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Discussion in 'Make It So' started by Lee, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Lee

    Lee i will face god and walk backwards into hell

    So I've started art commissions recenty, and I've immediately found out just how hard it is to get your suff out and about into the world.

    Any creator-types in here, how have you advertised your wares to the internet? Which methods worked? Which didn't? Did you find a niche market that you can operate in?
  2. Ruevian

    Ruevian Killer Queen

    Splashy but not too chaotic infographics, relentless reblogging of it on tumblr, on twitter, on every social media you may have. Drawing fanart is a good way to get people to notice your art in the first place, and from there, they can check out your pricing info.
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  3. Ruevian

    Ruevian Killer Queen

    Also, if you're not drawing art but making crafts as I see in your tags, using those tags on tumblr will help.
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  4. Void

    Void on discord. Void#4020

    Yep. Advertise, make graphics with your prices and email, reblog reblog reblog, tag art groups on tumblr and twitter on your info posts, post post post

    often it's about getting the word out hard enough, and then keeping your customers happy so they start with word of mouth. make sure that when you're open for commissions that you have easily accessible places for people to message you and ask questions. sometimes it takes a long time to find a niche market, if you do at all, so don't worry too much about that.

    I def tend to also go to sites that are more interested in the type of things i'm selling (such as furaffinity for trying to sell nsfw furry commissions) or deviantart (for poppy pixel dog things). sometimes you gotta go to where the people are who like your thing!
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