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  1. michinyo

    michinyo On that Dumb Bitch Juice diet

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  2. Raire

    Raire Turquoise Helicoid

    Reasons I want to punch people: reaching a zigamillion.
  3. Raire

    Raire Turquoise Helicoid

    Also posting to point out: I remember this person posting many journals like this, some less vague, some more, many accusing michi of being a terrible manipulator who ruins others. It's been going for a while :/
  4. Morven

    Morven In darkness be the sound and light

    Is there a reason you need to have anon on? I'd generally recommend against it ... especially if there are people actively abusing it. I mean, if you're running an advice blog or something ...

    but goddamn. That's not me trying to blame you for it just I find that people feel like they're supposed to leave anon on?

  5. Morven

    Morven In darkness be the sound and light

    That's a good reason, then! I hope I didn't sound judgy on that. Anyway, even if you were the evilest ever you wouldn't deserve that kinda shit, and you are most certainly NOT that.
  6. Allenna

    Allenna I am not a Dragon. Or a Robot. Really.

    My biggest advice would be not to respond to any hateful and hurtful messages if you want to leave anon on. Hit ignore on them. You don't owe them any more of your time than it takes to hit ignore or trash the message. I used to get a lot of hate messages, and the more I responded, the more I got. It didn't stop until I stopped being fun for them.

    For me I'm happier with anon off, but if you feel that isn't remember that while those nice anons are worth anytime you give them but the ones being hateful and hurtful they deserve nothing more than a cold shoulder. *HUGS*
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  7. Morven

    Morven In darkness be the sound and light

  8. seebs

    seebs Benevolent Dictator

    Yeah, they mostly do it hoping to Get Attention. Being ignored infuriates them.
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  9. Allenna

    Allenna I am not a Dragon. Or a Robot. Really.

    Just keep ignoring them. Just keep hitting the block/ignore button. If you don't want to deal with that then maybe turn off the anon asks for a few months. The nice anons will understand that you are just taking care of and protecting yourself.
  10. Raire

    Raire Turquoise Helicoid

    I have an idea hun. Screenshot for record keeping, don't look at the screenshot when they are put away, and block them, and don't post anything referring to the anon, or about feeling shitty right after. Doing so consistently enough will bore them and they'll probably go away.

    Also fuck this person or people.
  11. Morven

    Morven In darkness be the sound and light

    Anyone would think they were compelled to follow you or something. Sheesh. Even tumblr allows easy unfollowing! (in the past, too easy in the web app, it never asked for confirmation or anything).
  12. Vacuum Energy

    Vacuum Energy waterwheel on the stream of entropy

  13. kmoss

    kmoss whoops

    I tried really really hard to read the first link and then I started rolling my eyes so hard my head hurt.

    Sorry you have to deal with anon bs.

    I always thought people who send anon hate were kind of adorable, like that "BABY FIGHTS" ad from Gravity Falls, but when people are assholes to me I'm pretty sure I respond...weirdly. Like, something I said or did affected you so much that you felt the need to devote five minutes to craft a message, but you weren't proud enough of it that you couldn't put your name on it? adorable. so adorable. i may squee myself to sleep.

    that said, i think i come off as too much of a dick on tumblr for people to send me a lot of anon hate. One day I hope to be like @Vast Derp and become a lightning rod of the internet.

    But i second the "don't respond to them" opinion, because you'll get a lot of posts and then they'll wander off and find someone else to poke with sticks.
  14. unknownanonymous

    unknownanonymous i am inimitable, i am an original|18+

    i'm just gonna throw out the term "concern troll," 'cause that's what a lot of your anons seem to be. i mean, i don't know if knowing the term would help, but... might as well put those assholes in the right section of the asshole taxonomy.

    anyway, yeah, anon hate sucks!!!
  15. Allenna

    Allenna I am not a Dragon. Or a Robot. Really.

    Just keep ignoring them. Keeping hitting ignore. And I know you really don't want to, but it would be the best thing for you if you turned off anon. If you have a therapist you should maybe talk to them about not only the hate you are getting but why you feel you have to give them access to you.

    I know for me it was confirmation biased, I thought when I got hate it was the only people being 'honest' with me because I thought I was a terrible garbage person. And it was scary and it was hard to turn off anon and to keep it off, but it feels betters. Nice people can sent you messages still. Nice people will understand why you have anon off.
  16. seebs

    seebs Benevolent Dictator

    Yeah, I'd sorta second that.
  17. Morven

    Morven In darkness be the sound and light

    Your blog design is beautiful, by the way. And you have the complete right to depression-vent in it; nobody needs to read it. They seem to be acting as if they HAVE to read it, and I'm sure you are completely fine with them not doing so!
  18. seebs

    seebs Benevolent Dictator

    Well, that's interesting. How many people's sisters have you asked for money? Like, that's a pretty specific identifier, perhaps. Might be specific enough to make it practical to forward some of the messages to someone's parents. A lot of parents suddenly take an interest in their kids' behavior when it's atrocious enough.
  19. Morven

    Morven In darkness be the sound and light

    It might help you work out who it is, though; who might think that you're asking their sister for money?
  20. Parsley

    Parsley High in Vitamin K

    I just read the DeviantArt post and the anon asks and I am so angry now. I recently lost a friend to suicide and oh my gosh I don't know if I'm going to cry or if I want to punch something.

    Okay. I smacked my pillow around a little, and now I feel better and it looks fluffy.

    I'm so sorry this is happening to you. That person is a jerk who doesn't understand the first thing about what they're saying. It's okay for you to vent. You're posting in spaces of your own--people need to go out of their way and make the choice to read what you write. You have permission to use your own spaces however you want to as long as you follow each site's ToS, and you're not breaking any rules by talking about how you feel.

    I think turning off anon for now was a good call. I also agree with those who posted before me--it's best if you ignore asks from bullies.

    I hope they lose interest and that things improve for you. You don't deserve this harassment.
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