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Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by Petra, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Petra

    Petra space case

    I saw the thread on tumblr, but don't have a tumblr to contribute - and I thought it might be fun to do more than just fight songs! Post a picture of your fantroll - sprites count - their name, and at least one song that related to them. I'll start!

    This is Jasmet! The first song that I feel relates to her is Stabat Mater, by Woodkid. It's got all those themes of growing up and getting caught in a militaristic society you don't really relate to.

    Now the night is bathing in disgrace,
    Hey, do you still braid some flowers in your hair,
    Come the sound of boots and metal chains,
    Hey, will the perfume of the daisies remain?

    And her fight song is We Swarm by The Glitch Mob. It's just got a sound that suits her, and the title related to her lusus.
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  2. Allenna

    Allenna I am not a Dragon. Or a Robot. Really.

    Dorana Aoibhe

    Songs I associate with her:

    Auto Rock by Mogwai

    Word Crimes by Weird Al (she's a Xeno-linguist)

    Stars Align - Lindsey Stirling
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