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    Raven was leaning against the inner wall of the shuttle watching as his mechs loaded the crates and various other items into the landing craft. Neuro could be seen darting between the boxes, more directly observing the loading process. The little holographic projector containing the ai darted between boxes and crates, narrowly avoiding running into the loading bots, some of which were carrying quite heavy or oddly shaped boxes.

    “This Kintsugi place has an even odder assortment of orders than most starting colonies” He was speaking into a com unit on his wrist, he didn’t need to if he wanted to speak with Neuro, His neural implants should allow them to communicate without actually using normal radio communication, but he’d always found that mildly invasive.

    “Neuro, what’s our status?” Raven asked the ai.

    “the last containers are being loaded on now, and should be ready in 20 minutes or so. We should probably prepare for launch.” Raven walked into the cockpit and began the pre-flight check, with Neuro connecting to a small slot in the flight terminal.

    ((woo, hows that for my first roleplaying post in, at least 8 months.? also, off to my dads birthday party pretty soon, so i might not be able to make another rp post tonight, depending on how late that goes. Sorry this took so long to post!))

    [Edit:] ((@Imoyram ))
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    ((@Imoyram in case you didn't see this, I edited in your @ and it looks like that doesn't produce a notification. You could post about getting on the ship now, or i could land at kintsugi and we could go from there if you want.))
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    IMO snuck off a cargo ship nearby, and looked around.

    Which ship to get on now?
    She saw a box big enough to fit her sitting outside a cargo ship. One of the last boxes for that ship.
    'Good. I wont have to stick around here for long." she thought
    She quickly unraveled the knot tied around the box, just enough that she could swing the side open a foot and scootch herself in.
    It was a tight fit, and her wings felt kind of cramped, but it was better than some of the other trips.
    She grabbed the wooden flap with the tips of her nails, and swung it closed quietly.

    and just in time too, as she heard a crew member come over and retie the knot, thinking it just unraveled in shipping.

    Where would she end up this time...

    probably like 5 feet tall, and about a back of couch to front of couch width, maybe a bit less.
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    ((sorry i'm taking so long on this, i've been busy, I'll try to get something written before i head to work tomorrow))
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    Raven rolled his eyes at the ship’s Ai before moving into the waypoints specified in the flight plan. The shuttle nosed into the sky and darted for orbit. It took several minutes to reach the orbit of Infinite Leap, and another couple to connect the ship to the docking port. Neuro darted out, towards the central computer room while Raven moved into the cockpit. His ship was already nosing out or geosynchronous orbit, out of the ftl exclusion zone. Neuros doing. Pulling up the consoles for ftl navigation, Raven locked in a course that would take them to their destination, the colony of Kintsugi. “Neuro, do you have the course I’ve set?” Raven asked.

    “I’ve already locked the course in. Ftl drive is spinning up, we can jump as soon as we leave the exclusion zone.”

    It took several hours to reach the edge of the exclusion zone. Raven watched on the heads up display as the edge moved closer and closer, a holographic grid that soon consumed the horizon before him. Infinite leap pushed through it, and there was a small ding from the console in front of Raven as the ftl drive became available. He keyed up the system, and began the jump sequence. The ship shivered and began to shimmer in the starlight as the drive spun up. Twisting and distorting and refracting the ship as it grabbed the threads of reality, until finally. It pulled. Infinite leap flashed out of existence, and disappeared from sight as it threw itself forwards faster than even light could race. It was several hours before they burst into existence above the colony of Kintsugi, and Raven got on the com just outside what the colonies files called the Great Wall of Nope. “This is the starship Infinite Leap, requesting landing permissions. We have some packages from Space Amazon here waiting to be delivered.”

    ((um. sorry for the wall of text spaceships make me excited. @Imoyram, jumping to ftl would be a bit jarring, and sudden.))
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  6. Snitchanon

    Snitchanon What's a mod to a nonbeliever.

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  7. Imoyram

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    The spaceship taking off was a bit jarring in the box she was in, but luckily hers managed to stay upright for the trip unlike some of the other boxes she heard tumbling around outside.

    She looked around her chosen hideaway spot, and realized that there was nothing in it other than her. 'who on earth is ordering an empty box?'
    Whoever they were, she was hoping she could get out of the box and off the ship before anyone noticed her. Getting found in someone's space amazon box would be a shitty way of keeping a low profile.

    Eventually she felt the ship slow to a hover. Probably defenses or something. They should be landing soon. How to get out without getting seen, but before the owner could pick up the package..er..box.
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  8. NevermorePoe

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    (( i think we need someone to give us permission to land. was it... @TwoBrokenMirrors who had the communications person? If they want to of course, could just say we got permission to land a mile or so outside the colony and land.))
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  9. TwoBrokenMirrors

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    (Hello! Yes, Mirrors runs the communications. They communicate through mirrors/reflective surfaces, so. Do you want me to drop in and drop out again or just explain what they'd probably do and let you take it? xP)
  10. NevermorePoe

    NevermorePoe Nevermore

    ((just explain what they'd do and i'll go with it.))
  11. TwoBrokenMirrors

    TwoBrokenMirrors Merely a whitebait in the mayo of life

    (okily dokily! well uh. for one they wouldn't use the normal communications things because they're kind of a troll. picture a face suddenly turning up in a shiny bit of the console and an arm sticking out to wave hi. reflective surfaces, remember.
    then they'd basically ask what the hell you want (possibly in those words) and, well, actually deal with the whole thing in a pretty helpful manner once you explain, because they're not THAT bad.)
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  12. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    ((Listeners! A massive spaceship has suddenly appeared in orbit around us! What threats to our existence do they surely bring? Are they here to subjugate us to evil alien rule? Do they intend to wipe our happy colony off the space map? Or is it just the delivery Station Management requisitioned from Space Amazon? Stay tuned, folks! We'll keep broadcasting until our station is annihilated by plasma or laser bombardment!))
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  13. Snitchanon

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    ((Is this the first time it's happened, because if it isn't I like the idea of every single arrival of the ship being greeted by equally frightened pronouncements from the radio.))
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  14. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    ((Of course it's not the first time! Every spaceship carries an equal opportunity for death and destruction, and it's our job at Kintsugi Community Radio to ensure that all our listeners are properly prepared for the apocalypse - remember: face danger with a smile!))
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  15. Snitchanon

    Snitchanon What's a mod to a nonbeliever.

    "The apocalypse cometh. In the unlikely event that it doesn't cometh, by a process of elimination, please be ready to receive your mail!"
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  16. NevermorePoe

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    ((that belongs in the out of context quotes thread))
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  17. Snitchanon

    Snitchanon What's a mod to a nonbeliever.

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    Raven had just finished transmitting the message when a face appeared on his screen. Not in the window, as would be expected, but on the shiny mirrored finish of the edge. “Hi.” He heard from it. An arm stuck out and waved at him. “What do you want?” It asked him. Raven turned towards the Ai “Don’t we have wards against this kind of thing?” he asked them. “It appears they have been bypassed.” The Ai replied. Looking back at the console, Raven opened his mouth to speak, but the face had disappeared.

    There was a voice behind him. ‘Well? You haven’t answered my question yet.” The face was on the window facing towards the gas giant behind them this time. The Ai holo projected near it. The face slid around onto the ceiling. Neuro looked at Raven and shrugged. “We have a delivery from Space Amazon. Where can we land?” Said Raven.

    “Oh, one second, I have to get the sheet out.” The face disappeared for a few seconds. It didn’t reappear again, but a piece of paper fell through the spot where it was last, and hit the floor. Examining it Raven noticed that it appeared to be a map, with an x a mile outside of the colony circled. Land here was written next to it.

    Raven looked at Neuro and shrugged. “Weird people, is the shuttle ready?” He started walking towards the docking port, pulling up a command interface he ordered several heavy lifting mechs into the shuttle, along with a few smaller ones to untie the crates. “It should be, I prepared it during the flight.” Neuro replied. Raven sat down in the pilot's seat a few moments later, watching the mechs walk in and grab onto a wall. He sent one of the smaller ones in back to check on the crates, and make sure none had been damaged.

    There was no atmosphere on the moon, but he had a small gravi-sled for moving around cargo in the ship, and an electric ATV was parked and fueled in back. Neuro slotted into the pilot’s console and there was a resounding click as Raven detached the shuttle from the main ship. Using anti gravity drives he parked the shuttle just a mile outside of the colony, the mechs were loading packages into the airtight gravi-sled as he stepped out of the cockpit, Neuro’s doing. They would be ready to deliver in 30 minutes or so, though it looked like the colony was sending out a greeting, or possibly security, team.

    ((landing the shuttle would be fairly gentle because anti gravity. Idk how you guys wanna play out coming to the colony, was the advanced compassionate guard sent out before landing, or after?))
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  20. TwoBrokenMirrors

    TwoBrokenMirrors Merely a whitebait in the mayo of life

    (Looks fine! Good job. =P)
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