BNHA: Where your quirk is not the written kind

Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by Raire, Sep 26, 2017.

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  2. Lebesgue Integreat

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    [​IMG] Literally what is happening right now with Deku and these weird fucking dreams, am I the only one who's getting reminded of Harry/Voldemort with the weird dreams and talking thing?
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  3. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    i've def gotten into bnha over the last few weeks -- am up to episode 47, though i got greedy reading fanfic so i've been spoiled on some later developments :P i'm enjoying it tho!
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  4. Charlie

    Charlie I got no strings to hold me down


    ...also I kind of wish Aizawa didn't go for straight up choking Monoma. I know it's totally a gag move in the manga, but I feel a lot of reactions people have to Monoma are disproportionate.
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  5. chaoticArbiter

    chaoticArbiter an actual shiny eevee (destroyer of worlds)

    not caught up but I read this anyway and....
    Monoma is a dick but he's also a student and sixteen, if I'm not mistaken? a teacher choking him feels really unacceptable, like....he...isn't bad enough to warrant THAT. I get it's a gag move too but I kinda....he's a student and that is a teacher at his school and how about no? he's a prick, not dangerous.
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  6. Charlie

    Charlie I got no strings to hold me down

    @chaoticArbiter Yeah to be quite honest it makes me uncomfortable for that reason too. I felt a bit hesitant to say it, because I've seen people say 'don't take it so seriously', but you've articulated my feelings on it.

    I'm also uncomfortable because it's just... situationally the only reason it happens is because Monoma said something. Sure he might be being petty, but Bakugou is in Aizawa's class too and he's king of petty. I feel it's cheap and easy because we've slotted Monoma into this 'villainous' role even though all he does is play up some petty class rivalry. It's incredibly unnecessary for me.
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  7. chaoticArbiter

    chaoticArbiter an actual shiny eevee (destroyer of worlds)

    I LIKE Monoma. I think he's kind of a fun and amusing character. I know he's petty and I know he's playing up class rivalry and I know he's kind of a dumbass and I LOVE HIM FOR IT. I don't enjoy seeing people slot him into a villain spot or be like 'also being choked by his teacher, gag or no gag, is totes cool' because he's....a petty idiot who really likes himself that class rivalry. I think he's kind of funny, as a character, tbth, and I don't consider him very villainous in nature, just kind of annoying to the people around him. and I mean, I can honestly grok a little bit why he might feel threatened by class 1A, I mean, all everyone else is hearing, afaik, is that they've been dealing with Big Serious Villains and stuff and still coming out on top and I'm not sure anyone who isn't IN their class has considered "holy fuck, can you even imagine how terrifying that might be", and while class 1B has had their own brush with villains (at least one that I know of) class 1A is still definitely the more known class and has had more run-ins and is probably more well known. maybe Monoma feels threatened by that for himself and his class so he's going 'rivalry time' because only equals can really be rivals? but like, yeah, Monoma's a little shit, but he's 16, he's not evil, just kind of an annoying little shit, and he amuses me and I like him and I'm sort of tired of people putting him in like. 'actually terrible' category instead of just. 'nuisance/petty dumbass' category., I thought it was REALLY FUNNY when he challenged class 1A during the Hero Exam arc at first like "we're gonna wipe the floor with you!!" before finding out that they weren't going to be at the same testing spots and....sighing in relief.
    that amused me so much. what an idiot. I love him.
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  8. Who else likes thinking up Quirk ideas? Here’s some of my recent ideas, including a couple silly ones.

    Trigger Finger- user can shoot objects like bullets, limited to what they can hold between their thumb and index finger.

    Barricade- user can create a strong, immovable forcefield around themselves. The bigger the barrier, the more stamina it takes- a “wall” just in front is easy, a semicircle takes some effort, a full circle is taxing.

    Goldbrick- user becomes stronger and tougher based on how much gold they have on their person, becomes a bank robber to accumulate power.

    Scream Beam- user can shoot energy beams from their hands, with intensity and duration based on how loud and long they scream during the attack.

    Catgirl- just a literal catgirl, for anime catgirl jokes.
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  9. tinyhydra

    tinyhydra a dingus

    I came up with a hero for silly anime catgirl jokes a bit ago! Her hero name was gonna be Top Dog, and her quirk was "Animal Magnetism", and it'd let her do something to, i dunno, make people around her kinda dim and basic and animalistic, and then she'd alpha dog them into doing what she wanted. And it'd physically manifest as that kinda kemonomimi shit.

    most of the ideas I've come up with have been pretty basic. One was a quirk where the user can pop their eyeballs out the socket and they just float around. Either they'd be able to move their eyes wherever the fuck, or they'd have limited control but be able to regrow new eyes and scatter the freefloating ones about however they pleased.

    another I was gonna call "Sugar Rush" before i remembered that that's what Sato's is called. It'd basically be superspeed by way of hummingbirds, yunno? Like, the user'd move super fast, but they burn calories like a motherfucker and have to mainline sugar or whatever to keep themself from collapsing. They'd do the torpor thing too, so i was thinking they'd come across as very lazy and kinda dim when they're just trying to conserve energy and go about their business.

    "Torpor" itself would be kind of a fun one for a hero! Something like, the user can snap in and out of a healing trance at will? So they're just in the middle of a fight sneaking little two second power naps to keep themself in fighting form.

    another was like Jirou's. "Mindjack" or something, where they've got a little physical usb sorta dealie on their body somewhere (i was thinking tongue for max gross) that they can plug into people's skulls and transfer data. Both downloading memories and uploading stuff the user has in their head.
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  10. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    oh my god thinking up weird quirks has been like... the last 3 weeks of my life. i might use one or more of these in a fic later because i'm not gonna lie i do love a bunch of the various Midoriya Has A Quirk AUs and i may try to write one. (i've actually already started writing the first one)

    -Luck of the Draw: Gets a different quirk each day, selected at random from the quirks they've seen used throughout their life. Only one quirk at a time; the quirk changes at dawn. User gets a very vague sense of what their new quirk is when they receive it.

    -Swap: Can swap any 2 quirks of people they see. Includes themself; if they haven't done any swapping yet, then when they swap 'theirs' with someone else, the other person becomes essentially Quirkless. Swaps are easiest when it's the same 'type' - so, a mutation quirk w/ a mutation quirk, emitter w/ emitter. Takes more energy to swap if it's a different-type swap, or a swap with nothing. When user chooses to 'release,' all swaps will be undone (after a few hours, the longer the Quirks remain swapped, the more effort it takes to not release them.)

    -Upgrade: Has two uses: a short-term upgrade (all the user has to do is touch the person they want to upgrade), which boosts the person's Quirk for a short time (up to an hour?), making it more effective at whatever the Quirk does. Or, a long-term upgrade, which requires several hours of contact but upgrades the Quirk possibly permanently; this upgrade can be a boost, or it can remove a limitation or drawback, or give the quirk a new usage.

    -Poltergeist: Gives user the aspects of an upset spirit. Most inconvenient aspect is that the user cannot be noticed by people who don't already know they're real, like in a horror movie where the ghost slams a door and the family says "must be the house settling." This aspect is not voluntary. It's relatively strong, but enough usage of their other powers in front of other people will help convince them they're real. Other aspects of this quirk include strong telekinesis, a small amount of self-levitation, electrical fuckery (flickering lights, glitching electronics), and nearby unaware people feeling chills and/or fear. Also includes two types of intangibility; they're intangible to anyone who doesn't detect their existence, and they can also turn on their intangibility at will (though this usage does require effort.)

    -Hive Mind: User can create new bodies of themself, and all bodies share one mind. (The hive mind has enough 'processing power' to be able to multitask with their bodies, though a sufficiently large number of bodies may strain this ability.) New bodies start as babies and experience accelerated growth until they reach the age of the user. Growth can also be intentionally sped up further through physical contact with current-age bodies, though only up to a certain point. User can re-absorb their bodies, including any of their dead bodies.

    -Curse: User can speak curses against other people. Requires either line of sight, or the user must have some way to focus on the target (ex. the target's hair, blood, etc.) User must speak curse out loud but it does not have to be audible to the target. Each curse must have a time limit, if temporary, or a way to break the curse, if long-lasting. A long-lasting curse requires the user to invoke the target's true name. The more drastic the curse, the more energy it takes to invoke; keeping the effects limited thus helps avoid exhausting the user. Invoking the target's true name helps mitigate the energy issue with drastic curses to some extent. A curse can target multiple people, but this also increases the energy requirements.

    Example of a temporary curse: "For the next 2 hours, I curse you to go temporarily blind any time you look at a student of UA's Class 1-A or any of their teachers."
    Example of a long-lasting curse: "Todoroki Enji, I curse you to step on every Lego that's in your path, stub your toes on protruding furniture, and trip on any errant objects, at all times except for when you are doing hero work, until the day that you apologize to Todoroki Shouto for your behavior and mean it."
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  11. tinyhydra

    tinyhydra a dingus

    Curse sounds fucking rad. Imagine like a really petty, self absorbed teenager with that one.

    I like the idea of a villain with a power boosting quirk, who uses it to jack people's power's up beyond their ability to control it, yunno? Could do some real body horror shit to people whose quirks are really physical. I was picturing stuff like Shouji growing so many new limbs he just can't hold himself up anymore, or Bakugou just spewing nitroglycerin out every orifice.
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  12. Lebesgue Integreat

    Lebesgue Integreat Lesbian Intrigue

    I'm also imagining like how you could use curse to be REALLY an asshole. Example: I curse you so that the next time you do [x action] it will result in [y horrific result] and so you just make them think really hard about ever wanting to do the thing ever again.
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  13. Ooh, I like the Hive Mind quirk! I have my own idea for a duplication quirk, but for mine the user gets less intelligent/less aware of their surroundings with every duplicate.
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  14. Lebesgue Integreat

    Lebesgue Integreat Lesbian Intrigue

    I think my favorite duplication quirk overall HAS to be Twice's quirk. Wherein he doesn't actually have control over his duplicates. It's such wonderful chaos and makes perfect scientific sense and I love it so much.
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  15. I really love how much thought has gone into some of the quirks in canon and how they’ve been dealt with compared to the common “character has this power with no real drawbacks” method of superpowers. But I don’t want my characters’ clones to fight to the death over who’s the original.
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  16. Charlie

    Charlie I got no strings to hold me down

    I don't like Midnight lol. I support fandom interpretations of her but I really don't like her character as in canon.

    Um, that aside I love Monoma, and especially him and Shinsou's budding partnership even if it's pretty onesided at this point. It's really cute to see that petty dude happy. Also it's nice to get more to Kendou then like, 'girl who hits Monoma sometimes' cuz I like her design and the brief shots of enthusiasm we've seen from her
  17. evilas

    evilas Sure, I'll put a custom title here

    Aaaa latest episode of the anime aaaa it's so good aaaaaa there are Actual Tears In My Eyes at that

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  18. Lebesgue Integreat

    Lebesgue Integreat Lesbian Intrigue


    RELATEDLY KENDO MAKING HER PLAN ENTIRELY ON WHAT SHE SAW OF EVERYONE AT THE SPORTS FESTIVAL COMBAT ROUNDS (dark shadow weak to light, dark shadow used as a scout, the laser as a beacon, just all out pummeling on Momo) I'M HAPPY WITH THIS CHAPTER.
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  19. Ben

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    Present Mic is my spirit animal
    what a goof
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  20. Aondeug

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    take 2 on attempting to catch up with at least the anime: finished season 1 in three days. season 2's a little bitch and twice as long. fuck you season 2. you too, season 3. don't think i don't see your episode count.
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