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Discussion in 'The Undercity' started by jacktrash, Jun 7, 2016.

  1. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    when i invited my brother to join, he suggested my 13-y-o nephew would also appreciate being here, and it reminded me that we don't have an age limit here, nor do we do any kind of censorship. and i don't want to start censoring stuff either, obviously.

    so i'd like to suggest that adult-oriented threads, such as rp's with explicit sex and/or bad violence, make note of that fact in the title or first post, so kids (and anyone else who doesn't want to see it) can avoid it.
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  2. strictly quadrilateral

    strictly quadrilateral alive, alive, alive!

    i'm pretty sure the kinks etc thread has 18+ in the title, so it's not like there wasn't anything like that before
  3. Imoyram

    Imoyram Well-Known Member

    as the resident 14yo, I have never gone into shit and accidentally had it be sexy stuff
    everything is labelled enough, as long as you know NSFW and 18+ are basically exchangeable

    occasionally things in X + Y show up, but those are also clearly marked, other than genital stuff that is not sex (wtf afab bodies thread doesnt always spoiler genitalia, but that kinda the deal with the thread. so honestly it doesnt matter)

    I think its good. :)
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  4. winterykite

    winterykite Non-newtonian genderfluid

    we might want to put a note on spr2, theres nothing graphic, but some stuff does get, uhm, discussed. thoughts?
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  5. IvyLB

    IvyLB Hardcore Vigilante Gay Chicken Facilitator

    well technically the spr2 is supposed to be a PG-13 thread iirc, which we technically can't uphold due to the level of swearing but we could ask for the more detailed flirting stuff getting spoilered maybe?
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  6. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    How much violence is bad violence? Or what sort of violence? I'm very bad at figuring out what people mean by that.
  7. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    @Imoyram thanks for weighing in, i was thinking about asking you your opinion, since you're affected by it.

    i don't think anyone much cares about swearing. i'm more concerned about, say, somebody starting to read the werewolf rp thread like "hey cute monster fun" and then suddenly dicks. people are usually pretty good at spoilering things in the discussion threads, so it's mainly rp i'm concerned about.

    as for violence, i know 'case by case basis' doesn't help much, but i'd say like -- the thing in the werewolf game where sgt pancho got shot and erskin's POV included trying to give her first aid, i'd say that's ok, it's bloody but it's not mentally scarring, know what i mean? whereas the thing recently in the space navy game with the clown cultist captain might be over the line, because even though it's not bloodier, it's someone being malicious and there's body horror (someone loses an eye).
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  8. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    Hrmmmm. It doesn't help much, no. Bluh. I guess I will just have to punt and tone things down or spoil things when and if people ask for it. While keeping the pretty obviously nsfw violence even to me stuff where it needs to be. Like I'm not going to just pop into any old thread and be like suddenly Mai-chan's Daily Life levels of violence. I am a bit confused about cases that aren't that obviously extreme though.

    The maliciousness and the body horror are the bits that are pushing it over potentially yes? So not necessarily levels of violence but more the tone of the violence?
  9. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    yeah, i think basically the question is "is this nightmare fuel?"

    and you don't have to censor it, just label the thread.
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  10. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    oh, er... i can't remember whether thread starters can edit their own thread titles. folk can send me a report if they want me to do it. thread starter only please, unless the OP hasn't been around for a while.

    again, not a written-in-stone Rule, just an idea for generally making the place more friendly.
  11. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    yep, thread starters can edit their own titles.
  12. Imoyram

    Imoyram Well-Known Member

    (thanks for thinking to ask me jacktrash :) It does kinda make sense since I am one of the few minors, and basically the only below 16)

    Swearing, nah

    Violence? general nah

    Nightmare fuel violence? Maybe a small font trigger list/warning at post start, in brackets.
    Perhaps same for sex? Like fics where at the start the author goes "(hey yeah there's sex here if you dont want to read stop reading at "this line" and scroll down and continue at "this line")"

    If sometimes it may be used as plot relevant stuff (idk guessing here guys) if some big developement happens during a tagged scene, maybe mentioning that in the "skip to sentence 394" so even if its a bit spoilery, noone is confused? (ex: hey guys theres a kinda relevant sexy scene starting at "this line" skip to "this line" to not read it. during it "main character" realizes "this thing")

    It may also just be generally good to have a link to the out of character thread in the OP of in character rp threads, so you can easily hop over and see the general warnings about that rp.

    This is probably very unlikely to happen, big dreams here, but I'm brainstorming
  13. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    i think with sex there's particularly the concern that like... i don't actually know if it's illegal to write an explicit sex scene in a story i know a minor is reading, but it would certainly make me feel like a massive creepoid. so i wouldn't feel right with the "just skip to page 49" thing, it feels dodgy.
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  14. Imoyram

    Imoyram Well-Known Member

    Yeah... I mean, non-minors can also want to skip sex/torture/nightmare fuel scenes, but yeah i get it. :\
    I think best bet is to at least link to the planning thread in the OP of the in character thread, and have a list of "shit in this story"
    basically archive of our own's tags, in the planning thread OP

    and an 18+ or NSFW in the title if there is sex stuff
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  15. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    that's not a bad idea, having a warnings post somewhere that you can link to, so folks can decide if they're up for it.
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  16. BlackholeKG

    BlackholeKG I saw you making fire

    Question: What happens when you see somebody who is under 18 interacting in a marked NSFW/18+ thread? Because I've just realised that that's been happening in at least one instance

    Edit: Made a thread about this
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2016
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