you go to the gov. departments or the leisure corporations and you go 'does anyone need a paddleboat'
    and one of them claims it and shows you a picture of what they want it to look like and then you make it look like that

    CodyCat: Libby would be like "Wow is THIS familiar in the worst way" About obrizon.
    And Sawbones would be creeped out and look for a dark alley
    there must be some bad parts to these towns
    where you can get the real deets

    Mirrors: they're where the workers live. xP
    and even then they look pretty on the outside
    they have to

    IvyLB: Ref: .... swarm?
    (REFFY NO)
    Scanner: "haha u guys should hear them in comms this shit's a riot. I mean that. literally. It's a riot about to happen. They want revolution."

    loq: gess: gets derailed by "what is a swarm and why do you keep saying that," nerds out the entire vacation and misses the revolution

    Mirrors: christ. just imagine jetski leading them to this building and opening the door and they walk in and like twenty people who all look the same as him turn to look at them at the same time

    loq: ...gess just immediately grabs onto him and turns around because fuck this shifter bullshit she's out

    Mirrors: then they all chorus 'PEDALS!' and like. swarm them

    IvyLB: ref is vaguely jealous

    loq: please tell me someone took gess's weapons before they went out
    just. constant teakettle noise. what is this bullshit. no. there is only one jetski, these are all Creepy Liars Who Lie and she wants Out before they drag her and jetski off to be devoured in their creepy Shifter Lair or whatever
    (tough beans, kiddo, you just walked right into the creepy shifter lair)

    Mirrors: jetski meanwhile is in the middle of the pack greeting people

    CodyCat: Also do not let Obrizon government get their claws on scanner, they┬┤d love him
    well his ability

    IvyLB: oh yeah they'd love to have scanner
    I feel like this might actually
    be an arc relevant moment
    where scanner realizes he wants to stay on the TEAM

    CodyCat: Entire ship: Gathers around scanner, hissing.

    IvyLB: like really really wants to be there not just "would rather stay than figure out something else"
    this realization would then of course be followed by climbing the nearest friend-person halfway to sparks bc nope he is having an emotion
    emotions are bad
    someone protect him both from himself and this terrible situation and obrizon as a whole
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  4. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants *cries in sports*

    Geargrind reference! Because I still don't plan on main threading him but I do have ideas and feelings now.

    Geargrind - spider altmode. eight legs, eight eyes. When he transforms to humanoid mode, his limbs combine together, so a humanoid arm is actually two spider arms moving in sync. His torso is still distinctly spider-abdomen shaped. Four of his eyes just... disappear. Both of these things combine to make him extremely clumsy. Visits the medbay once a day, has a running bet on which injury he will get next kind of clumsy. He is much less clumsy in spider mode, but goes around in humanoid mode because he never shed that beastformer prejudice.

    Sex-repulsed ace with crushes everywhere, although he doesn't realize you can have romantic feelings without sex, so he's just. confused as hell. Most notably on Ref and Nichrome. Idolizes Flux, is part of his delegation. The only authority figures he has ever respected are the captains and Flux. Kind of bratty. Writes the ongoing serial The Tales of Captain Steel and His Loyal Crew, a very thinly fictionalized account of the captains' romantic lives that appears in the ship's newsletter. No one actually knows who writes them but they are infamous for glurgy purple prose and weird sex scenes, because weird things happen when you write sex scenes when you know very little about it and have zero desire to find out.

    He is a former Decepticon, about 4,100,000 years old. He's been to Earth and in fact has the outlier power of being able to digest organic material. Started out as a meme joke (Spiders Geargrind is an Outlier adn should not have been counted) but now I love him??? help.
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  5. IvyLB

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  6. Loq

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    a to-do list:

    -Gess awkwardly attempting crew flirting at life support. Shiny rocks and proactivity about medical treatment are involved.
    -Gess (and Ref and/or Jetski?) gets a chat with Aurora (paranoia, sensory issues)
    -Gess tracks down Archive and Index for info about cassettes for analogy/translation purposes, gets distracted by Primal Vernacular DONE
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  7. Loq

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    I'm putting this here because it was a pain in the ass to track down what she'd previously said about crewbonding in canon
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  8. Loq

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    The formal phrasing for being invited to join a crew would run something like "Not as one and one [unbonded individuals, definite singular pronouns] but as two [bonded together, group-singular with modular suffix for how large the new crew would be if the invitee accepts]."
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  14. TwoBrokenMirrors

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    ...Upon a second reading and a calming down: i am so sad. I am SO SAD
    You got Shade just right, btw, as he must've appeared from the outside. As much as they definitely had heart-to-hearts he was keeping secrets even from Switch. Might have told him if they'd ever actually hooked up, buuuuut...
    If I had a criticism I'd say that maybe the ending could benefit from an extra added line or so confirming that Switch is accepted into the 'bots and how he feels or doesn't feel- like, not long, a couple sentences max. I'm not explaining well. But it's pretty fucking great as it is~
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  15. Loq

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    Unfortunately if I go into acceptance and such it'll add another four pages bc I'll get carried away again :p which is not actually a bad thing, but I wanted this bit to be up asap!
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  16. Loq

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    apparently I never actually managed to link Whisper's muting so
    (dubcon warning because what the fuck is a boundary and how does eclipse set them)
  17. Loq

    Loq cursed blue crab pincher

    NAILTrine backstory, so I don't have to hunt down the refs again
  18. TheOwlet

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    Updraft's backstory because it's gotta go into a more organized form than 'excited yelling in discord' Included write up of the carrier headcanons as established in the chat, for easy reference

    1) Carriers can hold other sparks near their own, as a sort of life support system for them, originally doing that to premature sparks from hotspots
    2) this developed into needing sparkbonds in a more permanent way, thus leading to the cassette bond
    3) each carrier has an individual number of cassettes needed for optimal happiness. They can carry more if necessary
    4) if a carrier is lacking cassettes, their spark attempts to split of a second spark. Asexual reproduction for robots! such split sparks can then be put into frames. The splits usually retain aspects from their carriers. OPutlier sparks produce outlier splits, tripleformer carriers have tripleformer splits etc
    5) under a functionalist government, carriers have been harvested for sparks, essentially keeping them unbonded to any cassettes and taking the resulting splits before they could fully separate und using them to build coldcons later. The process for this is very painful and no fun for the carrier at all
    6) even if there was never a carrier/cassette bond per se, splitsparks retain something of a resonance. Extreme pain/distress can be felt from both ends of the bond even across long distances but usually in a diffuse form such a nightmares. Being physically closer results in more data getting through the link even if neither party is aware of the resonance as such

    Ups is about 4,5mil by the time he enters the rp proper. He's spent the first 500k years of his life being both transport and spark harvested by the government. That included a whole lot of medical supervision so he started to try and learn how to repair himself just to avoid as many medical checkups as possible, in the hopes that maybe then he could get a proper split and keep one of his splits to himself rather than having them taken away.
    Since he's basically made of unused caretaking instincts, his growing first aid/field medical knowledge had also been expanded to include most of the other people he knew. By the time he joined the Decepticons, he was already a more or less functional field medic.

    Relatively soon after his joining, he adopted three minibots as cassettes and bonded with them but relatively soon after that, the ship he was serving on (the Retribution) got into a fight with an autobot ship and took massive damage. They attempted to land on a nearby organic but energon rich planet to repair, but entry in the atmosphere went very wrong and ripped the ship apart in midair. Most of the crew did on the spot - one of Updraft's bondmates died while secured in his chest compartment - and only a few survived for a very short time after the impact. Updraft was the only longterm survivor and spent the next 3 million years making due surrounded by squishy organics.
    During that time he learnt how to integrate organic material into his own frame as well as how to manipulate organics for easier integration, breeding several specific varieties. Most of those breeds and materials have been moved onto the TEAM when he joined in his current function as a xenobiologist and potential future addition to the medbay team once he's more updated on modern medicine again.
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  19. Loq

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    Let's be real sooner or later we're going to want a transcript of Towards Peace

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  20. Codeless

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    @KingStarscream Pls for to Update crewlists with Trickshot, Autobot SIC, and Twintracks, Nurse who loq might have details on?
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