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Discussion in 'The Undercity' started by Chiomi, Apr 8, 2017.

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    Hi! I'm Chiomi. I am not super active here, but lurk a lot in General Advice and am on Discord as Chiomi #6406 and on tumblr as uswe. I am also now the newest mod, and wanted to lay out some of my approach to that so you'll know where I'm coming from if and when we have cause to interact with me acting in that capacity.
    • I'm part of the mod chat on Discord and so likely to run any substantive decisions past other people (putting someone on post moderation, etc.)
    • I'm most likely to see a post if a user is already on post moderation or if a post is reported - that means that if a post strikes you as a problem, please use the report feature so that I or another mod see it. I am unlikely to see it otherwise.
    • My benchmark for a post that will be held in queue or pear-wiggled is that it seems like something that will be actively and excessively damaging to other users. What exactly hits that mark will vary based on context, and I will try to discern that context before I do anything (like, I say incredibly rude things to my moirail as a sign of affection, I get it)
    • That said, suicide-baiting's pretty much always going to end up in the pear wiggler.
    • My preference is to just ask people to edit their posts to be more prosocial. We will see how that preference holds up long-term.
    • In general my preference is for communication over assumption.
    • I'm open to feedback on how I do mod stuff, here on kintsugi either in this or another thread or in PMs or on Discord. I will always listen, even if I don't change what I'm doing.
    I fully expect that I will not have to interact with most people in a mod capacity. I just am pretty into transparency and wanted to have this up front, particularly since I'm not super active and probably not very much a known quantity.
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