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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Starcrossedsky, Mar 18, 2015.

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    Specifically, a roleplay social involving someone who may-or-may-not-probably-does strongly dislike me.

    THE SITUATION: There's an RP group I want to join, because it has Basically All My Friends in it, and also I miss having fun in my Primary Social Hobby (which I haven't for months, TBH). Friends want me there. I talked about joining the group a lot at one time, though it was in future-tense because I was waiting until another group I was in ended the plot (which has since happened by like, six months).

    THE PROBLEM: One of the mods of the group (we will call them S) has blocked me on the social network that that RP circle uses for almost all of its plotting. While it IS possible that this was an accident, there's a number of contributing factors that make me think it isn't - primarily the timing, as the block happened several months ago around the time I was dumped friend-ways by an ex-girlfriend who is pretty close with S.

    This, for obvious reasons, makes me pretty awkward about slash makes me feel pretty unwanted in the group at a mod-level, even if a lot of people at the player-level want me around. I don't actually know why she blocked me and that gives me a pretty rough anxiety in itself; having to potentially interact with her as a mod of a thing I'm in is just [FLAIL INTENSIFIES]

    THE POTENTIAL SOLUTION: S is one of three mods, and I get along fairly well with another mod, T (at the very least, she hasn't dumped me off the social network in question even though we like, NEVER TALK). I have intention to approach her about it, I just... don't know how to broach the subject much at all. (Third mod M is someone I've only ever talked to in passing, for the record, so I'd feel better about approaching T.)]

    So just... Anyone with a better social rank than I do have advice on doing the thing?
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    I think how I would handle it id to contact T and just say straight up "hey, a bunch of people have said they want me to play, and Im interested, but I'm worried about the situation with S: she blocked me and Idk why. Am I gonna be causing drama if I join or...?" That way you communicate a)the situation as far as you understand it, while making it clear what you DON'T know yet and leaving it open to clairification and b)that your goal is to avoid drama and unhappiness. Establishing good intentions seems to be worth a lot to anyone worth spending time on.
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