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    He tries not to panic too loudly where Hannah can hear it. He fails badly.

    She's laughing at him.

    Victoria isn't, dressed prim and businesslike, toying with a cup of coffee and picking at a muffin.

    He blushes very red when he sees her, eyes wide. He half-expected that she wouldn'ts how up. And now he feels really dressed down, in just a button-down and jeans. He tried to clean up...

    She looks up as he walks in, eyes flicking up, then down, then back up. She pushes the chair next to her out in invitation.

    He swallows, sitting own. "... h... hi."

    "How was the rest of orientation?"

    "... it was okay. How was yours?" He pauses. "I'm ... still trying to figure out where things are."

    "...good. I'm looking forwards to class... did you not get a map?"

    "I, uh... I did, but I'm still trying to... get things straight in my head. Some of these buildings are labyrinths. I think the computer science building is literally three buildings smashed together."

    "...that's the weirdest architectural choice I've heard of yet."

    "... Yep." He sighs heavily. "I think the architects were high."

    "Quite possibly," she grins.

    "Seventies brutalism, I wouldn't be surprised."

    "Architecture buff?" She laughs quietly.

    "Just lived here a long time," he says, smiling shyly.

    "That's very interesting.'re a local?"

    "... Yeah, from out in the suburbs?"
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    "This is the part where you either ask me to dinner or ask if I want to hang out at one of our dorms," she replies slowly.

    Ben squeaks, eyes going even wider. "I... which... which would you like?"

    "Which are you more comfortable with?"

    Ben hides his face. Ears beet red. Shrugs uncertainly.

    ".......if you need to, you're allowed to phone a friend for a second opinion."

    He blinks. Clearly panicking. Eyes going distant a moment.

    Help help help help.


    "... I... do you... want to hang out at the dorms?" he mumbles, like he's been told to say it.

    Victoria stares at him oddly for a moment, then smiles. "Happily."

    "I... you... heard about my roommate. So maybe your place would be better. If ... if that's alright?"

    "It is absolutely alright," she chuckles.

    "N... now?"

    "...well, I think we should finish coffee."

    He hides behind his cup, taking another sip.

    She smiles, expression amused.

    He tries a shy smile.

    She quietly eats her half of the cookie.

    Ben finishes up quickly, looking uncertainly at her.

    She smiles, then stands. "Ready?"
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    "... Ready."

    "Good," She crooks a finger, and makes smalltalk about their upcoming classes as they head for her dorm.

    He looks very, very nervous, answering with a lot of stuttering.

    She smiles slowly.

    He looks shyly at her. "... yeah?"

    "Relax," she gets the door to her dorm room. "If I wanted you to be nervous, I'd go out of my way to give you a reason."

    He squeaks. "... r... right. Sorry. I. Um." Swallowing. "... I haven't done this before?"

    "Well, just consider it the possible start to a new habit."

    He swallows hard. "O... oh. Um."

    "... really?"

    "Did I stutter?"

    He is so, so beet red.

    She grins. "Good, I didn't think I did."

    "... sorry?"

    "I hope you aren't."

    "For... for doubting you?"
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    "For agreeing." She smirks and opens the door to her room."

    "... I'm not sorry for that," he says softly, looking inside with his face very red.


    It looks like she managed to get a suite... but she said she didn't have roommates? Huh.

    "... wow. You... really got lucky, huh?"

    "Mh-hm. My family... may have pulled a string or two." She smiles slightly. "...I was supposed to be rooming with another friend from my high school, but... she ended up cancelling her enrollment."

    "Oh... that's... too bad. Do you miss her?"

    "...I'll see her again. Eventually." She purses her lips.

    "... Oh. Um. Okay?"

    "It's not a big deal," she smiles.

    "S-so, um... where do you want me?"

    She gives him a quiet look of evaluation. "...was the innuendo on purpose, or an accident?"

    He squeaks. "... um."

    "... both?"

    "Both?" She laughs, smiling.
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    "... not if you didn't want it to be?"

    He's a teenaged boy, she asked him to her room, he's... of course he's thinking, but--

    "If you can't be sincere with me we're going to be at an impasse," she grins, raising a brow

    "... I ... d-don't... want to assume and I think it was more sexual than I meant it to be because I just wanted to know where to sit down but if you want to have sex then that would be really cool but I don't want to assume because that's-- that's-- bad??"

    She settles on the nearby couch and pats the seat next to her, smiling.

    He blushes hard and follows, sitting down beside her. Tentatively putting a hand on her knee.

    She leans in and kisses him.

    He gasps, leaning in to kiss back, his hand sliding to her lip. It's almost like he's mimicking something he's seen, moving in slow and hungry and so uncertain.

    She smiles, holding the kiss a little longer before pulling away. "Relax."

    He shivers, clearly trying to calm down. "... okay," he whispers.

    "Want to watch a movie?"

    "... S-sure?"

    "I... What do you want me to do?"

    "'s a date, isn't it?" She purses her lips.

    He hesitates, eyes going distant again for a moment, before he leans in to kiss her lips. "... Yeah. It's a date. What do you like to watch?"

    "...ever watch GATTACA?"

    He shakes his head. "... I'd like to."

    "Good," she smirks. "I put it in the dvd player before I left to meet you."

    "... you, um. You had plans, huh?" He blushes harder. It's weird that that's hot, isn't it?

    "...I don't do anything in half-measures," she grabs the remotes, scooting closer. "...I'm technically a junior, even if it's my first year here... do you want a drink? Popcorn?"
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    He has that weird hesitation again, before he wraps an arm around her. "... you've got a couple years on me. I just took a couple of AP classes, in school. But... popcorn sounds great."

    "Good," she squeezes a hand. "I'll grab it." She pulls a few drinks from the minifridge, adds a bag of popcorn. Smiles.

    "Why do you keep hesitating?"

    "I... I've never done this before," he whispers, nervously. "I mean... I've gone on a couple of dates, but this is... You're different."

    "...that's fine. You don't need to worry about that. Just be yourself, that's who I asked here, isn't it?"

    He flinches, like that hit some kind of nerve, eyes wide. "... I... I hope so."

    "So stop listening to whatever is telling you what to do and act natural." She looks at him, calculating.

    He flushes beet red, going stiff and panicked. "... um."

    "I... I don't..." He can't even finish it, can't lie and say he doesn't know what she's talking about. It's so lonely, and no one's ever noticed before. "... It bugs you?"

    "No. I just want to see what you do without being..." she considers her words, asks, slowly. "...coached?"

    He keeps blushing, watching her face uncertainly. "I'm not... very good at this. By myself." It's terrifying to admit. Terrifying that she noticed.

    "I didn't tell you to be good at it," she says, setting down their drinks and pouring the popcorn into a bowl.

    He gives her a tiny, nervous smile. "... J... Just me, then. I. Um." He hesitantly leans into her side. "... How'd you know?"

    (Oh, fine, just do something. I'm going out, tell me later. Dork.)
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    "...I guessed," she smirks. "You looked like you were being prompted.

    He squeaks, looking down. "... She just. Um. Gets. Gets frustrated. When I'm nervous."

    "...who is she?"

    "... My... My sister. My twin. Still think you'd like her." He bites his lip, looking shyly at her. "... Too weird?"

    "No. Just curious," her eyes are bright with interest. "Did you learn to do it on purpose?"

    He shakes his head. "No. Not... That I remember. It's just... Always been there. It, um... We're still different people. She can't hear anything I don't tell her."

    ". That's fascinating," she smiles.

    He squeaks. "... Is it really okay?"

    "...whether it's okay is between you and your sister, not up to me. But from a scientific level..." her eyes gleamed. "...have you found anything that prevents it?"

    "I mean... I was kind of cheating. Getting prompted. And it's... Weird, you know? Our parents just thought we were making things up."

    He shakes his head, visibly calming. "... Just when one of us is knocked out. She moved to Boston to try to stop it, get some space, but... It doesn't work like that, I guess."

    "... Sometimes I hear her dreams when she's asleep and I'm not."
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    "'s like texting a friend for advice, you're just not checking your phone every five minutes..." she goes quiet. " can hear her dream?

    "... sometimes." He hesitates. "... is that bad?"

    "No. Again. It's fascinating."

    He stills, watching her expression. Then he leans in to kiss her, passionately.

    "... you're amazing."

    She laughs, quietly, pulling him back in to kiss him open-mouthed.

    He gives a soft moan, snuggling closer as he kisses, his tongue slowly exploring her mouth.

    One of her hands drift low to squeeze his ass, and she giggles, fingers of her other hand tangling in his hair.

    He squeaks, startling. "Mm--!" Yes, please. Anything you like, we can try it. He tentatively tugs at the hem of her shirt, fingertips seeking out skin.

    "Does this mean you want to skip the movie?" She teases. "It isn't as though we don't have a whole weekend free, you know..."

    He blushes deeply. "... movie later?"

    "Mmh. Fair enough."

    He moves closer, tentatively, kissing her again.

    She moves to straddle his lap, grinning.
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    He squeaks. He's um. Definitely. Definitely interested. Hands sliding up her shirt, splayed on her back.

    She kisses him again, nice and slow. " can take it off, if you want to."

    He slowly obeys, running his hands over her skin. "... this too?" he asks quietly, touching the clasp of her bra.

    She nods, smiling and kissing his cheek.

    He blushes harder, kissing her lips as he unhooks it, fingers surprisingly certain of the mechanism.

    She moves her arms, helping him slip it free, settles her arms over his shoulders. " good?"

    "... really good." He closes his eyes, thinking. "... what feels good to you?"

    "Plenty. I'm willing to experiment. You?"

    "... I don't know," he offers shyly. "... we can try anything."

    "...that sounds fun..." she tugs at his shirt. "Let's get this off."

    He nods, helping her tug it off. He's pale and skinny, underneath, almost fragile, still with a teenager's gawky awkwardness. He has a farmer's tan where his freckles end.

    She looks him over, then giggles, running her fingers over his skin, then leans into him, pressing her breasts to his chest. "So, what's your favorite coding language?"
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    He blushes even more red, all the way to his collarbone, running his hand up and down her back. "... I... I like Haskell, so far."


    "It's, um... it's really powerful? And... complicated."

    "...I like complicated. Tell me more?"

    "I, um. ... it's one of those languages where you can pretty much do anything, the language lets you overwrite pretty much anything and overload operators, so you can make the plus sign do... whatever you want, you know? But that means you have to know exactly what you're doing or it, uh... it makes a huge mess. And it's functional, which is cool because I learned in object-oriented languages and it's... it's interesting."

    She listens, head tilted. ".......huh."

    He blushes looking down. "... s-sorry."

    "No, it's interesting, I like hearing about other people's work and studies."

    "... I like hearing about yours, too." Also your breasts are really warm.

    "Do you want to know what I'm planning to do my doctorate on?"

    "Yes, please," he says, nuzzling into her neck. "It sounds awesome."

    She beams from ear to ear.

    He beams back, kisses her neck. "What are you going to do?"

    The ensuing explanation is largely bio-babble, but she laughs at the end. "Tl;dr? I'm going to see if I can bring a breakthrough in human regeneration to the fore."

    "... That's awesome." He kisses her again. "That's so awesome."

    She kisses him back, giggling. "It's awesome if it works, until then, it's a dream."

    "It's an awesome dream, too. You... make me want to do more."
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    She smiles, then pinches his cheek. "Then you should, life is about seizing your opportunities!"

    He squeaks, blushing deeply. "... I don't know what to do!"

    "You can always think about the possibilities?"

    "I... I want to try." He smiles hesitantly. "... Not sure I'd be good at anything."

    "There's only one way to find out," she replies, then leans in, kissing him hard.

    He kisses back, almost needy, clinging to her. Definitely turned on, help.

    "...want to...?"

    "... y... yes. Do you?"

    "I asked, didn't I?"

    "... R-right. I. What do you want me to do?"

    " you have a...?"

    "... n-no. I wasn't... expecting you to..."

    "...maybe next time?"

    He blushes heatedly. "I, um. I could go down on you."
    ".. do you want to?" She grins.

    "... Yes. I really want to."

    " bedroom's over here."

    He nods nervously, moving to get up. "... it's okay?"

    "..would I have asked if it wasn't~?"
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    "... maybe??"

    "No. I wouldn't," she tugs him up, heading for her bedroom. "I'm very sure of what I want."

    "... I... It might be a test. Or something." He bites his lip. "But I really want to."

    "No. I'm deadly serious about the things I want."

    "... Okay," he whispers, following her in. "Then..."

    "Then yes, I am absolutely down for this, Ben."

    He kisses her again, sitting down on the bed and looking up shyly at her. "... Me too."

    "Good. I'd be very disappointed if you let this go so far before admitting you weren't~"

    He blushes deeply, reaching out to pull her closer.

    "... have you done this before?"

    "I'm not a virgin," she replies quietly. "Is that a problem?"

    He shakes his head, relaxing a little. "I've never, um..." He blushes even more. "... I've only... done this secondhand. I'm glad one of us knows what they're doing."

    She grins, then straddles his lap, kissing him again. "I'm sure it would be fun even if we didn't, Ben."
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    He's hard against her, hips rocking up gently into her. "... I just... get nervous." But he kisses her again. "But you'd make anything... amazing."

    She beams wide. "Oh? Well. I hope I keep living up to that standard," she laughs.

    He beams back at her, hands on her hips. "... do you want to be on top, or... ?"

    "If you want to be able to breathe, it'll be easier if I'm on my back."

    He nods, shifting to kiss her collarbone. "Please?"


    She slides off his lap and sprawls across her bed, grinning wide.

    He hesitates, watching her with wide, nervous eyes, before sliding closer, kissing her breast. "You're beautiful."

    "You're gorgeous," she purrs, biting her lip.

    He slides down her body, kissing her belly, starting to unbutton her pants.

    She arches her hips, gasping quietly. "Mmmh. Yeah, please-"

    He grins, with a faint edge of something wilder in his expression, and then kisses her hip, tugging her panties down to kiss just below where their hem laid.

    She lets out a quiet mewl. "God, yes."

    He slowly pulls them down, kissing along the newly bared skin as he goes, watching her face. Down and off, so she's naked before him, before he leans back in...
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    Ben gets his first blowjob before Veronica grins, kisses his cheek, and asks if he's up for that movie, yet.

    "... Yes, please." He's going to keep blushing for a long damn time.

    But... Yes. Please.

    He flinches, halfway through sitting up, putting a hand over one ear like it hurts. "Ow..."

    "Ben?" She sits up, hands still on the sides of his hips, expression concerned. "...what's wrong?"

    "... sorry. I... she's just being loud. It's okay." He kisses her again. "... I don't... want to tell her anything unless you want me to, and she's... being intense."

    "...tell her to use a phone," Veronica arches her brows, running her fingers down his chest. "If she wants to interrogate you about what we're doing, I think I get to have a word edgewise, right?"

    He hesitates, flinching at the mental noise again, before he shifts his weight and looks up at her with a wild grin not his own. "It wouldn't have the same punch, right? Holy shit, you're gorgeous, how did you ever hook up with a dork like Ben?" Ben swallows, looking down. "... she says."

    "... um... my phone is... wherever my pants went."

    Veronica snorts, leaning in to cup his jaw and kiss him again, long and languid and deep, exploring his mouth with her tongue for a good five minutes before pulling away. "Clearly she has absolutely no perspective on how hot you are."

    He's beet red again, by then. "She, um... she says you have no perspective on how hot she is, and--" He makes a mortified squeak.
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    "Tell her I'm not continuing this conversation until she decides to be civil and use a phone..." She kisses his cheek. "And stop listening to her for a little while, until she realizes we're being serious?"

    He swallows and nods, kissing her back. It's less than five minutes later when his phone starts ringing insistantly.

    "Let her wait, or should we be nice?" Veronica giggles.

    "... she was being rude to you. It... it's your call, right?"

    "..wait until the second call." She kisses him again, smiling.

    He laughs quietly, kissing back. "She's going to be pissed."

    "That's half the fun. Can I pick up?" She giggles devilishly.

    "... please." She's so evil. This is going to be fun.

    The phone rings again, insistently, in a minute or two.

    She kisses him again, then fishes out the phone and accepts the call, staying silent.

    "What the fuck, Ben, am I on speakerphone, do I get to talk to your hot girlfriend because holy shit hi Veronica you're really hot can I come home with you, seriously, he's an awkward nerd, you could do way better-- uh, that came out wrong, but like. Wow."

    Veronica stifles a laugh, answering low, purr in her voice as she cuddles Ben. "Oh no, you're not on speaker, Hannah."

    "... wow. ... You're evil. In the hot way."

    "I like to keep that as my standard. So, I heard you were fishing for juicy details without asking both of us?" She giggles, then kisses Ben's cheek.
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    albedo metasperg

    You can almost hear her grin. "Does that mean you're going to tell me? Ben's being all cagey, and as much as I want to know..."

    Ben blushes deeply, kissing her back.

    "Mmh, sorry, what was that? I didn't hear you, I was kissing your hot brother," she teases.

    "... bitch. Fuck, if you have any kinky threesome fantasies, I can totally try to talk Ben around, tell me you're not straight..."

    "I might be convinced," she answers thoughtfully

    She giggles. "... you're fantastic. So... juicy details?"

    "Mmm. Ben, do you think she's being nice enough to know?" She sets the phone to speaker, smiles at him, sprawled across his chest.

    He squeaks. "U-um..."

    Hannah cuts in, grinning. "I thought you were in charge, boss. You don't want to tell me?"

    Ben makes a muffled noise of mortification, burying his face in a pillow. "... maybe?"

    "I am. But I'm very magnanimous and prefer input from more than just myself. If he doesn't want to tell you, you never get to know... and I'll be very.... Cross if you bully my boyfriend about that," Veronica replies matter-of-factly.

    "... evil," Hannah squeaks appreciatively. "Plea--"

    Ben breaks in. "It's okay. You can. If you want."

    Veronica laughs, kissing Ben's cheek... very glad that he seems absolutely fine with her claim of 'mine'.

    Ben blushes, kisses her shyly. He's a submissive guy, isn't he?
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    He is.

    It's adorable.

    "Well, I can tell you one thing, your brother is really good with his tongue."


    Hannah does squeak. It's almost the same noise Ben makes, hiding his face.

    "... oh, yeah?"

    Veronica laughs, "Well, that's one difference in how you react."

    Hannah laughs, wild and cheerful. "Maybe you'll pull him out of his shell."


    "Or maybe you just need a little... variety."

    Ben whimpers.

    "Variety, huh? I don't know, my schedule has plenty of variety. Biology, Chemistry, Physics..."

    Hannah giggles. "... I could show you some biology."
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    "I don't do vivisection on the first date," she hums,

    "I'm not a frog. Maybe more like... Ben, help."

    "A bacterial colony," Ben supplies.

    "Not that, you-- that is not hot."

    "She grows on you," he says, lips quirking.

    "Like a fungal infection?" Veronica teases.

    Hannah makes an exasperated little whine. "Like a... a... Something hotter than that, jeez."

    Veronica giggles, resting her face on Ben's chest. "How hot? Volcanic?"

    "... like, super volcanic. Like that Yellowstone volcano." She giggles.

    "Or are you a geyser? Sccccalding hot?"

    "... I saw the ones at Yellowstone, you don't want me blorting out colors like that."

    She's giggling helplessly.
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    "Depends on what the colours signify. Maybe they translate to nice noises."

    Hannah gives a tiny little whine. "Fuck, you're so hot."

    "I am," she agrees, laughing.

    She hesitates, pausing. "... We've never told someone before. Not since we were five."

    "....well, you didn't tell me. I guessed."

    "... Can I hear what happened, now? Ben won't share."

    "Well I told you, didn't I?"

    "I mean... how you found out."

    "...I noticed he hesitated, like he was hearing something else... and he sounded like he was being coached. I took a wild shot in the dark."

    "... he was freaking out again." You can definitely hear her rolling her eyes. "... so, are you weird like us?"

    ", I'm a genius."

    "... cool."
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