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  1. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Your one-stop-shop for all your Abhorsen Antimony, Norm the Genie/Bartimaeus slashfic, Monstrous Regiment gemsona, Elder Scrolls/World of Darkness mashup and Homestuck-fansessions-with-characters-from-stories-nobody-else-has-heard-of needs!

    Like so:
    (thank you @Starcrossedsky for the original crossover idea)

    No seriously, what are the best crossovers you guys can think of?
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  2. Starcrossedsky

    Starcrossedsky Burn and Refine

    this is my fucking jam and I live here now. do not attempt to remove the nai. hiss.

    Cough. Anyway aside from my usual forays into Goddamn Fucking World of Darkness AUs, I actually have a bunch of crossovers for Tales of the Abyss (my primary sperg target) and a TalesofZestiria!AU for D.Gray-Man. Crossover AUs are my jam.

    I do some of the more traditional crossovering, too, but those are embarrassing and self indulgent so I tend to not. Share those. But I do panfandom RP and we totally made crossover ship happen. It was great.
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  3. unknownanonymous

    unknownanonymous i am inimitable, i am an original|18+

    speaking of norm the genie/bartimaeus crossover slash fic, i tried writing essentially that - minus the slash 'cause i wasn't introduced to that yet - when i was, like, 12. it was really bad. and then there was shit like a crossover with Star Wars, prequel era in it. and there was i think maybe norm the genie having a mate and kids, and fairy idol happening all over again. it was basically a norm the genie themed acid trip. that and "buy one fic, get about ten free." i should really mine it for quotes to put in the badfic thread. i bet there's at least one that'll do.

    and now i have no idea how i'd do a proper fairly oddparents/bartimaeus norm the genie crossover, with or without slash, haha

    also i've been thinking about a norm the genie gemsona, with maybe apatite as his gem

    btw i'm really flattered to be noticed, like with the norm the genie thing :D

    and this is not exactly positive but... i have trouble really getting the fop nicktoons unite-type crossovers (the power hours are good and canon, though well, they cause a certain difficulty in ficcing and headcanoning as a result of bringing another universe in). like, if it's someone's thing, cool, but... something about being in this fandom for so long and seeing So Goddamn Many of them just... yeah...
    though it could easily be 'cause not enough of them include norm, haha
    i dunno...
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  4. Deresto

    Deresto Foolish Mortal

    i have a guilty pleasure for reading extremely shitty crossovers that take a fandom i'm in and turn all the characters into super powered mutants, usually via x-men. although i have read quite a lot of misfits and heroes (quite a lot being relative in this case, there isn't much fanfic to work with in the misfits fandom. shame, if you ask me) crossovers that fit this criteria as well. and i don't read them for laughs either.

    on another note, i usually try to stay away from fandoms based around real people simply because i know myself and i tend to get a little, lets say, "carried away" sometimes BUT i did find a really cool rooster teeth sburb session fic. i thought it was something else and actually don't really watch "the lads" or whatever that fandom calls them, but i have seen a lot of the fandom stuff via tumblr and think they're hella neato in theory. it's an interesting read so far.
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  5. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    Because I am a huge fucking nerd I have spent months of my life building up Tolkienstuck. Wherein everyone just kind of lives in Arda as one of the various races. The most well built up portion of Tolkienstuck thus far has involved Aranea and her family. I have made them a family tree which gets updated and changed about frequently. They are also all getting names in the languages. Very slowly but still. Aranea and her family can be traced back to the earliest at Scratch. Who is a fancy super super old Elf who refused the Great Journey. Because he is a douchebag and the Handmaid is never allowed to be happy ever. Except when he is dead. Then she goes and grumpily raises sheep somewhere in Middle Earth until Elf Diamonds Droog woos her and they have a family.

    Aranea's half of the family meanwhile ended up going on the journey and ending up in Aman, which is where Aranea spent her childhood. She is a huge stuck up snob who views Sindarin as some sort of quaint lesser tongue to the endless glory that is Quenya. I also decided that they would be among the ones who traveled over the Helecaraxe because if anything would piss off Mindfang and Aranea it would definitely be that.

    Meenah is Numenorean and was Aranea's BFF because of course she was. Then Meenah died and Aranea was sad. Also most Elves don't like her very much because she's a huge bitch and also likes spiders and who names themselves Spider-Girl really now. REALLY NOW. YOU WERE THERE FOR THE SPIDER BLOTTING OUT THE TREES INCIDENT.

    The Egberts, Harleys, Englishes, and Crockers meanwhile are all part of an extended hobbit clan because. Hobbits. Hobbit Jane would be great. You know this to be true. We all do.

    The Striders are stuck as dwarves mostly due to a joke someone made to me about that. And it's just kind of stuck. Dave and his luxurious beard darnit.

    MY FAMILY TREES AND NAMES THOUGH. Meenah wooed Aranea via puns in both Numenorean and in Sindarin. This is the way to anyone's heart. Also she is the result of the horrible excuse for an epesse that Aranea has: Suletyelta. Which is a horrible mash of things that is probably horrendously grammatically incorrect but is supposed to serve as what Serket is a translation of. In that they both deal with ending breath. Suletyelta also gets translated as Windfang by Meenah because she is a brat and aware of Aranea's mom's fancy epesse. It also gets shortened to Tyelta, the translated equivalent to that being the ever so beloved Serks.

    Maryams and Vantases are Rohirrim because dammit. Karkat on a horse. Kanaya fussing over Karkat on a horse. Also this means that Aranea/Porrim is doomed to end in tragic death even if we keep "Elf love is forever" in mind.

    i have put obsessive amounts of thought into my stupid homestuck legendarium crossover and i think i need help

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  6. Acey

    Acey no foot tall against the wall

    I don't think you realize how important the concept of a Homestuck/Rozen Maiden crossover is to me. Damara IS Suigintou, okay.
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  7. Deresto

    Deresto Foolish Mortal

    ohhh how could i forget this one. avengers/homestuck crossover holy shit i love it. it isn't even super actiony they just took a way more realistic approach to what would happen if a bunch of aliens showed up in the marvelverse and weren't actively trying to kill everyone. in my opinion, anyways. did i mention i love this fanfic? cause i do.
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  8. Deresto

    Deresto Foolish Mortal

    thank you so much for all of that, especially this bit. your crossover sounds sooo cooooool.
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  9. a tiny mushroom

    a tiny mushroom the tiniest

    When I was like 14? 15? I wanted to write a crossover between Loveless (a kinda/very [depending on who you ask] creepy manga with an annoyingly good premise) and NCIS.
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  10. sicknastyspades

    sicknastyspades Most Rad.

    Who wants to talk about a Watchmen/Pacific Rim crossover?

    I mean, think about it. Think about it.

    Like, what if the whole teleporting-squid/psychic shockwave fiasco was the thing which attracted the attention of the Precursors in the first place? What if Veidt figures this out and spends some time feeling mildly uncomfortable because on the one hand he sort of potentially accidentally the whole world but on the other hand his "alien threat will make the whole earth work together" plan was proven totally correct in all the ways? Kaiju justify mass murder!! The logic is sound.
    And obviously he was the one behind the highly-marketable "punch the aliens with GIANT ROBOTS" idea. Think of the merchandise!

    I swear I will write that fanfic one of these days.
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  11. WithAnH

    WithAnH Space nerd

    I miiiiiight have worked out SBURB classes and aspects for all the PCs in the Exalted game I play in. >.>
  12. Lerxst

    Lerxst salty parabola

    This one might be a little obscure, but... Deadly Premonition/Puzzle Agent. I ...might have actually already doodled a Grickle-style York.

    Also, and maybe this is like...metacrossover but imagine this: a summer blockbuster movie in Pokemon World about giant mutant Pokemon coming up out of the ocean and wrecking the Hoenn region, and to fight them (not to kill them of course, this being Pokemon World the object is to wear them out and stuff them in specially-engineered giant Pokeballs for POKEMON SCIENCE) scientists bred/beyond-Mega-Evolved some giant Pokemon of their own. But they're too big to be controlled by a single Trainer in the normal fashion, so you have to have two Trainers actually riding on (or in) the giant Pokemon.

    The movie is called Pacifidlog Rim.

    Also, Max is a Snubbull.
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  13. Elaienar

    Elaienar "sorta spooky"

    Crossovers, my favourite! My first complete fanfic was an Inuyasha AU that was actually sort of an Inuyasha/.hack.//SIGN crossover because I ganked the plot and setting from .hack (what I knew of it, anyway, from reading fanfiction and catching the odd episode here and there). My favourite of my own fics remains a Harry Potter/Naruto crossover that left the door open for even more HP crossovers, because the premise was basically "fabric of space and time rips open in post-Voldemort pre-Epilogue Muggle London, small orange shinobi falls out".

    And I haven't done anything with it in ages, but another fun thing to wite for was something I called the Department of Fanfiction Regulation, a sort of inter-dimensional police force whose job was was to fix things when fanfiction started altering reality. It was almost entirely staffed by OCs and doppelgangers that had been extracted from affected canon and hired as agents. My main character was an old RPG character, and one of her teammates was my Rurouni Kenshin OC who was detained and then hired after being identified as a Mary Sue. Normally the DFR killed Mary Sues, because they could bend entire dimensions to their will and eventually the conflict between canon and the new reality would result in the destruction of the dimension, but they left her alive because she hadn't actually affected canon. And the head of the DFR was the child of Death Note's L and a Mary Sue, or possibly a female!Light. I never did decide which idea I liked better.

    My favourite crossover author is Marz1, who writes a ton of really fun crossovers and AUs in several fandoms (Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Stargate, Buffy...). Even her older fics are still fun to re-read, though the writing in her newer ones is much better.

    And I'm always excited to find crossovers with Diana Wynne Jones' books, so here's a Chrestomanci/Supernatural oneshot and here's a Chrestomanci/Queen of Attolia oneshot (spoilers for various books in both universes).
  14. pixels

    pixels hiatus / only back to vent

    Let me tell you about Homestuck. Specifically, my Homestuck/Red vs. Blue crossover. MY TWO FANDOMS COLLIDE. I worked out classpects and weapons classes for all the characters, and I know the entire story arc. Now I just have to... write it. I'm also in the middle of a Homestuck/Pride and Prejudice thing, which once again, the story arc is already there, but translating it into troll society is proving interesting.

    I had three paragraphs written for a Red vs. Blue/Watchmen crossover at one point before I decided it was stupid and way too pretentious.

    If I did another at this point it would probably be putting the Homestuck kids in a TES game because I'm sperging on the lore John would make an awesome Last Dragonborn. He can do things with just Breath! Petition for Skyrim plugin DLC for SBURB plx.

    DID THEY EVER SOLVE THE MURDER THO /closet Loveless fan
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  15. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    I feel that you have somewhat misunderstood the point of this thread. :P

    @Aondeug kicks you over in the direction of my first post in this thread

    I've also been putting together a different kind of Tolkienstuck, trying to cast Homestuck characters as characters in the Silmarillion. Vriska is Ungoliant, for starters.
    I've also got Jade as Galadriel, which I'm really happy with, with the exception of Hair Problems. I've also got Rosemary Luthien/Beren, although Rose!Luthien is giving me Hair Problems again. And Roxy is Melian (Girdle of Melian, anyone?). I'm thinking mayyybe Karkat for Thingol, but he might not be quite enough of a dick.
    Also, Equius as Feanor, y/y? And Cronus and Eridan are Eol and Maeglin respectively, of course.
    And what if WV!Hurin? hmmmm

    I've also got not one, but two Homestuck/Drowtales crossovers, one a Sburb session with the Drowtales characters (Kiel prototypes the reader) and the other sorting Homestuck trolls into Drowtales clans (it doesn't help that they are both about violent vaguely matriarchal societies with lots of fucked-up color-coded kids with animal associations forced into violence way too young).
    Does anyone want more elaboration here? I'm not sure how much of it would make sense without knowing about Drowtales, but I am more than happy to sperg about it.

    Also, I already posted these in the drawing thread but here, have some Evastuck

    and some vaguely shippy Pokemon Special/Homestuck stuff (Homestuck is my crossover twwo wwheel devvice. you couldn't tell, right?)
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  16. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    oh god I jsut remembered I was trying to figure out a Evastuck thing. Like with Tolkienstuck everyone was just kind of...added into the already existing fabric. So no one is becoming Shinji. Rose is getting in a giant robot though. There was also Madoka Magicastuck which followed the same thing. The rules of Madoka were in place and a story centering around the girls started.

    Kanaya ended up one of the villains and formerly villain Vriska ended up one of the good guys.

    Everyone died. It was sad. John was sad because his friends who were cool magical girls were dead and also Kanaya lost her shit.
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  17. a tiny mushroom

    a tiny mushroom the tiniest


    Man, Loveless was great. Except they stopped publishing the English manga so I have no idea what happened after whichever was the last volume. I think it was because Shojo Beat went bust?
  18. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Oh yeah, I think I came up with an idea for a Madokastuck plot with the A2 trolls and the Hivebent cycle of revenge, too
    So it starts with Vriska contracting for "luck" and maiming Tavros like in canon. Aradia confronts Vriska and gets mortally wounded it pretty short order. She uses her wish to save herself.
    Terezi, thinking that Vriska has killed Aradia and knowing she can't take on Vriska directly, uses her wish to kill Vriska, whose soul gem explodes.
    Terezi then dedicates herself to Justice and witch fighting. Eventually she meets up with Aradia again, which sends her into a depressive spiral from the revelation that she didn't need to kill Vriska and avenge Aradia. She manages it and keeps from going witch-shaped by justifying it to herself by saying that Vriska needed to go down anyways, and throwing herself into witch hunting (with Aradia, now) even twice as much before. Terezi and whoever's the local Incubator persuade Nepeta to contract and join the team. (She's fairly eager, because Adventures)
    Some shit goes down in the middle here that I never really figured out, but it involves Kanaya contracting somehow (possibly without the others knowing) Terezi turning up at Kanaya's hive and finding her gone and a witch there. Assuming that the witch killed Kanaya, she kills it. The witch, of course, was Kanaya, who had gotten her soul gem corrupted by something or other I never figured out.
    Eventually, some more shit goes down and Nepeta turns into a witch (maybe over failure to protect Karkat or Equius or something?) in front of Aradia and Terezi.
    Terezi, realizing that all the witches she has killed were once innocent magical girls and that she killed Kanaya without realizing it, loses her method for coping with her guilt over killing Vriska, loses her faith in justice and in herself, blames herself for the deaths of Vriska and Nepeta and Kanaya, and turns into a witch pretty much immediately. Aradia, faced with two fairly nasty witches on her lonesome, makes the smart call and bails.
    The story ends with Aradia desperately trying to dissuade Feferi, who has like Madoka-levels of karmic potential, from contracting to try to bring her dead friends back to life and set things right. (with the implication that she will fail and Feferi will go witch and unleash the Vast Glub)
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  19. Acey

    Acey no foot tall against the wall

    I always thought a Madokastuck AU could be really good. It's really fun to think about what everyone might wish for. (Definitely agreed that Aradia would essentially pull a Mami, wish-wise, and use her wish as she lay dying to save her life without really thinking of the possible consequences.)

    Also, I really want to write a Battle Royale/HS crossover. Yes, I know there's already a popular one, but Battlestuck was just so ridiculously OOC in a lot of places, and the ending just made me incredibly angry. (Because seriously, Rose is an incredibly self-sacrificing person--I highly doubt the actual Rose Lalonde would've made the decision this one did. And yes, I know, context and all that...but still. Yes, I'm still upset about all this.)

    Anyway here are the vague ideas I have for my own version of that same concept?

    • For the most part, the trolls are unrelated, as are the kids (with Dirk and Roxy having surnames other than Strider and Lalonde--I'm thinking similar surnames, like maybe Leland for Roxy, but idk man--and the trolls all having different surnames, mostly). The two exceptions are Sollux and Mituna (who are twins because of course they are) and Aradia and Damara (who aren't biologically related, but Damara was adopted by Aradia's mom and took the Megido surname). Oh, and Caliborn and Calliope are twins, but yeah.
    • Damara has one helluva backstory here because I am truly Megido trash. Basically, her mother was a Program winner, and the time spent killing her goddamn classmates affected her in a way that caused her to be pretty fucking abusive towards Damara. Damz ran away as a preteen and was adopted by Aradia's mom (and she and Aradia become very close). A lot of Damara's issues in this stem from her early home life--especially the fact that, having seen firsthand what the Program does to people, being sent into it was one of her biggest fears. She's quite literally living her worst nightmare.
    • Aradia is mortally wounded by Vriska during the Program--like, the kind of injury that might be survivable with medical attention, but they ain't gonna get that there, obviously. And Sollux (they are dating because I am SolAra trash) comes across her lying there like that, in incredible pain and barely able to move, and Aradia asks him to shoot her in the head (since one of them got a pistol as their weapon), as a mercy killing of sorts; she knows she's going to die, and she wants to go out quickly, semi-painlessly, and on her own goddamn terms rather than Vriska's. Sollux eventually relents, and kills her. And then Damara shows doesn't end well for him.
    • I made an entire goddamn spreadsheet of weapons and surnames oops.
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  20. pixels

    pixels hiatus / only back to vent

    I think the only thing you left out was Dave resetting the timeline approximately a billion times to keep John from dying, and subsequently going godtier, because at that point in the game he still didn't understand that John had to die to progress the game and stay on the alpha timeline.

    Oh wait, that's canon.

    #homura resets the timeline
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