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Discussion in 'The Undercity' started by seebs, Feb 22, 2017.

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    Kintsugi is a forum which originated as an outgrowth of my overloaded tumblr inbox, but has become a different thing with time. Kintsugi is, fundamentally, about finding the beauty in broken things, and fixing them.

    As of this writing, we've got no actual users banned except by their consent. (A couple of spammers, and one account that a bunch of people were using to troll each other for reasons I don't quite get, but no actual participating users.) And that's despite a lot of users who have done things that, in other forums, would be ban-worthy.

    There's a lot of forums you can go to where people will get banned for acting up.

    There's a lot of forums you can go to where people won't get banned for acting up, and nothing else gets done about it.

    I am only aware of one forum where people will acknowledge that behavior is bad, and is a problem, and work to fix it. And that is not negotiable. It is not subject to approval or voting or anything else. That is what this forum is for.

    We do not need to take steps to make the people with severe mental health problems "understand" that their behavior is bad. They know that! What they need to understand is how to get better. And that is going to take time, practice, and experience. And in the process, they will continue doing things which sometimes hurt people. And because we don't really want people getting hurt, we will try to find ways to mitigate that. Restricting access to some forum features, or placing users on moderation, or otherwise trying to make it possible for them to coexist with other people.

    But driving them off, and making them unwelcome, is a rejection of the entire point of this forum existing. If you really can't deal with what the forum is, you are welcome to leave. And if you're ever willing to go back to trying to work on helping people get better, you are welcome to come back. But please don't spend your time here trying to undermine this, or change it. The forums you think I should be running already exist, by the dozen. They are all over the place. They are not hard to find. And you can go there and have the kind of community you think you want. But this is the only forum I am aware of which is trying to help people who really do want to stop acting badly, but can't do it all at once. And I would like it if people would stop trying to wreck that.
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