Mal makes a Dating Sim (Please help, I have no idea what I'm doing.)

Discussion in 'Make It So' started by PotteryWalrus, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    So! Uhhh, well, you read the title ^^;;;

    Basically, I saw this post on tumblr that went 'have loads of OCs? No idea what to do with them? Make a dating sim!' and I instantly went like '*_* HOLY CRAP THAT'S A GREAT IDEA SOFTWARE GET!' and downloaded Novelty, which is supposed to be a really easy like click and drop program - and it looks it!

    Except - it has like three sprites, none of which look anything like any of my characters. And I've googled for more sprites and it all seems very overwhelming and I have no idea how to look for what I have in mind.

    I think my ideal approach would probably to find some kind of dollmaker thing that would work with my VN software, but I have NO idea if such a thing even exists and if I could make sprites myself?? My digital artwork sucks, I'd never be able to do it all myself, and I definitely don't have the kind of disposable income that would be required to commission someone to work with in that....

    Any kind of advice would be appreciated! I have no idea what I'm doing but I really really wanna do this and make an all-inclusive LGBT urban fantasy game! Thankyou for reading!

    (Also please excuse the overly-excitable tone, it's the first day of shark week for me and I'm literally on three different kinds of pain medication ^^;;;)
  2. rats

    rats 21 Bright Forge Shatters The Void

    i would definitely be interested in volunteering some spritework, depending on what u had in mind!! money's not an issue, ive been looking for a creative project recently and spritework/visual novel statics seems like a good way to do that
  3. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    Omg @rats that would be amazing if you would! Do you have any links to artwork stuff, so I can see what your style is like and go from there? Also can I PM you?

    I'm excited!!
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  4. rats

    rats 21 Bright Forge Shatters The Void

    yeah feel free to pm me!!! im on mobile rn but i can send you stuff in a bit :D
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