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  1. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants *cries in sports*

    This is the OOC thread for the Dead Dove Rave, since we're likely to need to discuss more upsetting content more frequently than the regular rave. Players must claim their characters here or in the character profile so that they can be contacted. Spoiler tags must be used for references to rape, sexual assault, CSA, vore, cannibalism, bestiality (including references to touching the genetalia of characters who have animal-like characteristics), slavery, war crimes, mind control, genocide, incest, and gore (dismemberment, bones breaking, excessive blood, or anything that would cause permanent harm). Other content may be spoiler tagged at a player's discretion.

    Other than that, we're open for business!
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  2. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants *cries in sports*

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  3. artistformerlyknownasdave

    artistformerlyknownasdave revenge of ricky schrödinger

    i run @turntechGrimalkin and @carcinoGeneralship. they’re probably the only ones liable to show up in the dead dove rave but i’ll update this if i add others!! they’re here for Squiddle Fun and everything that entails
  4. IvyLB

    IvyLB Hardcore Vigilante Gay Chicken Facilitator

    Here There Be Subaccounts:
    @A Saarebas - Qunari Mage kidnapped from his Kataraam, then picked up by the Champion of Kirkwall. (Dragon Age II)

    @Acalephe Princess - Adult Bad End Verse @freshetWeaver . Slaver, Courtier, Acquisition Expert. Owner of @H.I.C.S.S. Gilded Chain (fantroll)

    @Armory of Alyon - Knight of Cybertron, Monoformer, Outlier-Carrier bonding with weaponsformers such as @Fidelis . May or may not be the reincarnation of Adaptus. (TF OC)

    @Asaaranda Adaar - Vashoth Saarebas, Lightning School, Necromancy Student. Mercenary. Herald of Andraste, apparently? Loves her undead horsies. Also her bearded sad eyes man. Usually hides her face between masks or veils for comfort. (DA:I Inquisitor OC)

    @Athim Da'Fen Sabrae - Dalish Elf Mage, from the future. Blood of Old Elvhenan, blood of the Inquisitor. Currently a guest of Dennerim's royal court, dating @Maitiu Theirin. (Dragon Age OC)

    @Atish'an - Elf, Apostate, Unforgiving, Unrepentant and Unrelenting. We must fight to throw off our shackles. (Dragon Age (Tabletop) OC)

    @Atish'an Lavellan - Elf, Apostate, Involuntary Poster Girl Of The Inquisition, Knight Enchanter, First Thaw. Currently Post-Main Game, Post-Jaws Of Hakkon, Post-Descent Post Trespasser finally, disbanded the Inquisition. Romanced Solas, has a baby and a bunch of regrets. Has way too many whispers in her head, because messing around with magic artifacts is bad for your health. (DA:I Inquisitor OC)

    @aurumIlluminatrix - Achromat Nichrome/Ophira Reesch, Unknown Sign (Arsenic), Thief of Doom, angry yellowblood heretic. Builds bombs. (fantroll)

    @Averagius Of The Rave - Kind of spontaneously popped into existance. Not sure what they are or who they want to be. Thinks you should hug it out. (TF OC)

    @Bang & Pow - Twin pistols, super undersocialized, literally only know 1000 words. @Armory of Alyon's symbionts (TF OCs)

    @Beacon of Praxus - Carformer, Autobot, ex-priest of primal doctrine, now grumpy old man and warrior hippie, crystal gardener and philosopher/spiritual life advice columnist, conjunx of @Pillage (TF OC)

    @Brejan Lavellan - Herald of Andraste, Rift Mage, Inquisitor. Not the Hero of Ferelden, thank you very much. Overworked sweetheart trying to take care of everyone and everything, but especially her darling Commander. (DA:I Inquisitor OC)

    @Call Me Lavender - shy Lavender Pearl. Talks too much. (fangem)

    @Curaverimus - five six (L I S T EN i'm really bad at doing research sometimes okay) robots in a trenchcoat making a bigger robot. Currently in med school. (TF OCs) (Also kids of @Half Life by various other parents)

    @Eyefeather of Caminus - more fabulous than you. Peacock Beastformer from Caminus (TF OC)

    @Flipside of Nyon - Team dad, adopts everyone. Decepticon. Turns into a motorbike. Conjunx Endura of @Hurdle of Nyon (TF OC)

    @Focal of Horizon Island - The Best Personal Assistant (Whether The Captain Wants It or Not) Ever. Camera altmode. Very recent Decepticon recruitee from Obrizon. (TF OC)

    @freshetWeaver - Loreli Rheins, peppy purpleblood, Lyra, Sylph of Heart. freshwater troll (NOT A SEADWELER GOSH). Serves coffee. Professional Cute. (fantroll)

    @gallantStitchery - Ghazal Kecske, brownblood, Aldebaran/Alpha Tauri, Knight of Doom Light, Spidergoat Lusus, likes fibercraft and hiding in caves far away from meddling cat aliens (fantroll)

    @Grimm - The Birch Wolf. Asshole demon who keeps being an arrogant asshole. Likes woodcarvings and nature walks. Works with @Lindi (OC)

    @H.I.C.S.S. Gilded Chain - Adult Bad End Verse @aurumIlluminatrix . She's a ship. She's probably kind of insane. In a quadrantblurred clusterfuck relationship with @H.I.C.S.S Stardust Hunter (fantroll)

    @Half Life - Robot with an empathy problem. Medic. Too small, too cute. Deserter. Turns into a heart- spark-rate monitor (TF OC)

    @Heather Garcia - Teenaged Punk from an alternate reality where the russians ended the cold war by overrunning the entire world with mysterious weaponry and L.A. is one of the last bastions of American Freedom. Secretly enjoys Asimov's writing, plays the banjo, can crush beer cans against her forehead.

    @Hurdle of Nyon - Punk dad, fighty. Decepticon. Turns into a motorbike. Conjunx Endura of @Flipside of Nyon (TF OC)

    @Hydrablaze of Devisiun - An idiot crushing on a mob boss. twin of @Sunburner of Devisiun (TF OC)

    @Idris Hawke - Fereldan Refugee, Champion of Kirkwall, Basalit-an, Friend of Mages, Templar Scourge. Loves his Mabari almost as much as he loves Anders. Harried, overworked dad friend and all around good boy. (DA2 OC - Blue Hawke)

    @Integritas - Dove, Demon of creativity, tainted innocence and muse of the wicked. Lover of @Pollux (OC)

    @Ivy Of Kintsugi - Kintsugi in Space self insert. Short, Caffeine Addicted, Makes Clothes. (OC)

    @Jaime & Loco Rubio - Cowboys on Steel Horses, troublemakers and all around charming wild boys. Twins. One is a Witch Of The Open Roads, the other is a Coyote Shifter. (OCs)

    @Kickstart of Nyon - Prankster, Decepticon, tries to dodge work whereever possible. Motorbike altmode. Don't ask him about his hometown. (TF OC)

    @Lindi - Eye of Snakes. Demon of Dreams and Farsight. Sensitive about some parts of the usual contract termination process. Likes Poppies, apples and blood. Works with @Grimm and sort of jealous of @Billy the Butcher's Boy (OC)

    @Lion's Cub - Ryol Snow Surana Rutherford. Illegitemate son of the Commander of the Inquisition Forces, which just brings all kinds of complications with it, really. Necromancy apprentice. Pretty sure his Mentor could kick your Mentor's ass.

    @Lord Polemarch - You will see. Son of @Unicron and @Jetski of Lake Depolito. Brother of @Voidborn. Shepherd of Wellbound-Sparks. (TF OC)

    @Meraud Surana - Grey Warden, Circle of Magi Origin, Elf. Shapeshifter, Battlemage and Arcane Warrior. How dare the world end on her watch. She had a five year plan and everything! Romancing a very handsome Antivan Crow and conquering the hearts of the populace by storm. Warden-Commander of Ferelden, Arlessa ex-officio of Amaranthine, Teyrna of Gwaren, Champion of Redcliffe, Hero of Ferelden. (DA:O Warden OC)

    @Merc With A Mouth - Deadpool (Deadpool/Marvel)

    @Mister Simon Schuyler - Very Wet, Very Drowned, Very much misses his wife. human/Victorian!AU version of @Scanner (OC)

    @N-Series “Ping” Nr. 75-a - Techfae version of @Scanner . In prison for being a shithead rebellious punk involved in a revolution. (OC)

    @Nichrome of Iacon - angry minibot revolutionary. Builds bombs. (TF expy of Chroma). K-Con (turns into a bomb). (TF OC)

    @Nikephoros Alexis Sanna - Ambassador of Mars, Mission Personnel for the Colonization Mission headed to Tyche. Things went horribly wrong. Crybaby, loves romance novels, in constant need of cuddles. They Will Make This Work (OC)

    @Not The Batman You Want - Dick Grayson: ex-Robin, ex-Nightwing, now Batman. Circus brat, big brother, vigilante, terrible flirt. Has a thing for righteous red heads. (Batman & Robin 2009-2011 run written by Grant Morrison, DC Comics)

    @Oak Tree Town's Darling - A Farmer with a liking for fashion, root vegetables you can harvest so much you drown in them, his farm animals and beating his crush in farming competitions. Sleeps too little, usually a little messy, even when he wears a frilly dress. White hair, golden eyes, red glasses. (Story of Seasons OC)

    @Officer Whiz - Helicopter, Good Cop, Trined with @Refractor of Vos and @Aerobolt of Vos (in an AU, not in DT) (TF OC)

    @Pinch of Sea Salt - Marisela, kitchen hand at the Montilyet Family Estate in Antiva City. Opinionated about her Mistress' fussy Orlesian tastes.

    @Ratio of Iacon - Sells videos. Of everything interesting or gossip worthy. @Libre of Iacon's sparktwin. Turns into a datapad. (TF OC)

    @Refined ☆ Lyricist - A Magical Girl trying to end a war from within. Has backup plans for her back up plans for her back up plans. Kind of a paranoid disaster. Stat Book and Wall of Conspiracy Keeper. Would never ever, under any circumstances, consider a team up with the other girls she coincidentally fights alongside of and is on first name basis with. How dare you imply that. (OC)

    @Refractor of Vos - Shy spiky black robot. Recon-jet/Locust Tripleformer. Speaks either in soundbits/Recordings or via text messages. (TF OC)

    @Saar-Raas - A hornless Kossith/Tal-Vashoth Rogue. Quite shy, doesn't like to show skin or his face. Not a threat. Mercenary. (Dragon Age OC)

    @sans. WT's Sans The Skeleton (Undertale)

    @Scanner - Professional Asshole Autobot spec ops, hot mess. Hears all of your secrets. Turns into a Radar. (TF OC)

    @Starscream Minimus II - One of @Nichrome of Iacon 's kids. He's gonna be The Bestest Winglord Ever one day. (TF OC)

    @Sunburner of Devisiun - Things keep going wrong around him. Twin of @Hydrablaze of Devisiun , (ex-???) boyfriend of @Ghost!Pocket (TF OC)

    @Switchblade of Scelus - Literal Robot Mafia. Apostasia's conjunx amica steamy workplace affaire appointed enforcer. Cool cat. Turns into a motorbike. Has the fakest accent ever witnessed. (TF OC)

    @Tinny Regan-Nettlecap - Barista, Banshee, Anxious as fuck. Working with the Afterlife Management Office due to family entanglements, aiming to buy himself out in another half decade. Meanwhile he runs a café for all those creatures of the night that have to hide a bit more. (OC)

    @Unicron - Literally Giant Robot Satan. (... might as well be an OC at this point, but technically Canon Transformers Character)

    @Vendeur Masquée Zacharie (WT version). Item Merchant. French. (OFF the game)

    @Veritas - Axeformer. Mute. Rejected by the Primes. Newest symbiont of @Armory of Alyon (TF OC)

    @Voidborn - Daughter of Unicron, Dimension hopper, sister of @Lord Polemarch. Herder of Sparks. Death became kind of complicated (TF OC)

    @Voltron Paladin Keith - Galaxy Garrison Dropout, hothead, pilots a giant robot lion to save the universe from Galra Tyranny (Voltron: Legendary Defender)

    @Ysbrand Frost - Half Frost-Giant, Half Human, All Undersocialized Weirdo. Fished @Haimon Ptolemy out of a river, now his Prince's pet killing machine. Ice mage, carnivore, semi-feral local small town cryptid. Thinks deserts are only sufferable at night.
    Of these, @Ysbrand Frost, @Unicron, @Tinny Regan-Nettlecap, @Scanner, @Saar-Raas, @Refractor of Vos, @Pinch of Sea Salt, @Integritas and @A Saarebas are most likely to end up here probably
  5. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    There's a semidecent chance I'll have @Matthias and @Undertow in here on occasion, will expand the list as needed.
  6. Lazarae

    Lazarae Everything is wrong so why behave?

    Various Lavernas are bound to show up (@The Spirit-Touched, @The Unspoken Lady, @Lady Seddon, @Poisoned Silk, @Not Your Chosen One, @[Unstable Loop 1505] @[Error Resolving Loop], @Another Hollow Face and her girlfriend @Rebel Blood)

    Probably also @Death to the Doll, @Idalia Deneen Sheach, @Of Cemetary Things, @Rayineen, @Jessica Her Tempest, and @Blood of the Star. Maybe @Needleknives if I feel like picking her back up.

    More to be added as they arrive. My full cast list is in the After Party visitor's book.
  7. KingStarscream

    KingStarscream watch_dogs walking advertisement

  8. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants *cries in sports*

    @KingStarscream if Morsus were to suck on the fake eyeball to try and get a better grasp of what Mikel smells like and/or magically feels like under all the makeup what impressions would he get?
  9. KingStarscream

    KingStarscream watch_dogs walking advertisement

    Clay, but under the taste of clay, corruption and blood and bone. Blood and bone especially--he's not a rot kind of necromancer, he's a "bathing in blood to preserve thy youth" kind of necromancer.

    Also probably watermelon vodka mixed in with all of that.
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  10. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

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  11. Ipuntya

    Ipuntya your purple friend

    characters of mine in dead dove so far:
  12. Lazarae

    Lazarae Everything is wrong so why behave?

  13. Aondeug

    Aondeug 宗教の学生

    So on the topic of eating humans and youkai, just assume that my Touhou fucks might show up here at some point. Those being @Remilia Scarlet and @Izayoi Sakuya and probably my Kencyrath characters maybe. Or @Abhaya Sigali
  14. Morven

    Morven In darkness be the sound and light

    I kind of like the idea of letting the AWFUL side of some characters out ...
  15. Aondeug

    Aondeug 宗教の学生

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