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  1. Loq

    Loq cursed blue crab pincher

    And spanner and Updraft!
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    Loq cursed blue crab pincher

    [Gently nudges into a thread that's easier to find things in]
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    As suggested, I made a google doc for us all to stick the translated idioms into so that we got them handy:

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  5. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    The following chunk is all PR's fault, who realized that in our setting carriers are basically really smol titans and might therefore have religious significance.

    Alisette-heute um 00:44 Uhr
    ok taking this here because more relevant
    consider: the whole 'blessed by primus' thing for carrier stuck around in the general consciousness even if people weren#t necessarily aware of why anymore. paired with the fact that to keep producting splits, you have to keep a carrier in more or less prime (lol) condition which from the outside, if you're unaware of the massive medical horror aspect, probably looks like a very privileged position to be in?

    IvyLB-heute um 00:47 Uhr
    also i'm in favor of naturally godl meaning being blessed by primus bc
    Beacon is gold on the inside
    like all of his internals are gold rather than silver-y metal

    IvyLB-heute um 00:48 Uhr
    and he occassionally mentioned that there wasn't ever really any question about him becoming a priest before the war
    which like
    makes sense lol

    tentacledicks-heute um 00:48 Uhr
    (sidenote: consider all of this in combination with the deification of the command trine under megatron)

    ✨ (em)-heute um 00:48 Uhr
    Ooh also implications

    tentacledicks-heute um 00:49 Uhr
    (like what does this say about soundwave)

    IvyLB-heute um 00:49 Uhr
    soundwave is basically god father of all

    ✨ (em)-heute um 00:49 Uhr
    Gold is in general much softer than other metals - not all but pure gold is one of the softest

    loq-heute um 00:49 Uhr
    the real reason no one fucks with soundwave: He's Holy, Stop That

    ✨ (em)-heute um 00:49 Uhr
    So a natural gold coloring/internals would reinforce Must Be Protected if only for logistical reasons

    loq-heute um 00:50 Uhr
    (also makes his homelessness and subjugation under ratbat even more painful :'))

    IvyLB-heute um 00:50 Uhr
    beacon: secretly made of tinfoil

    Alisette-heute um 00:50 Uhr
    ivy: you know this ends up back with 'soundwave the fertility/sex symbol' and not just am i entierly ok with that

    IvyLB-heute um 00:50 Uhr

    tentacledicks-heute um 00:50 Uhr

    loq-heute um 00:50 Uhr
    soundwave: secretly the hot one all along instead of screamer

    Alisette-heute um 00:50 Uhr
    screamer: actually dead jealous of him because of it

    IvyLB-heute um 00:51 Uhr
    also i mena i just wanna remind y'all that Beacon was absolutely a frontliner at one point

    ✨ (em)-heute um 00:51 Uhr
    LOOK tons of kids is a legit fertility symbol in many cultures

    Alisette-heute um 00:51 Uhr
    soundy and his like twenty cassettes

    IvyLB-heute um 00:51 Uhr
    he did not fuck around, he has a giant hip mounted laser cannon and all

    ✨ (em)-heute um 00:51 Uhr
    Ohhhh man that sounds messy for everyone Ivy

    IvyLB-heute um 00:51 Uhr
    like technically he was a quartermaster basically?
    did a bunch of the resource management and ran a scout squadron
    but he uh
    he absolutely is a paladin yes, at least until he finds Pillage again xP

    Alisette-heute um 00:52 Uhr

    IvyLB-heute um 00:52 Uhr

    Alisette-heute um 00:53 Uhr
    ok so what if the far flung future babygeddon ups actually goes golden on his metal bits again and Frantically starts overpainting it

    tentacledicks-heute um 00:54 Uhr
    i want you to know
    that i read the word "bits"
    and immediately assumed the only place he was going gold
    was his junk

    ✨ (em)-heute um 00:54 Uhr
    Pls don't paint your junk
    I can't imagine that going well

    loq-heute um 00:54 Uhr
    whisper has absolutely done dick art, eclipse matches :P

    Alisette-heute um 00:55 Uhr
    i mean that IS one of the parts he's actually still metal on
    you're not wrong
    but that would worry him less because the public at large isn't gonna see that
    they Are going to see the back of his wings

    ✨ (em)-heute um 00:55 Uhr
    I understand that robots don't have mucous membranes intellectually but emotionally AAAAAAAH

    loq-heute um 00:55 Uhr
    whisper is 100% down with hiding every single part of your natural chroma, he and eclipse both do :P

    IvyLB-heute um 00:56 Uhr
    meanwhile me: Hm. HMMMM. Beacon's junk is absolutely gold with blue biolights.

    Alisette-heute um 00:56 Uhr
    ups just like In A Panic at the first glimpeses of gold

    IvyLB-heute um 00:56 Uhr

    oh yes :P the outside of him is pure white with blue accents so

    loq-heute um 00:56 Uhr
    the only bit of natural coloration eclipse has left are his lights and optics
    I'm pretty sure whisper's replaced everything
    ven naturally runs black but not glossy, so whisper does him up shiny to match his red paint

    Alisette-heute um 00:57 Uhr
    paint husbandos

    loq-heute um 00:58 Uhr
    Let's Aesthetically Distance Ourselves From The Horrible Past: a club
    welcome to it, clips :P

    Alisette-heute um 00:59 Uhr
    look I'm not saying that ups replacing as much of his metal parts with wood fits this
    but i am saying exactly that

    loq-heute um 00:59 Uhr
    (gess, somewhere else: starts actually putting out chroma once she's back to proper nutrition levels, scream at own legy)

    loq-heute um 01:00 Uhr
    she is naturally a brighter silver and copper so it's the same scheme, but I imagine "malnourished/dead grey" and "natural sheen grey" are marginally different

    Alisette-heute um 01:01 Uhr
    (ups: 'replacing as much of my outside with wood has nothing to do with latent combined coldcon dysphoria from my splits, or the trauma of losing my cassettes, or the medical trauma what are you talking about')
    (see also: 'no medicat we're not putting the metal back. for reasons.)

    loq-heute um 01:01 Uhr
    he and whisper can stay in the denial club
    They're Just Being Pretty, that's alll!!!! C: C: C:

    Alisette-heute um 01:02 Uhr
    things ups knows he needs therapy for: traumatic cassette loss, enforced solitary confinement
    things ups is completely oblivious he needs therapy for: anything spark or body image related

    loq-heute um 01:03 Uhr
    unexpected bonding moments: "so cloudcrusher is really good at dragging out unnoticed trauma reactions"

    Alisette-heute um 01:03 Uhr
    'honestly i would prefer he'd stop doing that it was doing fine and then i was sparking all over everything'

    loq-heute um 01:04 Uhr

    oh hey sparkles while you're online and we're talking about cc: would you be down for eclipse to poke him with a few questions at some point? "Lorg jet who was not made to be a medic who also I trust" is perhaps a good person for the lorg jet invited to be a baby medic to ask about getting over internalised functionism :P
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  6. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

  7. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    Baby virus details, before they get lost again:

    - works similarly to the code bit that makes carrier's split in the first place (related 'gene')
    - Since that's the case the thing LS cooked up to keep Ups from just spitting out splits all the time, can (and will) be adapted to work as a more universal robot birth control and keep babylanche under some control after the initial babygeddon.

    Mirrors-heute um 22:05 Uhr
    also i think we decided that transformers used to reproduce internally way back before the primes threw down but then it stopped
    so the baby virus is like. reactivating old well-hidden previously vestigial coding

    ✨ (em)-heute um 22:07 Uhr
    Ye iirc
    I threw some shit about protective drives in the spr a good little while ago and everyone liked it

    ✨ (em)-heute um 22:08 Uhr

    So some people were ones that were made to have kids and life support was one and they had to turn off the coding that made him protective of young bots because of the whole MTO thing

    ✨ (em)-heute um 22:09 Uhr
    Because I couldn't resist the chance to brainfuck my boy

    Alisette-heute um 22:09 Uhr
    honestly brainfucking our children is like a server passtime at this point

    ✨ (em)-heute um 22:09 Uhr
    Anyway in the presence of a hotspot the coding becomes vestigial but it's still there I think we talked about

    ✨ (em)-heute um 22:10 Uhr
    And something happened to make it mutate and hop from person to person via comms
    In divine intervention it was Primus but we can handwave something about prowl in main verse
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  8. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science


    ok basically, carrier sparks require the feedback from a secondary spark for Peak Happiness. They can do without just fine but they don't like it. If the state of things without feedback stays that way too long, minor disturbances in the spark itself happen, which do either flatten out, or if enough energy is available (aka if you feed your carrier enough energon) those disturbances can fall into a resonance pattern, like waves in an enclosed body of water. At a certain point, the resonance will become strong enough to 'tear' a small piece of spark matter away, which will change the pattern on both ends and ideally stabilizes them both (in a .1 percenter this would be the point where the split fails because the new resonance pattern of the split spark, if not a .1 percenter itself, will be thrown into disarray by the much stronger influence of the carrier spark)
    anyhow, after the initial split, if energy keeps being suitably available, the tiny spark grows and becomes more stable as it does so until it becomes so large that it either gets ejected from the spark chamber itself into its own sentio metallico (which would form more or less in parallel once a certain strength of split is reached) or harvested off
    if just transfered into the SM and out of the spark chamber it would then continue growing inside what I just generally assume to be a cavity in the chest of a carrier, drawing metals from the carrier's systems as available
    which i just realizes opens up the chances for suspended development

    CodyCat-heute um 21:37 Uhr
    (Developing sparks as crystaline structures y/n?)

    Petra-heute um 21:38 Uhr
    that seems to fit some loose canon we've seen anyway

    loq-heute um 21:39 Uhr
    they evidently appear in mineral deposits when in hotspots so

    loq-heute um 21:40 Uhr
    photonic crystals are capable of holding spark energy

    CodyCat-heute um 21:40 Uhr
    Ye i was thinking the physical sparks weve seen would be crystaline.

    Petra-heute um 21:41 Uhr
    there's a distinction between sparks and crystals in that a spark is the energy plus the crystal but yeah

    loq-heute um 21:41 Uhr
    when frozen (somehow???? why are you freezing a solid crystal???? why does cold affect the ability of a spark to persist without a frame???), the crystals can be stored for an indeterminate length of time

    Petra-heute um 21:41 Uhr
    yay for canon!

    -heute um 21:41 Uhr
    I guess it's kinda like freezing stem cells? Put them into suspended animation so they don't use so much energy and run out?
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  9. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    And more carrier and sparkling things or: Robot Birth Control How?

    ok so pulls out powerpoint presentation you know how i theorized (aka decided) that carrier sparks create splits by basically creating a disrupting resonance inside themselves that ends up 'exploding' part of the parents spark away.
    based on this, to keep a carrier from splitting you'd have to either stabilize their normal resonance or tamper with the disruption so that it can't keep feeding in on itself until it tears away a bit of the spark
    so now the idea is that a carrier that has their ideal number of cassettes attached is not experiencing these disruptions anymore because the outside resonances stabilize it. Sort of reduce the 'peaks' in the wave form
    and depending on the carrier in question, it might be possible to get some of the benefit just by sticking people close to them, or install something that's basically like a pacemaker for a spark, except instead of giving a heart electric impulses to keep beating properly, this type of pacemaker would detect disruptive waveforms and counteract them through an artifical resonance that runs just counter
    so if you wanted to branch that out from carriers, assuming that normal sparklings also happen due to a disruptive resonance (with the difference that this one get triggered from the outside) you could theoretically use the same sort of device to just suppress the pattern
    related: entirely possible that the thing that keeps the robits from producing sparklings on their own as is actually is a sort of codepatch that does exactly that without installing additional hardware

    Mirrors-gestern um 18:11 Uhr
    ah, godly programming fucking up ur birth control

    Alisette-gestern um 18:14 Uhr
    additional related thought: if it works like that, it could mean that carrier sparks are either better at dealing with disruptions to begin with or are able to bounce back a lot quicker, because they're in some fashion used to there being smaller disruptions on the time
    further addition: the way carriers only split under sufficient supply of food and base materials could mean that the disruptions are a direct result of the energon they consume, with an 'excess' (not like, really excessive but 'what i need to live plus some spare') setting off disruptive pulses in a faster or stronger fashion
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  10. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    Metal/mineral taste notes:

    Boron: bitter to insecticons, typical 'craving' food for new carriers, like the '3am pickle craving' for robots. Potentially useful to date how far along a sparkling is since the shielding around the spark contains boron and forms reasonably early
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  11. Loq

    Loq cursed blue crab pincher

    Arsenic, sodium: sweet
    Rust: salty
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  12. Loq

    Loq cursed blue crab pincher

    Licentan falmer screaming compilation
    IvyLB: ............. aw fuck me I am kind of tempted to put falmer based bugnuts crazy mech group on Licentus if that was okay with you
    Loq: yesssssssssss
    come to hell planet
    I'd put a crew like that somewhere around palmyx or out in the wilds somewhere
    IvyLB: oh man
    what if they are like
    so fucking afraid of Mala that they ritualistically sacrafice their t-cog and do not interact with outsiders because they do transformation
    tall, spindly (partially translucent?) monoformers
    Loq: give me the tiny cluster religions
    IvyLB: that talk Weird
    even for Licentus
    Loq: ~
    there are a metric fuckton of regional dialects, the only reason rust speaks (roughly) the same way as the rest of the crew is because he had a huge chunk of his initial language center wiped
    and has been relearning mensonian-flavored licentan from silver
    Weird Regional Swamp Insular Dialect is totally a thing
    eight hundred things, honestly
    there's still a stilted old-form language (roughly equivalent to, say, early modern/elizabethan english?) used around hotspots, and it could theoretically be used to negotiate between different regions and is probably closer to pv than most licentan offshoots, see descent from Primal tongue rather than Amalgamous-specific regional
    but that likely wouldn't be the not-falmer's
    ...WHAT IF
    what if survivors from the original experimentation era, where towards the end mala was just grabbing everyone they could get their hands on For The Good Of The Colony. Extracting t-cogs because if you can't change to even one form he won't??? make you have more forms, right???? Fleeing off into the wilds because dear Primus anything but that
    So their dialect is almost directly descended from the Amalgamous Tribe origin rather than the travel-language that became modern Licentan and all its eight squillion dialects
    IvyLB: yesssss
    Possibly only one of the mechs in the current crew/insular cult is actually still from then? The Elder
    he may not actually have any other name than that anymore

    IvyLB: what if working with the pillbug-sparklign thing
    but it's seen as a frame feature to cultivate into adulthood
    as long as you still have your shell (gonna more go for chaurus look in general probably) you get to keep your tcog?
    or what if the shells that sparklings under your care shed when they become adult get added to the plating of the adults who care for them
    so The Elder has a shitton of plating
    loq: or, since limited 'gene'/code/whatever pool, natural tripleformer rolypoly>root<flier alt set predominating?
    IvyLB: yeah that might work
    loq: Why Not Both :P
    IvyLB: that is the sparks that generally turn up in that area
    but since they loose the tcog as a part of the adulthood rite thing for ~religious reasons~ that is still plating that may get given to the elder who cared for the sparkling
    basically I want The Elder to look like a stick thin spindly terror but with bubbles and bubbles of plating on his back giving him really weird proportions and silhoette
    loq: yessssss bubbly amalgamate Elder ftw
    narrative mirroring >:D
    IvyLB: they tried to get away from mala
    but brought themselves closer
    i love it
    loq: yess
    (especially given Shifters' programmed instinct to sacrifice their own mass to build up an injured hivemate/section/individual)
    IvyLB: oh man now i want to
    make something significant of the placement of the juvenile shells
    like on the shoulders and upper back for sparklings that made it to adulthood
    on the hands if they had to be exiled/killed
    not sure where to put "died before reaching adulthood" tho
    loq: chest/over spark casing?
    ....fuckin hell what happens when limnibus starts glitching and spawns a shifter into a falmer hotspot. take their cog out and they automatically grow a new one)
    IvyLB: oh god
    yeah sounds most likely
    I assume the shifter sparkling gets thrown out
    alongside their caretaker for bringing a demon into their midst

    IvyLB: so really there's just
    some mechs who can tell people about "those elusive nutcases who occassionally take sparklings"
    loq: on the other hand, maybe a Great Voyage every [x cyclical time-unit] to ""rescue"" appropriate protos from hotspots?
    IvyLB: oh yes
    this is a whole
    "Someone who wants to become Guardian must first undertake the great voyage"
    and only multiple times successful guardians, whose charges also become guardians may become elders
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