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Discussion in 'Make It So' started by Ouija, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    Hfdsmkg So my friend is in. A lot of financial trouble and I promised I would toss their commission post to generate any sort of interest.

    hey! for those of you who haven’t seen it, i’ve just found myself in a really tight spot where i have to come up with enough money to move out as soon as possible, or else everyone i live with and i are gonna be evicted.

    so for the foreseeable future, i’m opening up painted bust commissions! they’re mostly geared towards rp muses, but if you want one of your oc or something, i’d be happy to do that too! they’re $25 each via paypal, a little bit discounted from my usual price but i need the money right now more than ever. (i’m also taking donations over here, if my art style isn’t for you.)

    the only thing i won’t draw is mecha/armor, or any clothing/tattoos/hand symbols/etc with a bigoted or offensive motif. other than that, anything goes! i can do trolls, aliens, fictional races, furries, w/e you can toss at me as long as there’s a clear visual ref. if i feel like i’m not capable of drawing your character, i’ll let you know. please im me if you’re interested!

    Their art is like. SUPER good. And as a bonus there is a friend who will toss in an extra sketch for goodwill and charity if you buy a commission.

    hey guys!!! if you buy a bust from e3 let me know and ill do a sketch for you, just as like, extra incentive (not that you should need it- this art is beautiful!!!) please help out, nobody needs to be in this situation!!!

    They linked their general "pls help" post in the commission post, which is here:

    some of you may know that i haven’t been in the most stable living situation, and i just found out i’m being kicked out. it’s kind of a long story, but i moved in with a friend in an emergency and the landlord recently found out and is now forcing me to move out, or else everyone in the home will be evicted as a collective. i’m already looking for a new place, but no matter what, i’m gonna need the funds to put down a deposit and first month’s rent. i work in retail, so getting that kind of money together in a very short window of time is gonna be extremely difficult.

    here’s a link to my, if anyone can spare a donation, even if it’s a dollar or less, it could really make a difference in getting a roof over my head. if you can’t donate, i’d really appreciate a boost to try and spread this around. i’ll be putting up a commission post soon as well, whenever i can get on my laptop and pull some examples together! thank you so much in advance if you’re able to help, even just by sharing the post.

    So to recap: My friend got kicked out of their house, and couch surfing at their friends' place caused the landlord to threaten eviction, so they're in hot water. They have less than eight days to leave, and to try and get money they are offering $25USD commissions (that are geared towards roleplay "selfies" a la tumblr but they are willing to try anything).

    If $25 is too much but you still wish to donate something, they have their link above. Reblogging the posts in general would be great if you guys have tumblr!

    Here's some examples of their art, unspoilered. I tried to pick the least offensive-looking recent ones since their character is pretty upsetting appearance-wise (mostly dealing with injury and etc).


    SO YEAH! If you need, I can maybe be a middleman for commissions, since I have e3 on discord, but they are more geared for IM conversations.
  2. Acey

    Acey hand extended, waiting for a shake

    Don't currently have any money myself, but signal boosted! That's some gorgeous art.
  3. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    thank you so much acey! i managed to get a couple friends interested in getting a comm each but my endgoal is just getting the word out.

    I'll let them know you dig the art! their style is so good and unique ;v;
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  4. Jean

    Jean Let’s stop procrastinating -- tomorrow!

    Replying to 1- keep this at the top and 2- let you know that I'll be commissioning something from them, because that is some great art and I've been meaning to find someone to commission some of my characters from.
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  5. rats

    rats 21 Bright Forge Shatters The Void

    oh hell yeah im gonna dm them on tumblr today
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  6. Artemis

    Artemis i, an asexual moron

    Do want arts, just need to pick a character :3
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  7. Emma

    Emma Your resident resident

    I have no use for art (I have no RP characters or anything, not really my thing) but I did swing a tenner their way. Hope it helps them!
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  8. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    You guys are all such sweethearts, thank you so much!
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  9. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    Making a quick bump! E3 said they were working on commissions as soon as they finished packing yesterday and that they wanted to let people know the quality of work they were doing for these emergency comms would be similar to the style shown in the OP tumblr post (with the three different selfies). They draw super casually for their own muse (Fucker, who is showcased in the thread) but they put more effort into commissions!

    I haven’t spoken much with them today for obvious reasons (busy + it’s morningg time) but I wanted to clarify anything that seemed to need clarifying.
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