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Discussion in 'The Undercity' started by Aniseed, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Aniseed

    Aniseed Well-Known Member

    this has always been a problem at least for me, but it seems to have gotten significantly worse after the forums were updated..

    basically i'll know that i'm 'watching' a thread, and i won't get alerts for new posts in it at all, despite new posts being made.

    before the update this didn't happen super often, but since the update i feel like i'm getting hardly any alerts for threads i know that i'm watching. sometimes when i click to the thread, -then- i get the alerts no matter how long ago the new posts were made. sometimes even this doesn't make the alert show up.

    is anybody else having this problem? or had it and fixed it? i scanned through the threads in this forum and didn't see anything but i may have missed it.
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  2. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    It's as inconsistent as ever for me. I noticed that if I hit Mark All Read, I start getting alerts for everything watched again for a while.
  3. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants feral mom energies

    This is going to probably sound stupid, but have y'all clicked on the "watched threads" link? (I'm on mobile atm so can't tell you what it looks like on a desktop, but for me it's on the bar below the one with my username.) That gives you a list of watched threads with unread messages. I had this problem a while ago but when I click that link and read through a thread, I get alerts on it again.
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  4. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    Nah, it doesn't sound stupid. At least some of the time, it does seem to be because the forum software doesn't realize that I saw the last post in a thread, so if I just load the last page, the alerts start up again. But sometimes that doesn't work, and I've still got no idea why.
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  5. wixbloom

    wixbloom artcute

    This has been notable in @blue 's Kintsugi Plays Dragon Age thread. People who like to follow what's happening are actually having to get pinged for significant updates, because notifications are spotty
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  6. Choco

    Choco Duke of the Weepy Marshmallow Brigade

    i've noticed that if i haven't personally posted a thread in a few pages it'll stop giving me alerts for it?
  7. coldstars

    coldstars get Jazzy on it

    This has definitely been happening for me with threads in Fine Imported Drama :mystery:
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  8. NevermorePoe

    NevermorePoe Nevermore

    where is the mark all as read button?
    [Edit:] Nevermind, found it.
  9. electroTelegram

    electroTelegram Well-Known Member

    me too (though it's usually not pages, it's like a page) and if i revisit the thread (even if i do not post) i get an alert again. but i usually don't revisit because if i dont get alerts i don't think anyone is posting, and therefore there is not a need to read the thread.
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  10. Ihasa

    Ihasa Active Member

    What I noticed was that the threads I had subscribed to stopped being subscribed to, so I had to watch them again.
  11. coldstars

    coldstars get Jazzy on it

    Stopped getting alerts for tumblr.txt again. Gah
  12. NevermorePoe

    NevermorePoe Nevermore

    I've started to mark forums read every time i open kintsugi after i've opened my current alerts.
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  13. KingStarscream

    KingStarscream watch_dogs walking advertisement

    Yeah I hit my Watched Threads every time I refresh. Pretty consistly I'll miss as least one thread otherwise.
  14. IvyLB

    IvyLB Hardcore Vigilante Gay Chicken Facilitator

    I do both Watched Threads and Watched Forums or otherwise I lose threads from FID or Make It So!
  15. Loq


    Continues to be an issue, and now some threads I know I'm subscribed to won't even notify me in Watched Threads :T
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  16. seebs

    seebs Benevolent Dictator

    So, long story short: I got no clue. I am not even sure how to begin on debugging such a thing. And I mostly don't watch threads.

    Hmm. There's some stuff to do with alerts in the subaccount stuff, any of the people having this problem have, or use, subaccounts? If so, are you watching threads on the same accounts you're expecting alerts on, or what? I think the intent is that alerts are somehow coalesced, but it may not be working.
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  17. Loq


    I do have subaccounts, but they only watch one thread and it's one that only rarely displays (or, uh, doesn't display as the case may be) the issue. The threads that refuse to notify at all have so far only been in Fan Town for me, and those that only go to Watched Threads have been Fan Town, Galley's Turn, and General Chatter.

    ...I do not have data yet on notifications from subaccounts, because 1) again, only following one thread on them, and 2) I don't actually log in as them very often, I just use the Post-as-User function for the RP threads.
  18. coldstars

    coldstars get Jazzy on it

    Nah. I only use my subaccount once every few weeks, if that, haven't watched any threads with it on purpose, and never check it for alerts at all. This keeps happening with the main account - to the point where I just go into FID and Fantown and check to see if the thread titles are bolded to indicate that there's unread stuff, because it's more reliable than waiting for a notification some days 8(
  19. IvyLB

    IvyLB Hardcore Vigilante Gay Chicken Facilitator

    yeah same on the subaccounts only watching threads I watch on my main account as well + those threads not causing issues as far as I can tell
  20. Ihasa

    Ihasa Active Member

    I am not using a subaccount at all, and still experiencing this issue.
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