how to help someone get help? (tw: depression, suicide)

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    i have a friend who is having a serious depressive episode recently. she’s tried therapy before and it didn’t help her (she did admit, “maybe I wasn’t in a place to let it help”)

    i don’t know how to help her get the help she needs. i’ve suggested therapy multiple times but some combination of covid lockdown, financial cost, reluctance, and depression has meant that she hasn’t taken that step. i don’t know how to convince her to.

    i’m pretty much her only mental health support, which is taking a toll on me as well. she lives in another state so aside from two in-person meetups we only ever text or voice call.

    she’s depressed, anxious, heavily dysphoric, self-hating, sometimes suicidal. she lives at home with an abusive dad and she can’t move out til August.

    i am increasingly worried she’s going to attempt suicide before then. i know she needs professional help (therapy and/or medication) but i don’t know how accessible it is to her (she’d need someone trans-friendly, and she doesn’t have her own transport beyond a bike; her mom might help with transport but i don’t know for sure; online therapy might be easier to access but idk if it would be enough; cost may also be an issue) and even beyond accessibility i don’t know how to convince her

    i don’t know what to do.
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    If you believe she's in serious crisis, go to the American Mental Health and NAMI websites. They have sections in exactly how to help with this sort of thing. I'd try NAMI first.
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