Music that reminds u of gettin killed outside a club?

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by GlassesBlu, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. I wanna know ur recs i wanna listen to that stuff heheh (this is based on something Tumblr user deadwooddross asked before and I super enjoy the playlist they made outta a select few but they never released all the tracks recced to them)

    Also I don't have spotify premium so if u link me a spotify thing I won't be able to listen to it immediately :(
  2. Fucker

    Fucker Well-Known Member

    oh shit i think i have a few i have some hype tech stuff but also songs about hooligans and riots and then i have my Gloomy and wish coul.d get drunk songs and they all vaugaly fit the category can u be more specific
  3. Hmmmm uh well here's the playlist I love listenin to on The Spotify

    I like checking out new stuff!

    But lessee I do like big bass beats that vibrate thru u, I like noise n tech, fast n dangerous
    Haha I don't really club but I think there's club music that u crank up real high and makes u feel lost and disoriented and there's antsy energy like U wanna fight
  4. Fucker

    Fucker Well-Known Member

    hMMMMmm i have sum and im not sure if they are Cringe but they are very hype and bass-y

    domination-sean bono

    -horns stelouse remix

    -the bartender and the thief

    -no glory

    literally anything on offsprings rise and fall tho thats more rock

    -witchcraft pendulum


    -Super psycho love

    -ryder or riot

    and last and a gold mine if you can get past ur listening to cringy russ music (dw its in norwegian so u dont hear the cringe lyric)
    ..... tix and the possy project their recent albums are catchy if u just wanna party and not think 2 hard

    im aware my music maybe is Cringe/dated but its catchy as fuk i hope u find soemthin in there
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  5. Fucker

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    oh and theres renard they ahve a fuckton of bangers and if you can ignore the drama and possible alligations and just rip their stuff for free then check out truxton, bandetto and renard
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  7. I'll give that a try first!
  8. Fucker

    Fucker Well-Known Member

    Hell yeAH

    Its... very tounge in cheek and ironic but its Fun
  9. Heheh well I don't think I'd understand :P
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  10. Fucker

    Fucker Well-Known Member

  11. Birdy

    Birdy so long

    “getting murdered outside the club” is my favorite genre lmao

    this is basically in order of least to most abrasive I guess, and it’s a weird list but shh

    this has a guitar cover over it but it’s the best quality rip I could find and you can hear the original fine
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  12. Birdy

    Birdy so long

    Edit to add: If you want to get messily killed outside a dance establishment you should probably have some MSI playing:

    Edit again: shit I keep thinking of things

    and taking a sharp turn into really noisy and abrasive, and also EXTREMELY nsfw lyrics:

    and here’s a meme one for kicks:
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  13. I'll check them out!
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