Fish for beginners, with a few weird circumstances

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Deresto, Sep 17, 2022.

  1. Deresto

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    Hello! I recently found myself in a situation where I have been given a 40 gallon aquarium, which contained a bearded dragon for a long while before he was rescued from a bad situation. He was being kept in very bad living conditions due to the previous owner having done little to no research before buying him and now lives in a lovely terrarium that he adores, and gets let out for supervised exploration as well

    I've always wanted fish, and have done a little research over the years playing with the idea for "someday", and now that I have the tank and am researching parts for it, I still have some questions:

    1. How do I clean the tank beforehand? It's not physically dirty but is there like... Lizard bacteria? What cleaning stuff can I use?
    2. Should I start with a smaller size? I feel like the fish might like more swim room but idk
    3. Should I focus on setting up saltwater or fresh water? Saltwater fish are prettier but I've seen vague hints over the years that it's harder
    4. Should I bother with trying to keep live plants? That seems way harder to keep up with but maybe better with whatever fishy I get?
    5. Do shrimp have to have a special kind of tank? I love them and would rather start with a few of them because I love how they look! Beautiful creatures
    6. Do different species of fishes need specific tank decorations? I've seen it hinted at as yes, but I really like the idea of a little SpongeBob pineapple, or perhaps a little version of his whole block, but that seems a little like a waste of space.
    7. Bubblers or no bubblers?
    I may think of more, but right now both random hints and guidance are just as good as specific answers. Help?
  2. vuatson

    vuatson [delurks]

    I know basically nothing myself, but if I were you I'd try reddit. There have got to be at least a few subs about fish care - I follow like 5 for different kinds of terrarium!
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