Disagreement, power, threats, and all that

Discussion in 'The Undercity' started by seebs, Feb 1, 2017.

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    Okay, so, the most important thing is:

    I hate threats.

    I used to participate in an IRC channel. I had op privileges, so I could kick/ban people. I generally turned my op privileges off, so I could ask people to cease behaving badly without visible op privileges, because I did not want even the implicit threat of use of power to affect their choices. I did, on occasion, then ban people from the channel.

    What I didn't do was use the looming spectre of op powers to try to make them change their behavior, because I hate that. I really, really, do not feel even a tiny bit okay with threats as a thing.

    If I decide I need to do a thing, I'm gonna do it. I'm not generally going to use "warnings" of possible use-of-power, because those are a kind of a threat, and I hate threats.

    I am also very, very, opposed to using my admin powers to confront "disagreement". If I don't think you're actually hurting other users or yourself fairly directly, I'm not gonna use my admin powers to stop you. I do sometimes delete suicide-baiting posts, for instance. I don't send people things saying "hey if you don't stop suicide-baiting, I'm gonna delete posts". I just delete them. But if you're disagreeing with me, if you're accusing me of things, whatever... That's fine! I encourage that. I don't object to people doing things like that, they are important to the wellbeing of the forum.

    Sometimes people who tell me I'm wrong are, I think, mistaken. Heck, sometimes I think they're being dishonest. But that's okay! I still try to read and consider such criticisms every time, because I know that sometimes they are right. And it's more important that I hear about the actual problems than that I protect my precious ego.

    Sadly, the forum where we had the best example of this is long gone, but there was a forum I used to be on that had a multi-page thread about how I was the worst mod ever, and I was a cheerful participant. Even the people on staff who pretty much hated me conceded that, if there was one concern they did not have about my behavior, it was worries that I was "thin-skinned".

    If you piss me off enough that I seriously can't deal with reading your bullshit anymore, I might put you on ignore. That's it. I'm not going to punish you, I'm not going to out your subaccounts. (I might point out how silly it is to make a subaccount to avoid the admin knowing who's being critical, because I can see subaccounts, but I actually went and tweaked the software to make subaccounts less visible to me because I didn't like the software showing me that by default on profile pages.)

    I note, I am not making an absolute blanket declaration that there's no circumstance where I'd ever out a subaccount. You could probably create a circumstance where I would. Like, if the same user were both suicide-baiting someone and talking about how horrible it is and how it's probably [someone else]? Sure, I might point that one out. But in general? Nah, subaccounts are there to let you avoid tying your interactions to each other.
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