Cosplayers, ever buy your costumes?

Discussion in 'Make It So' started by LilacMercenary, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. LilacMercenary

    LilacMercenary Well-Known Member

    I finally got my dress maker's dummy set up, which increased my sewing speed from "sometimes finishes things, kinda" to "Has a queue of shirts and dresses to sew" and I've been really wanting to design and make like a plus size clothing line.

    I really want to make some start up funds first so I can afford enough of the good fabrics to make a range of sizes before listing, and I'm reeeaaalllly wanting to do the steven universe dresses especially because they're unarguably amazing.

    So I'm just wondering, all I've really seen are people making their own. Is there a market for premade cosplays? If you guys were going to buy a fully made outfit (say a multi layered ball gown type deal) how much would you expect to pay? I'm really just wanting to make some money off a labor of love at this point, possibly put them on ebay maybe.
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  2. a tiny mushroom

    a tiny mushroom the tiniest

    I've bought pre-made cosplay from eBay which was usually kinda shittily made but looked good enough that I would still get compliments from people. I can't sew, so pre-made cosplay is great for when I just wanna dress up as a character I like. So I think if you were making and selling cosplay, there would defs be a market for it!
  3. An Actual Bird

    An Actual Bird neverthelass, Brid persisted, ate third baggel

    There's absolutely a market for it! I actually have some prebought ones from when I was younger that were decent but not great. I can also tell you that on ebay right now there's a grand total of 2 SU cosplays (Pearl and Lapis), both around $70 and again, okay-but-not-great quality. So if you put up some nice quality stuff I think you could absolutely make some money! As for how much to charge, depending on the complexity of the item somewhere between $100-200 seems reasonable?
  4. hoarmurath

    hoarmurath Thor's Hammer

    Go for it. :D

    Maybe start small in terms of price/volume? So you can test interest.

    Also I think doing it in a bigger size might sell well, since bigger people want to cosplay too.

    /another sewing nerd who wants to get into making stuff to sell online aahh
  5. LilacMercenary

    LilacMercenary Well-Known Member

    Aaaaah thanks for all the encouragement guys! The dress model I have won't go any smaller on the chest and only a little smaller on the hips (I'm a US size 20/22) but I'm looking for a smaller one at goodwill, and my hope is to be able to fit measurements to order. Mine only goes down to the hips so I'm a little unsure making shorts/pants still, but hopefully I'll get there. I'd love to sell like a Ruby and Sapphire pair with matching details for instance *sighs*

    I'm a little conflicted about pricing, tbh. Like larger sizes do cost more in terms of materials and sewing, but no way am I going to charge somebody more just because of their body type. That said, I still want to be able to make some profit, so I guess it's good I'm doing plus sizes first since I can then price the smaller ones equally I guess?

    If anybody lives near Portland OR and wants to be my sewing buddy, I would be totally down to help with sewing and fitting outfits =)
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  6. hoarmurath

    hoarmurath Thor's Hammer

    If you sell a variety of sizes, you can use the smaller ones to off-set the cost of the bigger items?

    Also don't underprice yourself, your work is valuable, even when you love it.
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  7. Acey

    Acey hand extended, waiting for a shake

    While I personally haven't bought any of my cosplays, there is absolutely a market for premade ones, especially nice ones!
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  8. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    While I don´t buy cosplays, I have a good friend who only does that, so you´d definitely find customers.
  9. Void

    Void on discord. Void#4020

    I know that I would buy premade costumes, or would have ones made for me! I'm terrible at sewing myself
  10. Re Allyssa

    Re Allyssa Sylph of Heart

    Given that my attempts to make cosplays have kind of tanked, I would probably be up for buying a cosplay! Especially if I know it will be decent and not that really stiff, fake looking fabric I usually see.
  11. LilacMercenary

    LilacMercenary Well-Known Member

    That's really good to know @Allyssa, do you know what the fabric's called? (I don't think I'd use anything icky, but I want to be doubly sure!)

    I'm now thinking for my rose quartz dress I'm going to upcycle one of the ubiquitous too-small wedding dresses all the goodwill outlet stores have, for the super nice outer fabric, and all the floofy stuff for the underskirt. I went to Joann's today and got sticker shock from their apparel fabric prices. Goodness!
  12. hoarmurath

    hoarmurath Thor's Hammer

    Polyester, I would assume. Basically stuff cheap suits are made from.

    Also I have ideas about different fabrics appropriate to different cosplays and characters, so if you want advice or just info on the general topic of omg sewing, hit me up in PM.
  13. Re Allyssa

    Re Allyssa Sylph of Heart

    No, I'm not really sure. At it might just be a texture thing for me personally. x)
    I think it's the same stuff khaki pants are made of. xD
  14. hoarmurath

    hoarmurath Thor's Hammer

    Googling says cotton-synthetic blends, for cargo pants. Or quick-drying synthetics, wtf ever that means. :P

    I guess with that it would also be important to list what fabrics you have used, so people know what might bother them to wear.
  15. LilacMercenary

    LilacMercenary Well-Known Member

    Oooh, I think I know the type of fabric. Is it the type of stuff you see in jacket linings? Kinda thin and slick, in a totally artificial way?
  16. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    I'm actually currently in the market for buying cosplay; I only have marginal sewing skills and really want nice quality for my next cosplay as it's been a dream cosplay for like 8 years. I'm buying an organization xiii cloak (from kingdom hearts) and I'm probably going to pay between $125-300 on it depending on how much I can save and what quality I want.

    So yeah, cosplay market is a thing! one of my roommates always buys cosplay, the other always makes it, it's really personal preference and resource stuff
  17. Re Allyssa

    Re Allyssa Sylph of Heart

    Haha, I'm not sure. It's okay. Like I said, I think it's a just-me thing. xD Sorry for any confusion. x)
  18. nekobakaz

    nekobakaz our lady of contagious giggles

    There are a few things that I buy and then (I lost the word) adjust it for my cosplay, some things that I custom-order, and then a lot of pieces that I sew myself. But I tend to be doing a lot of Original Characters, and so I have a lot of flexibility with my designs, and I have access to quite a few sewing machines (my mom has a Master's degree in textiles; the trouble is getting her to agree to help, agree on my designs, AND not give me the sighs and almost-snide comments about needing to "grow up"). Also, I'm working myself up to be in Masquerade competitions, and there's certain percentages of how much you make the costume yourself.

    However, as a fairly regular cosplayer, I usually have more than one outfit or dress per "character", so having something pre-made that I just have to trim, bead or decorate would be lovely!!!
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