Mutually-incompatible people

Discussion in 'The Undercity' started by Exohedron, May 4, 2016.

  1. Exohedron

    Exohedron Doesn't like words

    Hmm. I think I am going to reword the questions again. Hold on.
  2. Acey

    Acey optimism and bad vision

    I'd personally say this:
    • Don't actively prod people.
    • If you can't handle a conversation, leave.
    • Don't be a dick.
    • If someone thinks you're being a dick, clarify and apologize.
    • If you think someone's being a dick, tell them they're being a bit out of line and explain how.
    It's pretty simple, IMO.
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  3. Xavius Emeritus

    Xavius Emeritus Suit Monkey

    Generally speaking, I think that this forum manages to self-moderate pretty well. Blowouts are infrequent (in my opinion) and fights that do stir up tend to be relatively contained and quickly quenched, sometimes with one party deciding on their lonesome to not pay much heed to something that someone else they don't get along with says.

    Look at how few threads we actually have in what's essentially become the board for drawn-out tussles. I think we're doing pretty swell.

    EDIT: Just to make a tiny point at the end here, I'm not saying anything negative about the threads in that forum. It's a good forum and it exists for a good reason, and all the people who have shaken fists at each other like miserly old men are still cool people in my book. Goodness knows I yell at somebody to get off my lawn with their poppycock now and then too.

    EDIT #2: I just noticed nobody's said anything in this thread for two weeks and it was probably a done issue that I didn't need to chime in on.
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  4. seebs

    seebs Benevolent Dictator

    Only, the contribution is valuable, and I don't think any thread should be considered "done" while people still have thoughts on the topic they want to share.
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  5. Beldaran

    Beldaran 70% abuse and 30% ramen

    I just found this thread for the first time and read the OP and whaaat? I mean, some good ideas and all but stating them as rules that people would like to see followed as though anyone has the authority to make those kind of rules besides mods (who have repeatedly stated that they're not going to do that kind of rule making) seems kind of ehhh and is making me give this thread the hard side-eye.
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  6. seebs

    seebs Benevolent Dictator

    I think the intent is that those are guidelines for this thread as in "how to have this thread be more effective".
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  7. Beldaran

    Beldaran 70% abuse and 30% ramen

    Ohh, that was very confusing.
  8. Exohedron

    Exohedron Doesn't like words

    Oh, yeah, nothing there is remotely enforceable and are only supposed to be applied to this thread if at all. I'll try to clear that up.
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