PSA: one weird trick to avoid unwanted photo rotation

Discussion in 'That's So Meta!' started by hyrax, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. hyrax

    hyrax we'll ride 'till the planets collide

    (mods, please feel free to move this post to a different thread if you think it's a better location! the FAQ thread was my first choice but it's closed. i've posted these instructions in various picture-heavy threads in the past, but they get buried and there are a lot of new people lately.)

    so the forum software sometimes rotates people's photos after uploading! and this can be really annoying! BUT, you can get around it! here's how:

    -open the photo in any photo editing software.
    -rotate the photo to an incorrect orientation. SAVE the file.
    -rotate the photo back to the correct orientation. SAVE again.

    and now when you upload, it will post correctly! i am PRETTY sure this works with most mobile software-- i don't post from mobile very often, but the handful of times i have, i was able to do the rotate-save-rotate again-save trick in the iphone's default Photos app and it displayed correctly.

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  2. seebs

    seebs Benevolent Dictator

  3. hyrax

    hyrax we'll ride 'till the planets collide

    i mostly use Preview, the basic photo viewing application for macOS, and it's always worked. i THINK when i first discovered this trick i tried with a few other things like Photoshop, but Photoshop takes forever to load so i don't usually use it for something so basic.
  4. Acey

    Acey no foot tall against the wall

    Can confirm that it works on iOS! (And major thanks for this thread, @hyrax--it's good info to have!)
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  5. LadyNighteyes

    LadyNighteyes Wicked Witch of the Radiant Historia Fandom

    Works in MS Paint, too.
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  6. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    quoted it to the faq! thanks for writing it!
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