It's a perfectly normal and functioning spaceship. (Time to Orbit: Unknown)

Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by Re Allyssa, Sep 4, 2023.

  1. Re Allyssa

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    Okay so I need someone else to read this so I can talk to them about it
    Time to Orbit: Unknown

    It's a sci fi story about Aspen Greaves who wakes up 5 years early on a 20 year trip into deep space to terraform a planet and set up a colony. SOMETHING has had to have happened to the crew. And the back up crew. And the back up back up crew for them to be woken up under emergency protocol - and it just gets worse (better) from there.

    This is the blurb that's on the author's website:
    I stayed up until 6am binge reading it and only put it down to sleep because my boyfriend was getting up for work and he makes sad faces when I don't sleep enough.

    People have been describing this story as ADHD crack, for some reason. I think it's because there is always SOMETHING happening. One Situation gets resolved but that creates another Situation immediately, etc.

    I think there might need to be some trigger warnings on it, but I am really not very good at those... This is the post I read that got me to read it. so animorphs level of angst and maybe horror and graphic detail might be a start as far as warnings go? I've never actually read animorphs though lol

    anyway now i'm caught up and have to wait for new chapters to come out twice a week ;-;

    also i love the way the author talks about the story:
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  2. TheSeer

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    I love that spaceship, it has so many problems.
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  3. Re Allyssa

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    No it's perfectly normal!! XD
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