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Discussion in 'The Undercity' started by seebs, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. seebs

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    There's totally significant differences in some ways. But my experience has been, once I know someone's just saying shit because they're really upset and none of it is gonna be a thing tomorrow, it's all the same to me. It's "emotional noise I should disregard". And different people have wildly different levels of intensity to begin with, and different things bug them. Heck, I'd be way more upset by something like "all you CAN do is hurt people" than I would by pages and pages of suicide-baiting.

    But on thinking about it more, I guess I grant that the differences are probably larger for most people than they are for me, so, point taken.

    I should clarify: This was absolutely about the current drama! Someone asked why I thought the troll was mad, or why anyone could possibly be mad at the same people Alix is mad at. And this is directly related to that. It's because when someone is obviously on a hair trigger, and they keep having run-ins with the same people, and those people won't stop interacting with them even though it's obviously going catastrophically badly, somewhere in there I start thinking "hey maybe this is not a completely one-sided thing".

    I think the distinction I'd make is: This is about the drama, but it's not about Alix. I'm talking about the pattern of behavior.

    I have learned a lot of things since the BPD Anon threads. At least some of them are of the form "no, actually, this person is just like that and will actually do the same things in every forum drama that comes up and you're just gonna have to live with that".

    ... You know, the funny thing is, my primary concern wasn't Alix. At all. It was "holy shit we have enough things blowing up right now WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO SUMMON GODZILLA". I mean, yeah, sucks for Alix to be attacked for a thing Alix isn't doing, but also sucks for everyone else if that sets Alix off. (Well, maybe. We did have the moderation stuff up at the ttime.)

    I suppose. I should point out, I won't say those things if I don't think they're true. People can be mad at me if they want, I'm not gonna say things just to make them not mad.

    I think this comes into a distinction I think is really important: The distinction between "defending X" in the sense of "action focused on preventing X from being harmed, with the goal that X not be harmed", and "defending X from Y", in the sense of "action focused on preventing Y, without much regard as to who Y is directed at". I will defend anyone from obviously false accusations if I happen to see them.

    And I get that, emotionally, most people will never "get" the idea of defending people you dislike from injustice just because you dislike injustice, but it is totally a thing.

    Well, you should start doing that then, because so far all the big posts have been pretty intelligent and I think you're sorta missing the mark if your goal was stupid.
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    In the interests of Seebs taking his break, I'm going to request that we push back the support mod appointments a few days. His involvement is going to be requisite one way or another and I don't want to drag him out of retirement for one last day on the force, then another, then another, then another...when he needs to make the most of his time away (for as much as he can stay away without coming back to give us some more walls, you goob).

    I feel like the temporary solution can last that long. I promise it'll be happening, along with some other mod actions relating to other drama or questions of policy arisen lately. I have a running notepad file detailing things to get done in what I hope can be quick and concise fashion once we're all moving again.
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  3. Exohedron

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    Yeah, let seebs retire from the force. seebs is close, guys, just two weeks from that well-earned retirement. Gonna go to the beach, spend some time with the family that seebs never gets to see, maybe take up a hobby. So close to retirement, and totally not going to get shot during what should have been a routine patrol to jump-start Xavius' character arc. Nope, not at all.
    Xavius is totally not going to get called into the chief's office to explain that seebs tried it by the book, and look where that got the best cop the department ever had, so no, Xavius is going to do it his way from now on. The chief says "listen, rookie, seebs and I have been working this beat for longer than you've been breathing", and then they both have to take a moment because that's the kind of thing that seebs would say all the time. But then the chief recovers and continues, "seebs knew what worked a damn sight better than you do, kid, so don't take that attitude with me or you're out."
    But Xavius knows that the only way to do what needs to be done requires stepping outside the lines. So he turns in his badge.
    He keeps his gun.

    But that's all in the future. At the moment, seebs is just two weeks from retirement. Maybe if we cut that time down some we can all dodge a bullet.

    Man, my insistence on not using pronouns with seebs is really hampering my ability to spew nonsense.
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  4. Mala

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    Solution: use a different pronoun each time
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  5. a tiny mushroom

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    Yes that was unnecessary sorry
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