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  1. Acey

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    I feel like Reagan Ridley having PTSD and autism is pretty much just canon, but fuck it, I’ll drop it here anyway.
  2. ChelG

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    I've seen it suggested that Hetalia's France has histrionic personality disorder, and he does fit some of the criteria in terms of being melodramatic and using sex/nudity to draw attention to himself. Not sure if he hits enough of the criteria to count but I could see it.
  3. ChelG

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    Krusty the Clown was raised as the son of a rabbi but is still illiterate - I theorise this could be caused by really bad dyslexia.
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  4. ChelG

    ChelG Well-Known Member

    APH Russia seems to have stunted mental/emotional development and possibly age-regression; he uses "boku" pronouns in the sub, which are usually used by little boys, gets strongly attached to objects, reacts very badly when things don't go his way, and an offscreen person who is heavily implied to be Stalin is referred to in the dub as Russia's "teacher" instead of his "boss" which all the other nations call their leaders.
  5. keltena

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    I'm not familiar with the character, but it's worth noting that "little boys usually use 'boku' pronouns" doesn't mean "only little boys use 'boku' pronouns". (I had a conversation with my Japanese tutor just the other day where both of us used boku, for instance.) It's a pretty common choice of pronoun for anime characters, including adults!
  6. Right, even within Hetalia itself there's quite a few characters that use "boku" while occupying the same nebulous "young adult" range that he does!
  7. ChelG

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    Yeah, I wouldn't use it as sole evidence but it fits with his behaviour as sort of an additional thing.
  8. LadyNighteyes

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    Bringing this post back because I got to this same scene and had the exact same reaction. Not even just the narrator going "AND THEN THE PRINCE, WHO DID NOT KNOW HOW TO DO ANY OF THIS, FUCKED IT UP, AGAIN," but also the way that you walk into the room and like 20 interaction points suddenly pop up and he goes "Oh no..." and then you examine like 5 of them and he just gives up.
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  9. keltena

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    To continue on the subject of Zagreus…

    In the postgame, the narrator handwaves away your successful escape attempts with ever-more-contrived last-minute deaths. One of them is this:
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  10. vuatson

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    been reading the Stormlight Archive, I'm about 8 hours into Oathbringer. Shallan is giving big DID vibes. it seems like canon is gearing up to handle this in a questionable way? but we'll see how it goes, I'm only 15% through the book.
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  11. keltena

    keltena putting the fun in executive dysfunction

    So, not that I wasn't already of the opinion that Dr. Mortum from Fallen Hero has ADHD (and not just to the extent inherent in the mad scientist archetype)...

    But the author just released a Patreon extra told from Dr. Mortum's POV, and good god that is the most ADHD thought process I have ever seen. It's beautiful.

    Increasingly wondering if this reading is just straight-up canon, tbh.
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