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  1. Void

    Void on discord. Void#4020

    This thread is mostly just to keep track of people's characters! You can use more than one post, or just one, however you want to do it!

    Basically all you need to do is list name, age, gender, species, and basic appearance. You can make a fancy looking profile if you like, and if you want to list a backstory or other things you are welcome to do that as well!

    You can keep any drawings/pictures of your character in here as well, because who doesn't like art of their characters?
  2. paintcat

    paintcat Let the voice of love take you higher

    Windsong, a male woof
    I dunno what the woof maturation curve is but he's just barely full-grown, a little gawky and puppyish still.
    Windsong is pale green with dark gray points, like a Siamese cat. He has a white dorsal stripe that goes from his forehead into his tail. His tail has very long, straight fur on it, sort of like a horse's but much finer. It floats sinuously on the breeze and drags on the ground when he walks. He also has little feathered wings that are clearly far too small to even glide with. Everything else is normal wolf-shaped and -colored, including his yellow eyes.
    He was driven out of the pack of his birth for Not Being Strong Enough, and has been trying to hack it on his own while looking for some new, kind, accepting woofs to fall in with. Has trust issues. Uses excessively erudite vocabulary when speaking and thinks himself very clever.

    ETA: Link to his picture!
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  3. Aviari

    Aviari PartyWolf Is In The House Tonight

    Southstar, F woof
    Adult, v. leggy, snowy white when not wearing thigh-high mud stockings from romping in the nearest available water source.

    Snow-camouflaged but loathes winter and snow. Wears a jaunty blue bandana when in human territory. Loves to party. Probably better at fishing than hunting.
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  4. Sol

    Sol needs a coffee

    Barkimedes; Dog 30ish; Male wolf (the rumours that he's part English Bulldog are JUST rumours, he swears).
    Adult, actually a lot older than he looks - like the wolf equivalent of that weird 30 year old DJ who hangs out with people way younger than him. He switches from pack to pack due to his inability to drop the bullshit and form real emotional connections with other woofs. He's currently avoiding his old pack because he made things awkward at a party. Maybe this time will be different. Seems unlikely, but y'know. Maybe.

    He has a stocky build, and is mostly dark grey with grey-blue eyes. He has a black tipped tail, muzzle and paws and a light grey dorsal stripe and spots on his hind legs. His mane is not actually that obnoxious as the ref, I just couldn't be bothered to make new line art. His tongue, pawpads and nose are toxic lime green and he wears purple studs in his left ear.

    I'll probably be back to make this into a beautiful OTT formatting heavy profile later but for now here's a quick ref pic.

    He doesn't wear the armbands usually either but, y'know, effort.
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  5. strictly quadrilateral

    strictly quadrilateral alive, alive, alive!

    i would just like to say that Barkimedes is an a+ name, excellent job
  6. Sol

    Sol needs a coffee

    i'd love to pretend i came up with it but it was @lupadracolis's idea.
  7. Void

    Void on discord. Void#4020

    3 Years/Adult-ish

  8. Hobo


    Moonsausage, a male wolf

    Around 8 years old. Kind of a jerk. Interested in meeting others, but usually only for the purposes of having someone to bounce his smart-arse comments off of. Keeps his weapon (a frying pan) holstered on his back, DO NOT ASK how this happens, it probably involves magic. Fur is a very dark brown, punctuated with red flames on his underside and golden lightning streaks on his back, as well as golden paws. Also wears a boar skull and bandages around his legs.

    [​IMG] (Ignore the horns on this, I've decided to get rid of them)

    Edit: Changed the age, making him closer to grandpa wolf.
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