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    [placeholder: this thread will eventually be the "everything new users need to know" thread; some of the OP material will move into other posts and get shuffled. Posting this visibly as a draft so people can see where we are. this is scratch space; note also that chiomi's masterpost document is probably more authoritative for some of this]

    Why Kintsugi?

    The Kintsugi forum is named after the Japanese art form. People who have been through traumatic experiences often think of themselves in very negative terms, viewing themselves as broken or undesireable, and we tend to view repaired things as inherently inferior. But kintsugi pottery is, sometimes, more beautiful than the original piece. Furthermore, the history and the care for the piece that make it into a new thing have value.

    This is a forum specifically intending to be of service to people who might not feel they are good enough for other forums. And that includes people who would be banned from other forums for hurting people. Our aim is not to create a lawless anarchy where anyone can do anything, and people must defend themselves, nor a rigid structure constraining all actions. Harmful actions will not be ignored or allowed to pass uncontested, but they will also not result in punishment.

    There is only one "rule": Treat other members of the forum as independent beings who are capable of being hurt.

    Rules and Non-Punishment

    The rule extends to everyone, including people who have broken the rule. Because of that, we have as of yet banned no one except by their request if they felt the forum wasn't working out for them, or for being a spambot. Users who regularly act in harmful ways may get restrictions placed on their posting, but this is fundamentally intended to be a disability accommodation, rather than a punishment. As of this writing, the forum founder is one of the users whose posts are reviewed by moderators before posting.

    Our rules are not focused on specific allowed or disallowed behaviors, and moderators exercise judgment and take individual posters into account when dealing with concerns. We seek a balance between intrusion on a user's participation, and distress caused to other users. Users are encouraged to talk with the rest of the community about ways to address problems. Some users request bans from specific forums that tend to distress them, so they are less likely to get into a bad mood.

    Guidelines for Behavior

    The guidelines here are not "rules". They are suggestions for ways to behave that work better than most of the alternatives.
    • Respect people's experiences, including your own.
    • Be kind. Be forgiving. Be compassionate.
    • Focus more on understanding people than judging them. Again, including yourself.
    None of these are rules. You are not required to do these things. You do not need to forgive people if you don't want to. You will not be banned or punished for "failing" to do these things. If your actions hurt other people, we may take steps to limit the effects of those actions, such as moving posts to a forum where those people don't see them. However, you will still be regarded as a member of the forum, entitled to the same protection against being hurt that anyone else would get, entitled to participate in discussions, and so on.

    No Ostracization

    Individual users are not required to interact with people they don't want to interact with. However, the community as a whole will not exclude you or reject you. Posts that seem likely to drive people away are likely to receive moderator attention to prevent or reduce harm.

    Privacy and Security

    We can't make meaningful privacy or security guarantees. Nonetheless, remember that people are talking about things they may not want shared. Please don't take information from this forum and spread it around, especially not from the private areas that only members can see.


    [questions/answers/etc TBD]
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