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  1. anxiety but I talk/type things out instead of laying on my bed getting progressively more anxious
    it's like a to-do list except I allow myself to write down negative thoughts!

    you can respond/react/reassure if you like

    PROBLEM: Work scheduled me for too many hours
    PROPOSED SOLUTION: call them and complain
    ANXIETY BECAUSE? what if I can't get ahold of my HR person when I call? phone calls are scary. what if I'm not convincing enough? what if they fire me and say I am not rehire able because I can't do what I didn't sign up for? What if they hate me?? what if I have to quit and I have nothing else lined up? what if I can't buy things during the Pusheen shop sale? what if they say no? what if they don't like me? ~~trauma: what if they think I'm An Inconvenience?
    what do I say on the phone? how do I express myself?
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    hey, can I talk to Samantha or Kathleen? thanks
    --> hey, this is Lat, do you have a minute to talk about scheduling?
    --> Hi! I noticed that I got 37.5 hours for the week of August 25th, and I really cannot work that many hours. I also go to school full time -- that's the week that I go back to college -- and I need some time to eat and also sleep. Also, I have class at 5:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I can't get across town during rush hour to get to class on time.

    --> put all my shifts up on the shift swap board
    --> quit
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  3. cool cool cool cool they're just going to force me to quit because I can't work the shifts I didn't ask for?? and I can't get ahold of anybody to talk to them about it??
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  4. bushwah

    bushwah a known rule consequentialist

    yo this happened to me too! it's just the low wage jobs ditching all the workers who aren't available 24/7, nothing to see here
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  5. This Sucks Because I Like The Discount but like,,,, I have to go to school
  6. bushwah

    bushwah a known rule consequentialist


    for me it was medical appointments. but. yeah.

    the idea that someone could have things other than The Job in their life is just fuckin anathema to the kind of shit workplaces that young/poor/disabled/disadvantaged people are stuck in these days
  7. I said in my interview! "I have to go to school starting August 26th" and I said I could work 25 hours/week MAX

    I have a work/study orientation/match-up on Wednesday tho so hopefully that will become.... income
  8. bushwah

    bushwah a known rule consequentialist


    I told them "not on this day of the week, and only between this hour and this hour on this other day of the week" -- entered that information consistently into every piece of paperwork they gave me, and repeated it verbally during the interview. They didn't seem to notice. I had to tell them each and every time "hey, that shift is on my day off" and then one day I had to be like "well, I didn't notice until just now, but you have me for a shift today? and it is my day off?" and they said "come in or quit it's up to you"

    so I quit
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  9. my new laptop is doing the same thing that my old laptop did and I'm full of self-loathing about it

    it must be me, I'm the person who is bad at computers, I'm the bad person here
  10. bushwah

    bushwah a known rule consequentialist

    What’d your machine do this time?
  11. 2012 MacBook Air: heated up a lot and then shut itself off
    2019 MacBook Air: heats up a lot and then shuts itself off

    general activities: Spotify, scrivener, safari, discord, elisi. I watched a movie today on DVD
  12. bushwah

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    Get your fan cleaned.

    You don't have entirely the wrong idea with reducing the CPU load -- keeping <30 browser tabs in memory (i.e., open and loaded) at any given time is good general practice ime, as is working with segments of projects over 300 pages rather than trying to edit the whole thing at once, and your computer will probably both work faster and last longer if you go easy on the CPU -- but in this particular case, I would bet real money it's the fan.

    I have my browser tabs down to about five or ten at a time but you will pry my "editing an entire novel simultaneously" habit from my cold, dead hands. We all have our foibles.
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  13. bushwah

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    Also, preventative measures: don't put your computer on any surface that molds to it, or any dusty surface, or especially any surface that both molds to it and is dusty. The arm of an old sofa killed my computer before last, and I got this information from the tech who examined it. You gotta let the fan do its job.

    For the machine I'm typing this on (2013 Macbook Pro, got it secondhand in 2015ish) I took an old, falling apart hardcover book that was exactly the size of my computer, took off the cover, and now keep the removed cover under my computer at all times to keep the fan clear. For my previous machine, I used the boards from board games. My friend uses a desk. The common factor here is a flat, reasonably clean surface that neither blocks the fan nor feeds it dust.
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  14. i bought myself this fancy starbucks cup for drinking water out of in May and never used it. it was $25. they don’t sell it any more.

    my mom started using it instead and lost the matching top and the matching straw to it. it is now ruined.

    i am angry and upset.
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  15. i am having a Meltdown. it is very loud in the living room and my parents are watching a movie that has swearing in it which really stresses me out (b/c past abuse) and i am upset about my expensive cup. i am too hot and my computer is making a lot of noise and it is too bright. i am stressed about my job which i have to quit and which i have still not been paid for (i have worked there approximately 1 month and am owed about $225). tomorrow i have to work 10 hours at two separate jobs as well as clopen tonight into tomorrow. i would like to call someone or talk to someone but i can’t call anyone because my parents will hear me talking on the phone and throw a tantrum. additionally, i don’t want to bother anyone.
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  16. bushwah

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    sounds like you'd benefit from somewhere dark and quiet and cool with a soft yet firm horizontal surface to sprawl on.

    do you have access to a refrigerator or freezer, or cold water, or an a/c or a dehumidifier? downregulating body temperature is harder than upregulating it but there's still several ways of doing it. you deserve better than having to suffer the heat.
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  17. need 2 be cozy in order 2 be safe not a good combination with summer
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  18. bushwah

    bushwah a known rule consequentialist

    Oof big same. Have you tried cuddling up with ice inside your blanket nest? It’s not for everyone, but for me it’s been a gamechanger
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  19. i am snuggled up with a blanket and an ice pack <3
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  20. i am in the space between job 1 and job 2 and deeply hating every moment that passes that takes me to job 2

    i also don’t know where my name tag is :/
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