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Discussion in 'Make It So' started by Jean, May 25, 2017.

  1. Jean

    Jean Let’s stop procrastinating -- tomorrow!

    This is the thread to babble about your OCs and what makes them awesome (or awful).

    My apologies if this concept already exists, but I couldn't find it anywhere, so here. Have thing.

    ETA: Also! I encourage you to post pictures of your OCs, if you have them. I will not promise fanart but I will say it is a possibility.
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  2. Jean

    Jean Let’s stop procrastinating -- tomorrow!

    So. This is Vera. She is at least half Hawaiian (we don't know who her father is), became a junior superhero at 13, has a modest healing power and a weak animal empathy power, and really, really loves guns. Also she's gay. Like, so gay.

    Vera is one of those people who can just blend into the background -- until she wants you to notice her. Which is a feat, because by the time she's done growing she's 5'10".

    Her superhero name is Demoness. She is forever disgruntled by her powers; she's a fighter with no bedside manner and the no patience for healing. Eventually she becomes a reluctant field medic as well as a fighter. Secretly likes the animals -- but shh, don't tell anyone. It'll ruin her street cred.

    There is a monkey which follows her around. She did not train it. It trained itself. Where did it come from? There are no monkeys where she lives. It is a mystery. She and her team keep trying to get someone to do something about the monkey, but it conveniently disappears whenever they try to bring it to anyone's attention. No one believes them.

    There's a lot more but that's all I feel up to at the moment.

    EDIT: So just inserting pictures doesn't seem to be working for me, so! Have a link to my tag for her, which is all art.
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  3. Fucker

    Fucker Bæsj

    omg nice i like that she has a random monkey followin her around as ur local primate enthusiast
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  4. Briar

    Briar Well-Known Member

    I really like her!

    I love the two interrelated minor powers, they make sense together. Also "character with powers opposite their personality" is one of the best things.
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  5. sidneyia

    sidneyia from TV

    Man I'm trying to find some art of mine that I actually like enough to share.
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  6. Fucker

    Fucker Bæsj

    i have an oc and his name is nick and hes a hick (kind of but not really) and a dick

    he has mad ptsd and is kind of obsessive. likes small animals and water. was born in the tech city of atlantis and does not know what a frog is

    hes born in the Purgatory realm and the northpole but his ethnicity is a mix between Scottish, Maltese and Myanma

    hes a total criminal capitalist and he also has no sense of taste. (not figuratively he literally has ageuesia due to an infection) also he is 6'1 and trans because of course he is

    he can almost speak spanish but he only knows a few words and they are all grocery items because the only coutnry that still does international trade with the north pole happens to be spanish so a lot of wares are labeled in spanish. his husband who speaks spanish fluently finds that interesting

    the first time he saw an erect dick he started crying cuz he thought it was hurt

    he is in his mid 30s and has been working as a crime scene cleaner since he was about 14.

    in a pretty fucked up case involving a certain person that fucked his life over a whole whole bunch he needed reconstructive surgery on his lower skull and to make up for it he decided to make the canine teeth replacements titanium fangs covered in ivory because he is actually extra as hell. Makes up for losing sensation in 20% of his face

    Hes Edgy like not even as meta he is canonically an edgelord

    he is a very passionate boyfriend and he sometimes stays up for hours to read books about his lovers interests because he wants to Get them and be able to hold engaging conversations with them

    hes highly athletic because he overcompensates for intense paranoia and ptsd by keeping in as optimal physical form as possible but his respiratory is all fucked up from wrong binding and chainsmoking and god knows what else

    he really likes kids and despite being a fuckign demon is like really passionate about them getting a good education and having a safe place and essensially growing up to be the opposite of what he is

    TDRL i have a lot of lore abt this one rudeboy i havent touched on but i love infodumping


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  7. sidneyia

    sidneyia from TV

    I put this in the drawing thread already but here's my precious wisecracking asshole. Best friend/sometimes roomie of my main character. He was born an heir but lost both parents in a horrible car crash that also gave him a bunch of sexy scars and became the charge of his shitty grandmother who's forever on his case to do something profitable with his life. He's basically a sheltered manchild and perpetual layabout who plays video games and collects mall swords and pet rats.

    I don't want to spoiler my own story so I'll stop there :P

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  8. Fucker

    Fucker Bæsj

    i like his rat did the carcrash leave him wiht a lot of inherance or did i read that wrong
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  9. sidneyia

    sidneyia from TV

    Technically yeah, but his grandmother more or less has control over how he spends it.
  10. Fucker

    Fucker Bæsj

    OH bad

    he seems interestin tho.. i like him
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  11. sidneyia

    sidneyia from TV

    Thank you!

    I feel bad dumping all these here because I know I already put them in the drawing thread but here's my main character. (I'm having a hell of a time finding drawings I don't hate... time to make more I guess.)

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  12. Fucker

    Fucker Bæsj

    noo please keep doing that bc i dont checc that thead a lot

    i like his teeth and smug
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  13. sidneyia

    sidneyia from TV

    This one's my sign-in icon or whatever you call it on my laptop.
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  14. Jean

    Jean Let’s stop procrastinating -- tomorrow!

    I don't have the energy to do a whole big thing about Izzie but here is a list of antics, specifically what she gets up to when her friends have been threatened/insulted (aka Despite being a genuinely sweet person, Izzie Donovan can be petty and vindictive when her momma bear mode is activated. (And Conrad is her conscience, except when they’re being a pushover. In which case she’s their backbone. It’s a good friendship.) Of course, not everything is disproportionate.):

    • Set up Jason’s computer to show nothing but videos of hagfish, no matter where he clicked or what he tried to do. (Conrad talked her into undoing it eventually.)
    • Beat up her cousin Joshua. He might be roughly twice her size, but she’s the one with actual martial arts training. (Conrad managed to convince her that it looks better when you wait for the other person to get violent first before you start hitting them. The next time Joshua did something objectionable she set his mother on him. Izzie can be scary, but she’s got nothing on Aileen on a warpath.)
    • When unable to goad Jason into hitting her (Jason does not hit girls), she sneaked into his dorm room and cracked rotten eggs into his clothes drawers.
    • June didn’t need to be goaded into hitting her. Izzie knocked her out in one hit and had Conrad carry her to the nurse’s office. (Now they’re sparring partners.)
    • Sneaked into Jason’s dorm room, stole all his underwear and put it in the dumpster two blocks away.
    • Nearly put peanuts in Helena’s food, but decided against it because there’s getting even and there’s causing a medical emergency, and she does, in fact, have a well-developed moral compass. (Most of the time.)
    • Put molasses in Helena’s hair products and soot in her makeup.
    • Told Joy where Joshua’s house is.
    • Gave the English teacher’s personal computer a virus that played loud, obnoxious music (an earworm playlist), no matter what he did.
    • Told her grand-uncle that one of her many, many cousins on that side of the family was being unprofessional and disrespectful and needed to be taught a lesson. This was all true, but still constitutes cruel and unusual punishment under the circumstances. (Conrad very firmly does not say anything about the way they never saw that cousin again. They have suspicions about that side of Izzie’s family.)
    • Beat a random would-be rapist bloody while Amani called the cops. (Vera and June made them medals out of paper mache.)
    • Convinced Jesse’s homophobic roommate that he was being haunted.
    • Put #8 size gravel under Jason’s mattress cover and dirt in his sheets.
    • More stuff that I can’t think of, because that’s what happens when you make characters that are more creative than you. Don’t worry, Conrad stops her from doing anything life-threatening. Except where her mother’s family is concerned. They try not to think too deeply about her mother’s family.
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  15. sidneyia

    sidneyia from TV

    Oh I like the idea of an earworm playlist.
  16. sidneyia

    sidneyia from TV

  17. ChelG

    ChelG Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to remake some characters I and my friends used when I was a teen. One of them is a self-insert of mine, and was basically moulded around what I thought was cool when I was sixteen; I'm trying to make her a bit closer to how I actually was, and further differentiate her from her partner-in-crime. I'm wondering whether to keep her name - I named her Agnes as a roundabout reference to my name, and now she's in a setting where it would be more likely for a teenage girl to be called that, but it's a bit frumpy. Then again, so is she, she's meant to be a bit.
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  18. ChelG

    ChelG Well-Known Member

    I've also wound up turning their story into basically the Steampunk London queer underground. Time to do a lot of research.
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  19. sidneyia

    sidneyia from TV

    I put this in the drawing thread but I'll drop it here too.

    Mike the catboy + Magenta the cat
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  20. ChelG

    ChelG Well-Known Member

    Just been rereading "Clarissa" and saw the storyline about her drawing, and
    decided that as well as the similar "that's what daddy did to me" pictures, the remade version of my character Molly (the remade version actually having been harmed, people with teleporters not being available to rescue her) also once coloured in a sheet of paper entirely in splotchy red and said "that's what I did to daddy".
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