How do I Design an Outfit

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by NevermorePoe, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. NevermorePoe

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    I'm 23 man and I have no idea how to choose a wardrobe, or design an outfit. Or for that matter, what colors go with what, what shapes are supposed to be used etc. Nobody has ever taught me that before, and it's never really come up. For a point of reference, I just buy teashirts and jeans, I don't really have any specific style or type of clothes I buy beyond that.

    Things I need to know:
    • How do I design an outfit
    • What colors go with eachother
    • How to choose clothes that compliment my body type
    • How many of each item to get to make a wardrobe for every day of the week with the lowest number of items
    That's all i can think of, if you can think of more advice or questions to consider please let me know.
  2. Marimo

    Marimo Member

    I don't know how many things are available for mens clothes but try looking on pinterest or similar for capsule wardrobes. They tend to have all matched pictures (colour + style) and the minimum sort of number of clothes you might need
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  3. Codeless

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    What colour go with eachother: This one isask three people, get four answers, beware.
    I personallytend towards very monochrome outfits with one or at most two colours,and flail around when I have to use more. When in doubt, black and white go with everything, andcanbeused to break up different colours. Say you wanna wear blue and green together. Now, there is an oldrule that saysyou shouldnt but I have found no decent reason forit, and imho colours that are next to each other on the spectrum usually go together, though you have to consider different shades.
    So, you blue and your green are say your shirt and shoes. Youcaneither now makeallyour outfit blue or green, or break it up with say, grey pants andablack jacket. ifyou do this make sure you have say, a blue pin on your jacket to match your blue shoes, and a green element somewhere else in the outfit so it look intentional rather than like you intended for a blue or green pop of colour or outfit and grabbed the other colour by mistake.

    The best advice i can give it to try outfits on or lay them out together and see if they look good to you. They dont have to look good to anyone else .
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  4. chthonicfatigue

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    When it comes to colour, find out what palette suits your skin tone - I suit dark neutrals and black and jewel tones, while pastels, lighter mid tones, whites and light neutrals make me look washed out or ill.

    As for colour matching, it can be a matter of preference, but usually avoid mixing navy blues, blacks and dark browns for a more cohesive look.
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