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    separate from my gift thread, which is also tech nerdery, because lebesgue is welcome in this thread

    so i was dicking around in my chromebook because my settings for the search bar got reset to factory and i fixing it and

    chromebooks now support linux???

    it is still in beta, but it looks like i can run a fully functioning debian linux shell inside my chromebook, no dual booting or cracking necessary!

    obvs the first thing i did upon installing it was install mycroft and openhab, and now i'm just waiting for them to finish downloading and start

    BUT after that i'm fucking around to see if i can maybe download steam for linux and?? i might be able to play games again?? WHAT

    anyway theme of this thread is cool things you can do to chromebooks, and specifically i'm gonna talk here about what i'm doing to mine

    current project for my chromebook:
    • actually pair a device with my mycroft account
    • set up my openhab config so that i can FINALLY mess around with my lights, properly
    • games? games!
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    i really love smart technology, like i said in my other thread, and one of my dreams since i was a small child watching star trek and stargate atlantis was to have a wonderful, advanced smart home

    i like ais and want one, but. i have issues with the most common ones - siri, google, and alexa. i don't like that i don't have final control over how they connect with the internet, or what they report back to the companies that own them. i don't like that they're closed systems - they don't play nicely with each other, and require integrated tech designed for them.

    (as an aside, that's an issue i have with most smart technology. they operate in closed systems and it's very difficult to use smart technology from one company in conjunction with smart technology from another, in terms of an integrated, user-friendly interface.)

    i like the idea of mycroft, which is an open source ai. i'm terrible at coding and don't know what i'm looking at half the time, but the fact that i can go into mycroft's guts, so to speak, and poke around is appealing. so that's what i'm downloading right now. i'm not sure it'll work because i don't know that the linux shell google provides is integrated with the microphone and speakers, which mycroft needs to function, but. it can't hurt to try?

    also, i'm downloading openhab with is a "tech agnostic home automation program" that is also open source. the goal for that is to mess around with my smart lights, because the functionality they come with i find entirely too limiting
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  3. idiomie

    idiomie I, A Shark Apologist

    aaaaaaaand my computer crashed, motherfucker

    but hey! didn't harm any of the downloads!
  4. idiomie

    idiomie I, A Shark Apologist

    okay so a brief google leads me to believe this is just like my linux crostini application (i think? exactly the same actually?) just Officially Supported now

    also i could've done this since september, apparently :y
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