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Discussion in 'The Undercity' started by seebs, Feb 23, 2015.

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    I like doing the open askbox thing, but it's become a time sink, and a big part of that time sink is that if people want to respond to someone else who posted anon, they are basically stuck also posting on anon. So a significant portion of the traffic is just plain other people talking to each other, and doesn't really need my approval of every message. Another big part is tumblr's horrible UI. If only there were some way to get a thing where people could post longer messages without tying them to their existing tumblr ID, or possibly even without tying them to any ID at all...

    So: A forum. There's a definite expected pattern of people wanting to talk about gender and sexuality, abuse and recovery, and autism things, because those are common topics, but mostly I just wanna have a community which sort of reflects the really neat community of people I've been running into on tumblr. Only with less need for me to manually cut and paste stuff.

    And I think really a lot of that comes down to the thing where I'll listen to basically anything anyone wants to tell me, and tell people that I do not think there is no hope, and maybe offer advice... And I can do that here, and other people can do it too.

    I have no real notion of how much enforcement or rules will end up being needed, or what for, and I am inclined to generally favor a less restrictive environment. People might flame, they might not, I'm not sure whether I would think it necessary to do anything about it... Depends a lot on context.

    Mostly, though, this is "seebs's tumblr askbox, only with a less horrible UI, and options for people to talk to each other directly without using my askbox for it if they want to".
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