fantroll arr pee planning/ooc (open!)

Discussion in 'Desertverse Fantrolls' started by taxonomicAtrocity, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. i have a whole stable of trolls, both on-planet and off, and i'd love to use them more! i have some rp blogs on tumblr but i'd love to do some stuff on here too! here's a list of the ones i'd like to rp, tho i'll do p much anyone anyone wants off of this list as well!

    gladys galata- a eight point five sweep old helmsman jammed into a ship that's not even built to have a helm, has a raging hate-on for trolls and thinks that ships are superior in every way despite her ship being literal shitgarbage. her quirk is normal typing (threats in parentheses) and she talks a lot of shit about her 3edgy5me failssassin captain.

    razvan morana- seven and a half sweep old brownblood entrepreneur who ‘reanimates’ dead lusii through a combination of psionics and parasites for exorbitant prices! accepts payment on a sliding scale- the more desperate you are to see your custodian, the higher up it slides! quirk is doubled r's, capitalized T's, and incessant sales pitches!

    cunick ularia- eight sweep old hemoanon dayrunner kid who lives in a hole in the ground w/ burrowing owl dad. has tiny deformed wings that she binds down, she sleeps all night and engages in dayrunning because it’s the closest she can get to proper flying. ^this^ ^is^ ^her^ ^quirk^ ^hates^ ^punctuation^

    kamira hundur- eight sweeps old, kamira’s built like a dorito with weirdly spindly limbs. he has legs that go on for miles, and he takes advantage of this by wearing super tiny shorts. spends irl money on petsites regularly, acts dumber than he is. psionic, and an unholy mixture of drama kid and jock. likes to run real fast, is super excited to be a ship because then he'll be able to go even faster. quirk is #like, hashtags? #and uptalking?


    quadrant-blurring for fun and profit (saikym auigne, adriej jhanzi, mollom ramone)
    questionable_life_choices.png (stajak pyriae, anhaga duddah, kypher)
    Horse With No Name (cunick ularia, nikiti chaarn)
    This space intentionally left blank (mischa carmin, kainze carmin)
    Misbehaving Helmladies (chiroh petrae, anissa wayker)
    =>CAMRON: CONTINUE (NOT) PAPPING PEOPLE (camron kornik, ilbodo almass)
    > Cyzsos: Regret everything (cyzsos sessat, nazuma exzeus)

    edit: fixed gladys' age
    edit the second: added all our threads so far so we can find them easily
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  2. okay, so what would actually be done would obvi depend on who responds/what their trolls are like but here's a couple things i think could be cool-

    gladys- despite her hatred of all things troll, she's pretty lonely and frequents a fair few forums. she's pretty much what happens when someone reads half of 'helming for dummies,' gets bored, and decides to fuckin wing it so her helming protocols/panny nanny are kind of...peculiar. and by peculiar, i mean almost nonexistent. like, she can bite her cap and get away w/ it. only hard rule's no serious bodily harm, so there's a lot of wiggle room 4 interaction there.

    raz- maybe someone's lusus/pet croaks and they decide call them up to work their 'magic.' alternately, they encounter them in the desert gathering more fucked up shit to use to 'revive' dead critters with. or find them actively experimenting on roadkill. idk

    nick- she tries to steal something off of someone and gets caught. or maybe they meet at a dayrunning contest if the other troll's in2 sports. nick also lurks on sufferist forums trying to glean what she can abt the summoner, so that's another option.

    kamira- kamira's part of my friend's clown-run pre-helming program, so it's hard for me to figure out what i could do w/ him w/out talking to whoever would possibly be interested in rping w/ me. maybe they run in2 him in town? or know him from some kinda psionic group, i feel like he'd join something like that. he likes feeling like he belongs.

    everyone, with the exception of gladys, lives either in the desert (nick), in a desert town made up by friendos (kamira), or a few nights' travel from the desert (raz) but i can make up excuse 4 them 2 move around.
  3. paladinkit

    paladinkit brave little paladin

    Hello, I have a Fantroll Problem. I maaaaaaay or may not be overcommitted in RPs? Basically, I will probably better at doing something a bit slow paced and/or bursts of fast-paced with longer breaks inbetween. I would love something to do onplanet, though, as my other two fantroll projects going currently are a Space Navy type and a Hemostuck AU, and some normal troll kids sounds really good :)

    Started to summarize some of my trolls, but I'm having a Yarn Disaster that's taking most of my attention atm, so I thought I'd go ahead and post this as putting my hat in the ring.
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  4. Erica

    Erica occasionally vaguely like a person

    i'm just here to say that your fantrolls sound delightful. (esp razvan. they sound amazing and their quirk is gr8)
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  5. @Kit i'm good with slow paced rps/stuff that has breaks! i honestly prefer that lmfao. good luck w/ your yarn disaster!

    @Erica ahaha thank you i love raz so much. they're the worst.

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  6. Petra

    Petra space case

    Kamira is a triangle. A delightful triangle. Does he even lift?
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  7. @Petra kamira is the best triangle and he absolutely does not lift.
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  8. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    I have fantrolls!! I will expand on this in the mornings when I am less asleep, but I would down for this :)
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  9. esotericPrognosticator

    esotericPrognosticator still really excited about kobolds tbqh

    @taxonomicAtrocity first of all, your fantrolls are gr9. well done. secondly, as you may be able to tell from my icon, heck yes I have a fantroll. and heck yes would I like to RP them! they also have a moiral/flushcrush/matesprit depending on where in their timeline they're at, but idk if I'd want to RP both of them at once. that might get a little, idk, overpowered? self-centered? something like that. but Mr. Quadrant-Hopping Mess is up for grabs if anybody else would like to have him. also, what kind of fantroll info are you looking for? I would provide some now, but I'm not sure what you'd like, exactly.
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  10. @esotericPrognosticator just a quick blurb of what you think is most relevant about your troll/what kinda scenarios you'd maybe be interested in rping if you can think of any. if you have longer bios or something somewhere feel free to post a link, i'll happily read! and lmao if you want to play two trolls at once i'd be down, i play multiple brats at the same time when it makes sense for the rp! but i totally get your concerns about overpowering stuff and am cool w/ not doing that!
  11. esotericPrognosticator

    esotericPrognosticator still really excited about kobolds tbqh

    okay, cool! welp, here goes.

    Saikym Auignee (elegiacPrelude): whatever age is cool, though I'm thinking on-planet, so maybe ~8 sweeps or so? they're a green-leaning tealblood, no psionics or psychic powers, and they use bladekind, specifically rapier. they've got an Ospreymom and live by the sea in a sort of Pacific Northwest environment, although this could definitely be near the desert where your kids are! they have to drive off seadwellers periodically. they're an aspiring troll opera singer (I have not thought of a snazzy portmanteau yet); troll opera is predictably somewhat bloodier than its human counterpart and originally started as a contest to see who could deafen whom the fastest. they also FLARP (non-fatal league, and because they are a huge nerd their FLARPing character is their ancestor), which is how they met their... quadrantmate, let's say. they don't think so, ♭ut their speech has a ♭it of a musical tone. you can see their sign in the pictures below; in case it isn't clear their horns are supposed to sort of mirror it. or vice-versa, I suppose. I don't really know how they'd end up interacting with any of your guys?

    as a young, up-and-coming opera singer (done by Roach):

    as a scrappy young troll (done by Luka):

    Adriej Jhanzi (sexySax): goes mainly by "Jhanzi." originally had a mutual pitchcrush on Saikym, but they both flipped pale pretty fast and settled in as moirals. Saikym then proceeded to flip flushed-but-also-still-pale, which Jhanzi took a while to reciprocate. eventually they are a quadrant-blurring 'rails with pails mess but call themselves matesprites. Jhanzi's about half a sweep older than Saikym and is an oliveblood. his sign's a big epsilon and he spεaks with a pεculiar εmphasis on his ε’s. he's got sort of big curly bighorn sheep horns, short curly hair, and glasses. he's a beanpole. he has a Salamanderdad and a saxophone he has rigged to belch fire if he plays a tritone, which is where his trolltag's from. he lives in a hivestem in what was originally conceived as Troll New York City but could be any city, really. he also FLARPs. I don't quite know how he'd run into your trolls, either.

    urgh, my guys are so uninteresting next to yours! but yeah, those are my kids. I also have a newly fledged yellowblood trash baby, if you think he'd have space in the RP, and a whole set of trolls based on the planets whom I do not think would necessarily fit into this context. so. yeah. let me know if you're interested in picking up Jhanzi, anyone? and you don't have to preserve him entirely; feel free to make edits. he's a work in progress!
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  12. @esotericPrognosticator kamira's a theater kid, so maaaaaaaybe that's how he could meet saikym? running in similar circles? and nick runs deliveries for extra money on the side, she could potentially do a delivery for your kiddos? and raz...raz probably steals dead bodies after people are done playing lethal games of flarp to experiment on, lbr, but ur kiddos aren't involved in that, so. hmm! might take some finagling. maybe nick drags them along w/ her or somethin? i have a bunch more kids that i'd be willing to rp as too if we can't make these guys fit 8)

    n u should ttly talk about yellowblood trash baby!
  13. esotericPrognosticator

    esotericPrognosticator still really excited about kobolds tbqh

    he's. actually loosely based on a character from something else, if that's okay? like, an OOC trollsona. basically I just borrowed someone's character design.
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  14. esotericPrognosticator

    esotericPrognosticator still really excited about kobolds tbqh

    oh my god this is so embarrassing I literally just thought this dude up two days ago. but anyway. you know Gravity Falls? you know Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls? if you don't he's, uh, a triangular dream demon who wants to end the world. and I thought he'd make an interesting adolescent troll. he does, actually. he's psionic and psychic and probably named Kypher because I like to get cutesy like that, and he's a hacker, and he's going to make someone one hell of an incredibly malicious ship someday. he would probably get on like a house on fire with Gladys and hate Kamira on principle.
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  15. 8D he sounds cool! and like some1 that would be good for interesting character reactions
  16. esotericPrognosticator

    esotericPrognosticator still really excited about kobolds tbqh

    he would be, I think. well, count him in then, I suppose.
  17. (my other on-planet trolls include a handler at a troll pitfighting ring, a fighter in said ring, a kid who faked her own death rather dramatically to get out of helming, a mathlete, a serial killer fangirl, a jade who sells babies, the manipulative but nurturing leader of a sufferist sect, a bioterrorist who is exceedingly poor at handling breakups, and a limeblooded pale prostitute of middling quality. i also have a girl that lives on a farming colony run by her ancestor who spends a lot of time chasing after her increasingly senile lusus. if any of those sound like ppl your trolls would have interesting interactions w/, plz tell me!)
  18. esotericPrognosticator

    esotericPrognosticator still really excited about kobolds tbqh

    Jhanzi would totally be a mathlete (or a Science Olympian) and I am thus very interested in your interpretation of Alternian mathletics! both Jhanzi and Saikym are sufficiently nerdy to be interested in bioterrorism and, I assure you, are terrible at breakups, so I'd also like to hear more about your kid who does that stuff. Saikym, while not a pitfighter, was probably on the amateur usually-not-fatal fencing circuit, if that would be something any of your guys would do? I am just super interested in, like, Alternian competitive kid things, tbh. like, what would troll Academic Quiz Bowl look like. (Saikym totally did Academic Quiz Bowl.) or troll competitive chess (Kypher), or troll, like, All-State Band (Jhanzi). also Kypher is probably on the Super Secret Network of Helmsmen Rebels or whatever, so he'd potentially have contact with fake-death kid, and he is tbh probably also a serial killer fanboy. or possibly just a serial killer. you can't prove it was him, okay. also I feel like Saikym and Jhanzi would lowkey be Sufferists (they are at the very least wow-this-sure-is-some-unnecessary-killing-with-this-whole-hemospectrum-thing-ists), so maybe they could get tangled up with that sect? Kypher also thinks the hemospectrum is bullshit, but like in a kill-all-the-highbloods-seize-power-for-yourself type way.
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  19. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    Hannah Mantod - A tall, nervous jadeblood rainbow drinker about eight sweeps old, she travels around with her Praying Mantis lusus mostly hunting and sometimes helping. She tal<s Mostly Normally, but uses Captilization for Emphasis and replaces her K's and V's with < and > respecti>ely. Thanks to her lusus, she's scared of falling in pity or hate, because she doesn't want to eat her lovers like mom keeps telling her is the best way to survive. The few she's had in the past turned out to be massively abusive of her gentle nature. She does have a bronzeblood moirail, however, who is -

    Mollom Ramone - (otherwise known as my shameless trollsona) lives in a treehouse with his batlemur lusus and doesn't go out much due to an old injury making him slow and clumsy on the ground. He's high bronze and low gold, so bleeds a sort of golden brown.

    Nominally a sufferist, at nine sweeps he's fully moulted but always hides when he sees young healthy wrigglers about and uses his psionics to make his tree and home invisible. He only comes down to the ground when Han's around and is a great enabler of her fear of relationships because he's got a bad habit of flipping ash on her and any prospectives. Leatherworks and makes quadrant jewellery for a living, and DOESN'T FUCKING CARE IF HE SOUNDS LIKE A FUCKING SUBJUGGALTOR ON TROLLIAN, MOTHERFUCKER, IT'S JUST ALL WHAT'S RIGHT IN HIS PUSHER.

    The others are over here on my gdoc for such notes :P
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