Mutual ignore: should this be a thing?

Discussion in 'The Undercity' started by Silvereye, May 4, 2016.

  1. Silvereye

    Silvereye 89 White Paladin Traverses The Cosmos

    I made a suggestion in the "Conflicts, triggers, and people you don't like" thread before it moved into argument island. Since it is not topical there any more, I'm making a new thread for it here and just kind of quoting everything already said in that thread.

  2. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    One thing that makes a difference for me: Does the ignore function entirely hide that the ignored person has made a post? Or does it show that there is a post, but hide its contents until clicked upon?

    We were talking about that in another thread, but I don't know where exactly, and I don't remember what people figured out.

    (Whichever way it works, I found out one thing: if you ignore a user, then sign into a subaccount, the subaccount will not have them ignored. So there is an easy way of essentially turning off ignore to check on things.)
  3. oph

    oph There was a user here, but it's gone now

    With scripts enabled (standard user experience):
    -If the post is the most recent one in the thread, it will appear as 'You are ignoring posts by this user, show anyway?'
    -If the post is not the most recent one in the thread, it won't appear at all
    -There will be a "show ignored content" button at the bottom of the page if there is ignored content on that page

    Without scripts enabled:
    -The post is gone.
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  4. Lib

    Lib Well-Known Member

    I am chiming in to comment that I too am uncomfortable with the unilateral ignore, because of the issue whereby, should I ignore a person, they can still write shit about me without me being able to effectively respond. Mutual ignore wouldn't completely resolve that issue, but the person in question would have to be maliciously trying to remember my existence and theorise hurtful things, rather than merely getting set off by my posts, so it would circumvent the vast majority of issues.
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  5. Mendacity

    Mendacity I’m meaner than my demons

    I don't use ignore in general (since I tend to clicky the 'show anyway?' thing because Curiosity) but I REALLY think this is a great idea. It's a quality of life solution that really honestly helps with a lot of the weaknesses of this particular forum software's ignore.
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  6. Ipuntya

    Ipuntya your purple friend

    inability to see each other's posts at all might be possible for this mutual ignore where it isn't for a unilateral ignore, for the reasons @Lib mentioned.

    should someone decide to break a mutual ignore, i think the other party should get a notification and both should be reverted to normal ignore
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  7. KingStarscream

    KingStarscream watch_dogs walking advertisement

    I can see the benefits in both mutual and unilateral ignore, but I'd like there to be some way to implement the former, even if it's purely through the powers of diplomacy and agreeing to never see each other again. As it stands, unilateral ignore works best if it's someone you're uncomfortable or just unwilling to see/be contacted by, but unfortunately doesn't work at all if you're afraid that the person you're ignoring is getting hostile behind your back.

    Ofc, there's not way to perfectly solve any sort of gossip, but if there's someone I felt was actively hostile and/or triggered into hostility by my posts, I wouldn't want them to be able to see me and I'd definitely want to be able to tell if they were going to be. Having some sort of system, voluntary or through a specific site function (although I am not sure that would be possible) sets up a way to at least try and solve the "seeing my posts when I can't tell what their reaction is" issue.
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