Egg: hatch.

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  1. roach

    roach hump rumpus professional

    The world has grown small and irritating recently, and the noises from elsewhere are increasingly compelling. Your kicks and stretches have no more room to relieve your cramped frustration.

    It's time to show the world who's boss: you. You are the boss. You kick and kick and peck and kick, and some part of the world finally gives. You stick the tip of your beak outside the small hole you've chipped and scream really loudly. Whatever is outside the world has now been put on notice! You're going to kick your way out of this used-up, brittle world and then just keep kicking whatever else is out there to kick.
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  2. Belatu Kadros

    Belatu Kadros crossfireHurricane

    You decided to have a quick shower before sleeping; you're just heading toward the recuperacoons when you hear a godawful piercing noise coming from somewhere in the room. Is that someone's phone alarm, or what even is it? The pale pile isn't stirring; too many pillows over their heads.

    Wearing nothing but a towel and a frown, you go in search of the source of the racket.
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  3. roach

    roach hump rumpus professional

    More of the world chips away under your ferocious onslaught, and thrilling new sensations wash over you. A gigantic pokey thing intrudes through the exit hole and you shrill in indignation and battle fury, then peck it till it retreats. No mercy! No surrender!!

    Wow, you're tired.
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  4. Belatu Kadros

    Belatu Kadros crossfireHurricane

    The suite has a bar (which made you wonder if other highbloods enjoy playing bartender, like maybe this is a cultural phenomenon you somehow missed) and the noise is coming from behind it. Your approach is blocked by Paw doing his best rug impression, intent on whatever's making the noise. You sit on the bar and swing your legs over; this causes you to almost step on Reggie. He's curiously circling and prodding with his beak -- the egg, which is cracked and has a hole in it. The hole is emitting teakettle shrieks.

    "Why's it screaming?" you ask him. "Are you supposed to be doing something? It's yours, right?"

    "Wek," he replies, which you're pretty sure is kittyduck for 'fuck if I know'.

    At a loss for a better response, you sit crosslegged and film it for Erskin.
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  5. roach

    roach hump rumpus professional

    After some bloodthirsty eternity of kicking the hell out of everything, the world shudders, crunches, and splits in half. Everything is very loud, and bright, and cold. You lie on your side, gasping, and start to wonder if this was, actually, a good idea. It smells terrible out here, and you are poked again by pokey thing.

    You scream at it breathlessly, and give the complicated round shit at the other end of the poker a good whack with your front appendages. It withdraws abruptly and does not come back.
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  6. Belatu Kadros

    Belatu Kadros crossfireHurricane

    You watch in bafflement as Reggie visibly gives up on the creature. You were under the impression that birds and mammals both take care of their offspring for at least a little while after hatching, but apparently half-bird-half-mammals don't do that. Or else he's instinctively rejecting it because it's not exactly a kittyduck; it's frankly a bit of a mess, and you can't tell by looking at it whether it's even biologically viable. In any case, he backs away after it whacks his face, studies it with his head tilted one way and the other, then fluffs up indignantly and hop-flaps onto Paw's back and over him.

    Paw appears to be asleep now that the whistling part is over.

    So you guess it's up to you. The hatchling is lying in the ruins of its egg, panting and damp. You don't know what it eats or whether you're allergic to it. You think Erskin will probably want to make a pet of it, but he hasn't shown any interest in the egg since you got him back, and you suspect Cloris edited his mind so he can no longer care about it. Which is disturbing enough that you prefer not to think too much about that. In any case, for the moment, your options are: 1) take care of it, or 2) watch it die.

    You scoop it up in your hands. It flails weakly at you. "Stop that," you tell it gently. "I hope you don't need griffin milk, because I don't think even Erskin could buy that."
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  7. roach

    roach hump rumpus professional

    You squint, huffing, at the large warm thing that is happening to you. It smells good . It sounds good. It cups around you much more nicely than your former enclosure. And the bit where most of the noise is coming from...

    Things start to come into focus. You know this thing-- this person. It's who you fought your shell for, to be with. The perfect rightness of their touch assures you of this.

    You put a front appendage up, and touch the face in front of you with great solemnity and power.

    MY SON, you pronounce him. MY BEAUTIFUL SON.
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  8. Belatu Kadros

    Belatu Kadros crossfireHurricane

    "Oh shit, did you just imprint on me? Welp. My own fault, I guess." You experimentally pet its weird little head with one gentle finger. Upon reflection, there is a possibility that Erskin will be jealous that the creature likes you better, since his lusus made it. That would be pretty great.

    You carry the baby monstrosity over to the mess the lusii made of the takeout bags, to see if anything that's left is something it will eat.
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  9. roach

    roach hump rumpus professional

    Fragrant items are dangled in front of you for examination. You give them due attention: this new world has so many new things in it, starting with things that are not you yourself, and going on from there in size and complexity. Green things, yellow things, pale things, purple things— oh, that one smells good. You peck it several times and it falls apart. So perish all your enemies!

    You sit in the soft enclosure of your son's appendages and contemplate the many, many items there still remain to defeat. You are tired and cold and it's all a little overwhelming, actually. You rub your front bits with your beak, disconsolate, and then get entirely distracted by how you have feet: several of them! That's a hell of an accomplishment and it's very important to preen everything you can reach. The damp wisps all over your body start to fray and soften, as you comb them, and you find in short order that you are covered in a magnificent array of fluff.


    MY SON, you tell your beloved charge. I AM EXTREMELY HANDSOME. LOOK. LOOK AT ME. ARE YOU LOOKING?

    ((he probably needs some kind of grub-mush mashed up for him, or milk. or both idk? takeout foods would be definitely too big and complex to deal with so soon))
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  10. Belatu Kadros

    Belatu Kadros crossfireHurricane

    While it preens itself with the same tiny fury it put into destroying all the food scraps you showed it, you rummage through your modus for convenience store foods from the search for Erskin. The bitty monster seemed to put extra effort into scattering guacamole around, so you think maybe it needs stuff mashed up. Here's a hard-boiled egg, can't go wrong with that, and some plain hummus, and what if you soften a cracker in milk? It's not griffin milk but it's probably very nutritious anyway.

    The creature finishes preening and peeps imperiously for your attention. It's tremendously fluffy. "You are super cute," you tell it. "I really hope you survive. Please be able to eat this, I have no idea what search terms to use if I have to look up what to feed you." You place it on the carpet in front of your crossed legs, your bland mashed offerings arrayed in front of it.
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  11. roach

    roach hump rumpus professional

    You balance unsteadily on this new surface, and look from the new things, to back over your shoulder at the hulking mass of your glorious ward, to the things. You are not sure about this, but you raise a paw gamely. Put it back down.

    Oh! Oh. You moved. You have gone forward. A splendid accomplishment. You try the other front paw: yes. A second triumph. You try the first paw again and fall over.

    Right, okay, you can deal with this. Struggling bravely back upright, you give it another shot. Front paw, other paw--other paw, thats right, and finally the last paw. You are a goddamn winner.

    The reward for your lengthy and arduous voyage is that your first paw is now sunk in an item. You sit and regard this event. Your paw is gooey now, which makes it less than optimally fluffy and hence is no good. Cautiously, you attempt to preen it.

    You swallow a beakfull of goop item. Egh! Blegh. Hneghpfl. You may be dying. It's extremely alarming. You pause for a moment to lick your beak, swallow convulsively, and contemplate the new set of feelings and desires you are experiencing in your middle parts.

    Hungry. Hunger? You preen more goop off your paw, swallow it-- yes, good. You finish every bit until you paw is fluffy once more, then mash it back into the goop. You have invented something truly splendid here today. Eating! Brilliant.

    After working through one portion of delicious goop and then another, your stomach becomes large and your hunger becomes small. You pick up a large soft bit of something of other, turn around, trundle back to the warmth and softness of your son's massive paw, and deposit the food. The thought of his hunger distresses you horribly.

    MY SON, you peep enticingly. EAT THE THING. IT IS DELICIOUS.
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  12. Belatu Kadros

    Belatu Kadros crossfireHurricane

    Since you definitely need to film all this cute stuff, but want your hands free in case of surprises, you got out one of your camera drones. Which means you have inadvertently filmed the squeaky noise you made when the tiny fluff trundled over to you and gave you half an egg yolk. Oh well, you don't care if Erskin makes fun of you, this is objectively the goofiest creature ever hatched and to hell with anyone who mocks you for playing with it. You eat the piece of egg yolk, and the fluff cheeps its satisfaction.

    "You," you pronounce, "are a fluffcheep. That is the name of your species. Population one." Its tiny eyes are closing. Now that its belly is full, it's sleepy. You pet it some more, which seems to please it.

    Cradling it against your chest, you carry it over to the pile. You prod at the Erskin-containing end of the pile until you uncover some portion of your rival, which you kick in a friendly manner. "Troubleface!" you stage-whisper. "Wake up and see what your lusus made!"
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  13. Erskin Aspera

    Erskin Aspera flintlockGallivant

    You jolt awake, pistol at the ready— oh, it's just Kadros.

    You consider shooting him anyway.

    "Hmmngfh," you tell him, grumpily, then focus through a pounding headache at whatever he's brandishing. It's a handful of pale fluff with— with— oh, what. With your custodian's beak stuck on the front. Are you still dreaming...? You hope you're still dreaming.

    You prod the freakish little bundle with the muzzle of your gun, and it makes a short shrill whistle and rolls over. It looks like a severely rotten tuber.

    "Very nice," you lie, and burrow back into the pillow pile.

    ((the fluffcheep will sleep for an hour or so and then want more food and to explore. bel better not be planning on sleeping much today!))
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  14. Belatu Kadros

    Belatu Kadros crossfireHurricane

    "You're an awful person," you tell him solemnly, and take your new pet that isn't Erskin's even a little bit into the respiteblock with you. You set it on a pillow while you dress, then you settle yourself on a lounging platform with the fluffcheep zipped into the front of your hoodie. You think you might have another go at that comic book. First, though, you roughly edit the camera drone video together with the phone video of the egg hatching and chop out the worst of the nothing-happening moments. You name the file 'look_at_my_ridic_new_pet' and send it to Galley, Pancho, Lu, Jethro, and, after some consideration, Lainey.

    This is not how you planned to spend tonight, but you think you're pretty much okay with it.
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  15. roach

    roach hump rumpus professional

    This new space is infinitely superior to your old shell: it is soft, so you can paddle your legs around as much as you like, and there are interesting noises. A heavy whumping, and a longer, slower whooshing, and sometimes a gurgle. You sleep for a while, and entertain yourself with noises and kicky feets for a while, and sleep for another while, and then wake up and feel hungrier than you have ever felt before in your whole life.

    You kick and peck until your beautiful son reaches in and gets you in one of his giant paws. You are upside-down high up in the air and frankly not a fan of this new perspective.

    MY SON, you tell him, paddling your feet ferociously through the air. WE MUST SEEK OUT MORE FOOD ITEMS SO AS NOT TO DIE. ALSO PUT ME DOWN.
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  16. Belatu Kadros

    Belatu Kadros crossfireHurricane

    How did he use up all that food already? His stomach was like a tennis ball when you tucked him into your hoodie, but now the roundness is pretty much gone. "Okay," you tell him, "just a second, keep your hair on. Or feathers. Or whatever that stuff is."

    You tuck your hoodie into your trousers so the bottom is secured, zip it up just far enough to make a little pouch for him to ride in, and then tuck him in so he can peek out and see where you're going. "Guys, I'm going down to eat," you call at the pile as you pass through the lounge, and someone's hand sticks up and waves vaguely, so you consider yourself heard. Waiting for the elevator, you put your glasses on and get your phone out.

    - crossfireHurricane (CH) began trolling darlingDatamancer (DD) -

    CH: * The whatsit is hungry again, and the palemates are being rudely asleep even though I'm bored. Want to meet me at the hotel restaurant?
    CH: * My treat.
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  17. roach

    roach hump rumpus professional

    DD: Yuo goiit
    DD: gT it
    DD: Fcu.k
    DD: There we go. So! I don't believe I've been introduced to any whatsits but I wouldn't mind a midday snack either.
    DD: You rich and famous types sure do keep a girl on her toes, though, I do declare!
    DD: I'll be over with some games once I get the slime off. Order me whatever cake is most expensive, please and thank you.


    Your son carries you through the rooms you have already discovered, and then passes through a complicated part of a wall and reveals a completely different room, very long, and with a dizzying array of new smells and colors. You peer excitedly around until your noble steed carries you to the end of the space, stands in front of a shiny part for a moment, then passes through the wall again into a very, very small and fragrant and shiny room. You lean out of your conveyance material to look all around.

    Then the bottom drops out of your stomach and you are falling no NO NO NO!!!! You shriek and some instinctive part of you tries to flap and all the rest of you tries to paddle and the result is that you stop falling, abruptly, by landing in your son's big cupped hands. The room shudders, clunks, and stops.

    You huddle against the enclosing fingers and clamp your beak around one for extra security. Substances that were heretofore contained inside you are now all over the outside, ruining your beautiful fluff with smells and colors— and you are shivering convulsively all over and if the room drops again—

    GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT, you order. NOW.

    (hope you still have that handkerchief, bel!)

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  18. Belatu Kadros

    Belatu Kadros crossfireHurricane

    "Oh no," you sigh, half sympathy and half exasperation. "Were you trying to fly?" His little flailing dance was cute; the puking less so. You carry him to the lobby ablution block, ignoring the stares of curious trolls, where you can clean up his fluff and your hands. There are paper towels, but those are much too coarse for such a tiny creature; you use several of your handkerchiefs instead. And warm water, naturally.

    He's very cooperative, and seems to trust you and enjoy the attention. You wonder if it's because your blood colors are so similar. You've spotted the hue around his little round eyes and inside his beak; apparently Loggan's green plus Reggie's violet equals your ultramarine.

    "You should have a name with two G's like your parents," you tell him as you tuck your now-clean-and-dry pet back into your hoodie. "Maybe Aggro."
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  19. roach

    roach hump rumpus professional

    You nestle eagerly back into your conveyance. It is the perfect containment device: soft, warm, properly scented, and mobile.

    WE MUST OBTAIN FOOD, you remind your charge. You need to replace everything you've voided and significantly more inside. It's a good thing he didn't lose anything, you don't think a chunk of yellow item like you served him before would quite do it.

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  20. Belatu Kadros

    Belatu Kadros crossfireHurricane

    He sure is chirping up a storm. You wonder if it's meant to convey anything to you, or if it's just noise for the love of noise. It's not the steam-whistle shriek he made when he hatched, anyway, it's a fairly pleasant sound, so you let him get on with it as you make your way to the hotel restaurant.

    It is, as such things tend to be, more about décor than food, and more about overpriced drinks than either. It's completely empty at this time of day, aside from one sleepy bartender making a big production of folding and refolding her bar towel, and one waiter who seats you with a flirty smile, leans against the table and cracks his gum. Oh god, is he actually hitting on you, or is this his work persona? You can never tell. Fortunately, the fluffcheep whistles and flails its tiny clawed paws at him when he gets too close, which is a pretty effective distraction.

    You order the vegetables and hummus appetizer, because the fluffcheep seemed okay with hummus before, and their most expensive cake for Lainey. This turns out to be a strange-looking, tall, cylindrical white object with a sort of black triangular sail sticking out of it at an angle and a few flecks of gold leaf speckling it, sitting in a puddle of slightly yellow-tinted syrup. You would not know it was food if you saw a picture of it. But it smells of oranges and dark chocolate, and you have no doubt it's fairly edible.

    You have to stop the fluffcheep from putting his paw in the syrup. "No, that's Lainey's. I got it for her, not you. Look, there she is, you gonna paw her cake right in front of her? That would be so rude. Hi, Lainey."
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