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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Gingersouldrinker, May 14, 2019.

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    I have the opportunity to be a model for a life drawing class at my local arts center. It's a paid gig, once or twice a month, $60 for a 3 hour class. As is usual for life drawing classes, I would have to be nude, which is the only sticking point for me. I'm a cis lady, and slightly insecure about my appearance, so I'd appreciate if anyone who has either taken a life drawing course or modeled for one could share their overall experience with it? Just to help me figure out if it's something I'd be willing to do.
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    i've modeled for life drawing classes a few times! i'm afab, and was very nervous the first time, but every time i've done it the people have been incredibly professional. it's objectifying but in the most literal way possible-- when you're standing up there the students look at you like you're a bowl of fruit, not a naked person. the instructors talk about light and shadows and angles, not about your body. (i'm sure skeevy classes/instructors exist, but i've never encountered one.) honestly i found it extremely liberating, to have my naked body treated so thoroughly nonsexually.

    really the hardest part is the actual modeling, depending on the length of the pose. instructors are aware of this and most are really concerned with the model's comfort ime. usually you'll get a break every 30 or 45 minutes or so, and there are often space heaters there if you're chilly with your clothes off. bring a bathrobe to wear between changing and the classroom and to put on during breaks!
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