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idiomie: the silence liveblog

Discussion in 'Your Bijou Blogette' started by idiomie, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. idiomie

    idiomie ;&

    but now kisara is playing personal assistant and trying to help me type

    also, morrighan growls when she gets frustrated by her inability to get anywhere easily, and i know it's her being frustrated and upset, but it's so cute, and i can hear her now, thumping around in the other room and growling

    also our cats make great little mrrp and prrp noises and. i just love cats so much. i've missed living with cats
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  2. idiomie

    idiomie ;&

    my grandma was trying so hard to play up me loving gabby and like. don't get me wrong, gabby is such a sweet dog. but i don't like dogs. idk, she was sweet, she sat in my lap quietly, she very very clearly loved me (and she misses me, evidently) but... she's a dog. it's Not the same as having a cat

    and i'm so happy to have cats
  3. idiomie

    idiomie ;&

    help i'm sciencing abo
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  4. idiomie

    idiomie ;&

    okay but it's gonna be a trashy romance novel and the title is "The ABO Chromosome"
  5. idiomie

    idiomie ;&

    because my understanding of biology is incredibly elementary, this sciencing is brought to you by punnett squares (which, for the record, before now i'd always thought was spelled "pundit squares" lmao)

    firstly and i have no idea if there's any science that would support this, but the ABO chromosome is a sex characteristic chromosome that has three possible chromosomes, but only two at one time (what happens if there are three) (shhh i haven't gotten to genetic disorders yet)

    The possible chromosome combos are then: AA, AO, Ab, OO, Ob, and bb

    AA and Ab are always alphas. OO and Ob are always omegas. AO is an alpha if XY and an omega if XY. bb is beta

    the most obvious course of action is that X/Y chromosomes influence fetal sexual development, and A/B/O chromosomes influence pubescent sexual development. my brain's first thought was of sex changes like in clownfish, so an XX/AA is born a girl, but upon puberty transitions into a man. this pleases part of me (aaaaaa to be a female alpha) but 1) okay i like the idea that female alphas can get pregnant and male omegas can impregnate, sue me and 2) my second instinctive response was to think about all the people who experience that sexual change as traumatic. :c

    so! the second plan is that puberty in XX/AA's and XY/OO's results in a weird ass combo of "visually predominantly AGAB secondary sex characteristics," "alpha/omega primary sex characteristics," and "????? haven't figured it out yet"

    alpha/omega primary sex characteristics are: heat and rut are essential for a proper abo fic, okay, so, obvs omegas get heats (which is why omega dominates XX/AO, because XX already starts you off with the basic sexual organ structure, and the reverse for XY/AO). alphas get ruts. ruts and heats are complicated. ruts are predominantly photoperiodic, mostly because i said so, but can also be triggered by estrus pheromones of omegas. omegas are spontaneous ovulators, i think, because if i understand what that means correctly, it just means they ovulate without it being triggered by sex?

    i want to give a nice fuck or die element to this, so we're stealing aplastic anemia from ferrets. heats are also photoperiodic, i think, but can be triggered by rut pheromones (am i using the word pheromone correctly?). there are generally two heats a year, spring and fall. heats are also influenced by "relative" health (anything that influences chances of pregnancy now, like being underweight).

    betas have reduced fertility because i said so. they're also neotenic.

    male omegas can't get female alphas pregnant, because they A/O dynamic overrules the X/Y one. male omegas can get female omegas and betas pregnant though, but have reduced fertility in that respect, on par with male betas. female alphas can be impregnated by male alphas or betas, but have a female beta fertility. they impregnate omegas of either gender just fine
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  6. idiomie

    idiomie ;&

    why did i bring math into this

    i'm dying
  7. idiomie

    idiomie ;&

    i want to figure out the population rate for, on average, how many alphas/omegas/betas there are, assuming that each individual permutation is equally likely in a birth, but that the fertilization/live birth rates would affect population levels

    because betas only produce betas, and they don't produce very much (though maybe they just produce averagely, and alpha/omega pairs are just wildly prolific, who knows)

    meanwhile, alpha/omega pairs can theoretically produce alphas, omegas, and betas, and the reproduce more than betas

    but like

    A A A O A b b b
    O AO AO AO OO AO Ob Ob Ob
    O AO AO AO OO AO Ob Ob Ob

    A AA AA AA AO AA Ab Ab Ab
    O AO AO AO OO AO Ob Ob Ob

    O AO AO AO OO AO Ob Ob Ob
    b Ab Ab Ab Ob Ab bb bb bb

    b Ab Ab Ab Ob Ab bb bb bb
    b Ab Ab Ab Ob Ab bb bb bb

    which is:
    17/64 AO
    4/64 AA
    15/64 Ab
    4/64 OO
    15/64 Ob
    9/64 bb

    so that's roughly a 43% alpha/omega, 14% beta
    beta population at lowest would be 6%, so

    i'm getting bogged down by math. we're just gonna make it 8% beta, 46% alpha/omega on average
  8. idiomie

    idiomie ;&

    alpha/omega siblings can inhibit each others rut/heat
  9. idiomie

    idiomie ;&

    why do we still have betas? because the trope is named aBo. i'll come up with an evolutionary reason later
  10. idiomie

    idiomie ;&

    mc is going to belong to an ethnic group that typically forms sibling alloparent structures. alpha/omega/beta siblings live together, with alpha/omega siblings inhibiting each other's heat/rut when it's inconvenient, and also making it more difficult for mating bonds to form. alpha's raise their omega and beta siblings' children with them, and have some but limited parental roles with their own children
  11. idiomie

    idiomie ;&

    alphas and omegas are traditionally considered highly territorial. alphas butt heads and murder each other and sometimes each other's children, omegas murder each other's children and sometimes each other
  12. idiomie

    idiomie ;&

    trying to decide if i want a modern setting, a historical setting, a fantasy setting, or a scifi setting

    "the abo chromosome" sounds like a scifi setting though
  13. idiomie

    idiomie ;&

    actually i just had a great idea, which is that a/o is a mutation of the x chromosome, and b is just x/y

    so XX can be AX, AA, OX, OO, AO, or XX (alpha, alpha, omega, omega, omega, beta)
    and XY can be AY, OY, or XY (alpha, omega, beta)

    A X A A A Y X Y





    20/80 AO
    4/80 AA
    14/80 AX
    6/80 AY
    I just realized I don't have any OO's but that is a possible combination.... and theoretically YY too

    Alpha male (AY)/Alpha female (AA) = 2 AA, 2 AY
    Alpha male (AY)/Alpha female (AX) = AA, AY, AX, XY
    Alpha male (AY)/Omega female (OO) = 2 AO, 2 OY
    Alpha male (AY)/Omega female (OX) = AY, AX, OY, XY
    Alpha male (AY)/Omega female (AO) = AA, AO, AY, OY
    Alpha male (AY)/Omega male (OY) = AO, AY, OY, YY
    Alpha male (AY)/Beta female (XX) = 2 AX, 2 XY

    Alpha female (AA)/Alpha female (AA) = 4 AA
    Alpha female (AA)/Alpha female (AX) = 2 AA, 2 AX
    Alpha female (AA)/Omega female (OO) = 4 AO
    Alpha female (AA)/Omega female (OX) = 2 AO, 2 AX
    Alpha female (AA)/Omega female (AO) = 2 AA, 2 AO
    Alpha female (AA)/Omega male (OY) = 2 AO, 2 AY
    Alpha female (AA)/Beta female (XX) = 4 AX
    Alpha female (AX)/Alpha female (AA) = 2 AA, 2 AX
    Alpha female (AX)/Alpha female (AX) = 2 AX, AA, XX
    Alpha female (AX)/Omega female (OO) = 2 AO, 2 OX
    Alpha female (AX)/Omega female (OX) = 2 AO, 2 XX
    Alpha female (AX)/Omega female (AO) = AA, AO, AX, OX
    Alpha female (AX)/Omega male (OY) = AO, AY, OX, XY
    Alpha female (AX)/Beta female (XX) = 2 AX, 2 XX

    Beta male (XY)/Alpha female (AA) = 2 AX, 2 AY
    Beta male (XY)/Alpha female (AX) = AX, XX, AY, XY
    Beta male (XY)/Omega female (OO) = 2 OX, 2 OY
    Beta male (XY)/Omega female (OX) = OX, XX, OY, XY
    Beta male (XY)/Omega female (AO) = AX, OX, AY, OY
    Beta male (XY)/Omega male (OY) = OX, XY, OY, YY
    Beta male (XY)/Beta female (XX) = 2 XX, 2 XY

    Omega male (OY)/Omega female (OO) = 2 OO, 2 OY
    Omega male (OY)/Omega female (OX) = OO, OX, OY, XY
    Omega male (OY)/Omega female (AO) = OA, OO, AY, OY
    Omega male (OY)/Omega male (OY) = 2 OO, 2 YY
    Omega male (OY)/Beta female (XX) = 2 OX, 2 XY

    so starting with every permutation, that's 132 children, but really 128

    i'm doing this later
  14. Grief

    Grief ...

    I have! Absolute star eyes!! I love fantasy genetics!!! This is great!!!!

    The idea to make dynamics a variation of X is fucking genius and opens up some really cool paths for exploring what society is like, especially if this ends up being a setting where chromosomes aren't understood.

    THE SOCIETAL IMPLICATIONS!! I'm guessing you haven't gotten to questions like "Are dynamics seen as more desirable offspring?" "Are some dynamics more desirable than others" "Is having a wide range of dynamic children seen as better or worse" but by golly I WANT TO KNOW! Also I'm guessing Beta males can't become pregnant? And what's up with that elusive YY?

    Zero pressure, but ty for posting this, I'm excited :D
  15. Lizardlicks

    Lizardlicks Friendly Neighborhood Lizard

    I don't know if it helps, but for a Homestuck fic I still need to finish wrote the idea behind a/b/o was that trolls, being insect like, live in Hives, with the "omegas" being called queens and actually sort of taking on a matriarchal role, "alphas" (kings) being a sort of cross between drones and soldiers (supply genes for eggs and bond ferociously to their queens to become hyper protective of chosen nests sites) and the betas (jacks) fell into works roles. Which for that fic really only meant they weren't affected by and did not experience their own heat/rut cycles, and still had the possibility of reproducing if they should so choose. Beta's make sense if you have a hyper social communal species with very specialized reproductive roles because, honestly someone needs to keep their head screwed on and keep the colony fed and protected and the young cared for while the breeders are out of their minds being useless for anything that isn't fucking.
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  16. idiomie

    idiomie ;&

    yeah that is basically my idea of betas

    alternately, the A/O modifications to the X chromosome are deleterious when doubled, a la sickle cell anemia. so AA, OO, AO gene combos aren't great, but AX, AY, OX, and OY are better off than XY or XX

    beta males can't get pregnant, no. i'm using alpha/omega as a second set of male/female, so you get alpha male = male/male genitalia and secondary sexual characteristics, and alpha female = male and female genitalia and secondary sexual characteristics

    the elusive YY is probably also going to be deleterious, just because... i feel like if it was reproductively feasible, we'd have encountered it by now? and i don't want to go the route of double y syndrome like in alien, so it's probably just going to "unviable fetus" = miscarriage
  17. idiomie

    idiomie ;&

    16/132 AA 12%
    23/132 AX 17%
    14/132 AY 11%
    22/132 AO 16%
    6/132 OO 4%
    12/132 OX 9%
    14/132 OY 11%
    9/132 XX 7%
    13/132 XY 10%
    4/132 YY 3%

    so. betas make up 17% of the population, but beta males are more common than beta females
    alphas make up 40% of the population, with alpha females being 1.5x more common than alpha males
    omegas also make up 40% of the population, omega females again being 1.5x more common
    YY is the remaining 3%

    interestingly, females make up 65% of the population and males 32% (35% if YY)
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  18. idiomie

    idiomie ;&

    running it again but assuming YY never makes it to term

    16/128 AA 12%
    23/128 AX 18%
    14/128 AY 11%
    22/128 AO 17%
    6/128 OO 5%
    12/128 OX 9%
    14/128 OY 11%
    9/128 XX 7%
    13/128 XY 10%

    which now gives us:
    beta: 17% (male > female)
    alpha: 41% (female > male)
    omega: 42% (female > male)
    male: 32% (even ish split between alpha/beta/omega)
    female: 68% (10% of which is beta, remainder evenly split among alpha/omega)
  19. palindromordnilap

    palindromordnilap Well-Known Member

    YY is indeed not viable. If you look at a caryotype of X/Y chromosomes it's pretty easy to understand why.
  20. idiomie

    idiomie ;&

    what if doubles never make it to term either

    23/84 AX 27%
    14/84 AY 17%
    12/84 OX 14%
    14/84 OY 17%
    9/84 XX 10%
    13/84 XY 15%

    beta: 25% (male > female)
    alpha: 44% (female > male)
    omega: 31% (male > female)
    male: 49% (roughly even split)
    female: 51% (53% alpha, 27% omega, 20% beta)
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