A Dilemma I'm Having With "Plot"

Discussion in 'Make It So' started by Theodore Rosenberg, Aug 14, 2019.

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    So, I wrote this short story last year about a couple of characters I had sort of created on a whim a while ago, and I had started continuing it originally, but wound up giving up because I had some shenanigans going on in my life. Recently, I posted it to tumblr after cropping off the continuation and cleaning up the initial short story so that it was postable.

    Now I'm working on actually roughly plotting out a novel-length idea, or at the very least a series of episodes leading up to a conclusion (which can be compiled into a novel, perhaps?).

    The only Real Problem™ I'm having is whether or not to, like, include a whole bunch of smut like what I wrote in A Toast to Trouble. I want to see more positive representation of loving, positive, uplifting relationships, and I'm really proud of what I wrote. The issue with that, however, is that sex scenes, which may be perceived as gratuitous by some, may deter people from reading the story if they think it's just some kind of Bisexual Fantasy Sex Romp instead of it being a low-fantasy regency romance and swashbuckling adventure like I want it to be.

    Also, the story as I've been plotting it is really turning into, as I've described it to several friends, "Badass Ladies and their Himbo Sidekick Topple the Patriarchy with the help of Two Queer... Beings(?)"
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