NSFW Dramatis Transformae - A Content Warning And Tag Masterpost!

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    I will request this to be sticky'd by the mods for convenience! Thank you mods!!
    As you can only apply ten tags per thread we're gonna use this post to detail the actual content of the main thread and warn for potentially squicky/triggery content! If you notice something we missed feel free to tell me so I can add it to the main post!

    In general we are fairly similar to the IDW Comics in terms of intensity so please assume canon typical levels of violence, self-neglect/self-harm and trauma

    Content Warnings On Screen:
    • Very very nsfw/18+
    • Mostly Sticky Interface and Wireplay, but mentions and possibilities for Plug'n'Play and Sparkmerge
    • Valves, Spikes, Nodes
    • Blowjobs
    • Fingering
    • Orgies
    • Semi-public and public sex
    • Complete disregard for fraternization rules
    • BDSM
    • Piercings
    • Blood/Food kink
    • Painting Kink
    • Authority Kink
    • Size Kink
    • Gun Kink
    • (Robot) Tentacles
    • Age Disparity (huge numerical numbers but everything happens between adults, as is canon typical)
    • Videos of people interfacing exist and are getting spread around the crew (the people involved know about the security cameras)
    • Disordered Eating
    • Addiction
    • Abuse of Power
    • Verbal Abuse
    • Dissociation
    • Miscarriage
    Off-Screen/Past/Mentioned Only:
    • Discussions of past Dystopia (functionism) and resulting war/Some of the colony cultures
      • Depersonalization
      • Slavery
      • Ableism
      • War
      • Torture
      • Interrogations
    • Sexual Abuse
    • Medical Abuse
      • Forced Body Modifications
    • Toxic Relationships
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