I think I broke this LifeTrap test y'all

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    I don't think it's well-calibrated for people who are mid-recovery and have made some progress. I think I can see where it gets its conclusion, but it's kind of hilariously wrong in my case.

    Question: I consider myself smarter than most people I meet.
    Me: Strongly Agree, my ability to solve logic puzzles is just a fact.

    Question: I often have trouble conforming to social norms.
    Me: Strongly Agree, autism, baby!

    Question: I have achieved less in life than most of my peers.
    Me: Strongly Agree, it's just a fact.

    Question: I have a hard time disciplining myself to complete my tasks and goals.
    Me: Strongly Agree again! It's probably the ADHD.

    Question: I have trouble controlling my impulses.
    Me: Strongly Agree, that's the ADHD again.

    Question: I am inherently flawed or worthless.
    Me: Strong Disagree! Just because I'm a mess and haven't amounted to much doesn't make me worth less as a person! I have managed to decouple my sense of self-worth from being The Smart One and I'm mostly happy with my life!

    Question: The people I want to befriend are out of my league.
    Me: Strong Disagree. I can be friends with anybody I want! I am a worthwhile person and so is everyone I meet!

    Your LifeTrap is: Entitlement

    You are indifferent to social expectations and consider yourself above the rules. Other people should be punished when they violate social norms, but not you.


    You have a hard time disciplining yourself to complete routine tasks and goals.

    That's what I said.

    But you can always come up with excuses, no matter what you did. It was never really your fault.


    You have trouble controlling your impulses. You act on your desires and feelings without regard for the consequences.

    Yes, literally what I said.

    When your needs are not met, you become angry and abusive.

    Uh, where do you...

    Many of the people in your life are way too willing to tolerate criticism and humiliation from you. They allow you to take advantage of them. You get your needs met at their expense.

    What? No!

    You have difficulty empathizing with others. You unfairly impinge upon their rights. Your demands become a drain on them. But to you, this does not feel painful.

    ...so the test thinks I'm a narcissist.

    Your life is chaotic. Most likely there have been times where you have failed to complete the tasks necessary to make progress in your career. At some level, you know this and feel inadequate because you know you could do more. You compensate by splitting your self-image in two: Either you are perfect or you are defective; adored as an idol or rejected like a hobo. You internalize the belief that there is no middle ground. As a result, you spend a lot of time trying to cover up your bad sides on the one hand, and impressing people on the other.

    No, this is specifically something I have unlearned. At least, I thought I had.

    ...screw you, online quiz, YOU DON'T KNOW ME.
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