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    I feel this thread is gonna get buried, but I wanted to make one because I'm obsessed. What are your thoughts on characters from other fandoms having Pokemon Teams or companions? Is your favorite a trainer? Or maybe a professor or breeder? Or any of the many other jobs in pokelore? Same stuff goes for OCs!

    Brought to you by the simple fact that Itachi from Naruto definitely has a Mr Mime as his main and I refuse to back down on this
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  2. I've been poking on and off at a pokestuck AU where the human kids are the gym leaders for YEARS now lol. It's late now but I'll post type specialties and team lineups in the morning
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    Oh Hell Yes, I look forward to it
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    Still on my Naruto bullshit, brief thoughts on Danzou, Sarutobi and the original sannin, with a bit of Minato

    I feel like danzou having a sudowoodo would be some sort of a metaphor what with root and stuff. Claims to be helping the tree but instead strangles it before it can even branch because it blends in as helping

    The third hokage has simipour, simisear, and simisage, and the fourth had a massive luxray he evolved from an itty bitty shinx when he was barely starting out. Before his tenure, he was actually an apprentice to professor Jiraiya, who was known for his intense focus on water types. This of course leaves fire types (Orochimaru) and grass types (Tsunade).

    Tsunade herself of course has a lot of lineage with grass types but her first Pokemon was a meditite (who is now a medicham) that she goes everywhere with.

    Orochimaru has more ekanses and arboks than any person has a right to, but he can't turn them away. They are his babies. They even sleep with him at night. His first Pokemon though was a darumaka (now darmanitan), gifted to him by Sarutobi at his graduation into team 7. He's also haunted by an uncomfortable amount of yamask that like to follow him around.

    Will continue later, concrit welcome
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    You know, I just realized that the average age for a Genin graduate (11) lines up pretty well with the Pokemon coming of age journey (12). This has so much potential
  6. in gym challenge order:
    • Jane: Fighting Type expert. Her gym battle team consists of Machop and Makuhita, and her post game rematch team is Machamp, Medicham(mega-evo), Pangoro, Breloom, Poliwrath, and Hariyama
    • Jake: DRAGONS, because that's a totally normal thing for a 2nd gym leader to specialize in. Initial team: Bagon, Jangmo-o. Rematch team: Salamence(mega-evo), Druddigon, Dracovish, Alolan Exeggcutor, Dragapult, Kommo-o
    • Dave: Rock Type expert. There's a giant helix fossil on the back wall of his gym because of course there is. initial team: Omanyte, Shieldon, Aerodactyl. Rematch team: Omastar, Cradily, Archeops, Bastiodon, Tyrantrum, Aerodactyl(mega-evo)
    • John: Ghost Type expert. Saw the OSHA-defying slapstick of Skyla's gym and took it as a challenge. the player 100% gets fired out of a cannon at some point. initial team: Drifblim, Gourgeist, Rotom, Gengar. Rematch team: the above plus Dusknoir and Mimikyu, and also Gengar can mega-evolve now.
    • Rose: Fairy Type expert, and also a folklorist who's really damn salty abt the Disneyfication of the Fair Folk. Initial team: Shiinotic, Mimikyu, Klefki, Gardevoir. Rematch team: the above plus Grimmsnarl and Tinkaton. The Gardevoir is shiny and mega evolves for Maximum Goth Points.
    • Roxy: Psychic Type expert. Card-carrying Mad Scientist (the card is written in pink gel pens). Initial team: Starmie, Galarian Rapidash, Reuniclus, Meowstic. Rematch team: The above plus Alakazam(mega evo) and Malamar.
    • Jade: Steel Type expert. Gadget whiz! A good friend of Roxy's, they share plenty of projects and research notes. That orbital laser they're working on is coming along swimmingly! Initial team: Klinklang, Magnezone, Duradulon, Lucario. Rematch team: the above plus Aggron and Metagross. Lucario mega-evolves now too.
    • Dirk: Normal Type expert, because fuck you that's why. Filled his team with cutesy pokemon for The Ironies. Runs damage-sponge stall sets because fuck you. Initial team: Snorlax, Wigglytuff, Drampa, Blissey. Rematch team: the above plus Audino(mega-evo) and Bewear
    Bonus: You meet Nanna Crockerbert in the same town as Jane's Gym, where she runs a bakery that sells that game's version of the "confection item that functions like a full heal" and maybe also has that game's equivalent of the exact-turn knockout challenge. when you meet her she only introduces herself as the gymleader's grandmother and tells you to come back once you're stronger than Jane. if you show her Jane's gym badge she gives you a free Healing Cookie or whatever and that seems to be the end of it, but if you talk to her in the postgame she reveals that SHE was the gym leader before Jane and challenges you to a battle. She has a full team, all leveled in the mid-70's and featuring all the confection-themed Fairy Types that GF has given us.
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    Love Dirk's, it fits really well :D

    Also in love with John's ghost specialty, I would say it's too on the nose but it's absolutely not, given some thought

    What made you go rock on Dave? I don't have anything potentially better or worse, just curious :0c
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  8. Dave's was a nod to his canonical interest in fossils and Dead Shit In Jars, so I filled his whole team with fossil pokemon. He would absolutely love the monster factory-ass Galar fossils I guarantee, but since none of them are rock types he can't actually have them. he may have had a hand in helping Jake get ahold of his Dracovish tho.
    John gets ghost types less for the Obvious Ghostbusters Joak and more bc the ghost type dex entries that don't read like very truncated creepypasta tend to paint their subjects as incurable pranksters.

    In general my type specialty selections were informed by me being Too Contrarian To Live and pushing against the Most Obvious Type Specialties for the characters circa The Fandom Environment When I Started Working On This (2017 lol), especially since a lot of it was correlated to other Bad Fanon that I also found tedious. So I was challenging myself to find something fitting without it being The Most Obvious Thing Possible
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    I totally forgot about that! That and the whole 'time marches on whether you like it or not' part of his aspect does make a good fit

    Do you nart at all? I'd like to pick your brain on what mons could be good for the lad himself, and everyone else is content with slapping him with the in game nine tails Pokemon just because of his passenger. Either that or polytoad, and I'm honestly kinda sick of it
  10. I only know Nart through secondhand and whatever wiki-skimming is needed to make sense of Jesse's Naruto fic, but all the Gopnik Uzumaki content I've seen on tumblr kind of make me want the concession to his canon toad summons to be Toxicroak. there's also Greninja, the Actual Canonical Shinobi Frog.

    I'll cop to actually liking the Ninetales thing tho. the PLA players on twitter who were doing diet Naruto cosplay with the ninja costumes amd posed with the Giant Nintales you can catch on Firepit Island were 100% playing the game correctly. Tho I feel he at least deserves a unique fucked-up regional variant that suits Kurama's flavor a little more. Short of that, Hisuian Zoroark could be a good fit, since it's Seething Hatred for Humanity makes it an arguably better stand-in for Kurama than vanilla Ninetales.

    Other considerations: pokemon that have trickster/prankster associations, pokemon whose natural traits lend themselves to pranks/crimes, pokemon whose 'hat' is being gross or unpopular (these categories probably have some overlap). All the other kids in Ninja Kindergarten have their friendly and obedient Starter Pokemon from professional league-sanctioned breeders or unique partners that they've grown up with all their lives, and then in rolls Everyone's Least Favorite Underdog with a Trubbish, a Wimpod, and an Alolan Rattata. If you want fox pokemon that AREN'T obvious Kurama stand-ins we have Original Flavor Zorua (archetypal tricksters with an illusion gimmick, since Nart being good with illusion-type stuff is apparently a Thing in canon) or Nickit (Certified Theives, also it is potentially funny for him to befriend an utterly regular, unmystical trash-eating chicken-killing common fox while everyone In The Know internally facepalms)

    (also you 100% Did Not Ask but Tsunade 100% deserves a kaiju-sized Goodra as a matter of principal, especially since the family can get Life Dew as an egg move. so in a sense, they're healers too!)
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  11. Deresto

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    How did I not see goodra!!! Tsunade's the fuckin slug sannin, of course she'd have a goodra

    Liking the zoroark for Naruto a lot actually! Also him possibly not knowing he has one til he graduates is really funny to me? Like I'm imagining he's not in the loop about a zoroark following him around and threatening people who want to harm him since his birth, which makes them hate him more and he's oblivious. The zoroark used to be kushina's and they got into so much trouble when he was still just a bitty zorua
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    Thoughts on a Homestuck tangent, what were Sweet Bro, Hella Jeff and New Friend Geromy's starters? If you wanna focus on the anime, are these idiots the equivalent to team rocket grunts? I bet they stan Jesse, James and Meowth
  13. Idk, when I do pokemon AUs I'm generally thinking of it at least halfway as though it were a classic formula fangame I were actually going to make. On that note, I'm still thinking about how I'm going to populate the Elite Four. I'm pretty sure I was going to use the pre-scratch trolls, but I can no longer remember which ones or what their type specialties were.
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    Gem teams, gem teams! Based entirely off vibes

    Pearl: Espurr, Diancie, Surskit, Zacian (yes I know that's a legendary but the idea of a sword wielding mon who can't speak around it was too good)

    Amethyst: Gengar, Trubbish, Drednaw, Hawlucha

    Garnet: Plusle and Minun, Psyduck, Sawk and Throh

    Steven: Togekiss, Mimikyu, Cosmog

    Fun random ones:
    • Mayor Dewey and Mr. Mime
    • Peridot and an army of Rotoms possessing different things
    • Connie and Aegislash
    • Jasper and a Peak Condition, Perfect Stat Polywrath
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  15. I've always liked Pearl having Gardevoir and/or Gallade, since they're both archetypal protectors, and Gardevoir has the extreme self-sacrificing tendencies while Gallade has the Valiant Knight theming and swordplay. Oddly enough Rose Quartz never raised a Roseraid but PEARL sure did. Rose had Tsareena. She also had a Pyroar that disappeared after she died. It eventually returned to follow Steven around and eat hid food but it won't really allow itself to be recaptured. Steven's Togekiss was evolved from a Togepi that's actually the son of the one Rose herself raised back in the day. If we follow the narrative of the show, Connie's Aegislash may have ALSO been Rose's.

    Meanwhile as Pink Diamond, she had seemingly zillions of Carbink in various unusual colors and morphs. she may have been trying to speedrun the Diancie Mutation as one of her experiments.

    Amethyst's team is A+, but I think she'd also like Mawhile and Murkrow, especially if she lucked into the later's gaudy magenta shiny coloration.

    I mostly feel like giving characters legendaries without a fairly strong story justification is kind of cheating but if anyone would just Happen to have a cosmog for no real reason it would be Steven XD

    Meanwhile I think Jasper's team would be a meticulously minmaxed lineup of all the most overexposed competitive darlings. Salamence. Garchomp. Gyrados. Kangaskhan. Tyranitar. Talonflame. The only reason she wasn't storming Gamefreak's offices to protest how badly Charizard got nerfed during the DS era was because she wasn't on earth at the time. Of course, that's all assuming she doesn't think that pokemon battles are a crutch for weenies and goes around punching all the wildlife herself instead.
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  16. a tentative E4 lineup with type specialties
    • Damara: Dark-type specialist. Anime Delinquent Vibes(TM). Her signature pokemon is Houndoom.
    • Mituna: Electric-type specialist. 100% runs suicide plays with Electrode because even if he can't win he can 100% make you loose, and at the E4 level that's actually the more important thing.
    • Meenah: She does POISONS. Her ace is Overqwil and she probably does suicide plays too.
    • Latula: Flying-type specialist. Her ace is Salamence.
    I also initially conceived of this AU having Tavros in the role of the player character with Vriska as the Mean Rival who took the starter with the type advantage and Gamzee as the Nicer Rival who was left with the starter with the type disadvantage. For my purposes, Tavros has the Fire starter, Vriska takes the Water starter so she can have THE 8LUE 8NE!!!!!!!!! and Gamzee gets the Grass starter because [UNFUNNY WEED JOAK REDACTED]. The final story battle against Vriska takes place right before Victory Road, while while the final battle against Gamzee places him in the Champions chair and not 100% sure how he got there.

    I'm also doing a PLA and building a Custom Starter Trio out of the established options, so Tav gets Tepig AKA Everyone's Least Favorite Fire Starter, Gamzee gets Sprigatito, and Vriska gets either Froakie or Mudkip.
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    Fun to think about: what kind of Pokemon would live in the Shire? I imagine a lot of Snorlax and Munchlax, plenty of the more floaty and soft grass types, and a decent amount of mudbrays (though you see more mudbrays and mudsdales in bree). Bilbo himself has a particularly mischievous applin
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    vuatson [delurks]

    a lot of foongus, I would imagine. the river has a healthy amount of magicarp but not one single one has ever evolved
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