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Discussion in 'Brainbent' started by Enzel, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Enzel

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    current status: full of self loathing

    hoping I can sleep it off.
  2. Enzel

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    computer status: still giving error when I try to update...tried a manual fix & it did not help, as far as I can tell some of the necessary windows update stuff is corrupted or missing? going to pull out the recovery disc and try that...I sure hope this is general windows fuckery and not because of the fiddling around I did previously. but after converting the partition style its updated a few times successfully since then...

    I still need to set aside time to run a recovery program on my external and see if I can grab anything off it or fix it....aaaaa...still pissed about that. I wish I understood a little more about how computers work bc I don't rly grasp why an HD is unfixable if it's not physically shouldn't you be able to just wipe corrupted data...idk. Basically I wish I understood more of the mechanism behind it so I could judge if it's a goner or if I just need to find a way to wipe it.
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    very frustrated...basically wasted my whole evening trying to fix my computer and nothing worked. And every fix required me to restart and attempt the updates which took 10-15 mins, after which it would hit maybe 95% completion of the update before giving me the "updates could not be completed, reversing changes" screen...for another 15-20 basically 30 mins EACH ATTEMPT I'm so...

    like. it works its just I need to install the fucking security updates??? file checker found nothing corrupted, disk image seemed to repair...something...? but still got the same error in the end, etc...the last suggestion was that the I guess the EFI partition isnt big enough? idk??? why wouldn't that generate a more specific error aaaa

    problem is when I look at disk management, the efi partition appears to be there but it is not labeled that, it just says like "disk 2 partition 0" or whatever. Recovery partition also appears to be there but is also unlabeled. Google gets me no results on whether or not this is a problem, or indeed *the* problem...I folded a free partition software & have to poke around w it tomorrow...I had the egi partition temporarily called Volume D: for a bit as part of the fix LAST time but I took off the drive letter and it doesn't seem to have helped...I mean the EFI is obviously there since the computer boots so I am at a loss.

    on top of this I wanted to 1. start my taxes since I can get my w2 thru the company website, and also use my hsa to reimburse my new glasses, but...turns out I have not gotten a contribution since dec 18???? I double checked and still enrolled in the HSA so like. I'm going to have to call HR about this, arggggfhdhdh
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  4. Enzel

    Enzel androgynous jrpg protag

    too tired to fix typos omg tho...ego partition
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