Sage Canyon Academy Character Intros

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  1. kmoss

    kmoss whoops

    figured I might as well toss this up here

    Possible suggested format:

    Gender configuration
    Where you from
    Anything else I have missed
  2. Lazarae

    Lazarae The tide pod of art

    Is there a limit to how many characters we can play?
  3. kmoss

    kmoss whoops

    I figure as long as you can keep track of them, I'm not married to most set limits.
    Go nuts.
  4. wes scripserat

    wes scripserat Hephaestus

    Name: Kelly Simonds
    Age: 15
    Gender config: ????
    Where you from: boston. grew up around salem.
    dorm: ravens mostly
    anything else i have missed: not much. likes knowledge to the point of being willing to sacrifice sanity.
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  5. kmoss

    kmoss whoops

    Name: A. Moss
    Age: 17
    Gender configuration: Nah.
    Where you from: Up north, rural. The day Moss moved to warmer climates was the best day of their life. Moss' parents are both Muggles, and Moss has not told them they are a wix. Nor are they planning to.
    Dorm: Coyote. Can sometimes be found hiding out in Bear Dorm.
    Anything else I have missed: Moss' first name is Ariel, which they hate with a deep and abiding passion. Moss is almost graduated, and despite their reckless attitude, they're planning on going into some kind of law enforcement. If that falls through, they're talking with a few local quodpot teams to see about scholarships. Moss is the type of person who will fall off a bridge in front of newbies, hide in the water, and "haunt" the newbies later. (But then they'll adopt all of them and farm them out to the friendgroups they think the newbies will fit best in.)
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  6. Lycoris

    Lycoris Ghost Child

    Terrance Buranek
    Age 14
    Gender: undecided (as in, Terrance hasn't decided) (uses he/him/his pronouns)
    From: rural New York
    Tentatively a Bear (Very completely and resolutely a Hufflepuff, I am unsure if it still applies with the changes)
    Easygoing and serious in equal measures, Terrance is likely to sit back and listen if he doesn't understand a topic. Muggle born, but there have been other people in his extended family that were Weird in a way he eventually realizes was because they were magical. Terrance feels very nervous about being confined; he avoids people who try to pigeon-hole him and detests restrictive clothing. People's first impression of him is that he is very sociable. Tries not to be judgmental but grew up in a fairly small town and doesn't always understand people's differences. 5'5". Still has more growing to do. Coffee makes him sleepy. When feeling unsettled, is more likely to break onto the roof or explore Away From People on foot or broom than to hide away in his room or go out with friends. Avoids responsibility but takes promises very seriously.
    (Note: I've never RPed before and may have trouble keeping my character consistent or coming up with scenarios)
    Edit: doodled a bit more
    Less formal. After an abduction by a lake horror?
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  7. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Here's my student, will probably post teacher soon

    Name: Jay Rivers

    Age: 12

    Gender Configuration: Mostly a girl, uses she/her/hers pronouns

    From: Santa Fe, New Mexico (Muggleborn)

    Dorm: Is probably going to be a Coyote

    Anything Else:

    Throughout elementary school, Jay’s muggle teachers sent home report cards that said things like “rambunctious” or “rebellious” or “unwilling to listen.” The truth is that Jay is willing to listen- she’s just not really willing to obey. She has her own ideas of what she can and can’t- or should and shouldn’t- do, and it’s hard to change her mind. From a young age she realized that it’s very hard for her to understand or get to know people, so she intentionally put up a wall, built from wisecracks and snide comments and sometimes punches to the face, between her and the rest of the world. Which is all well and good, when she’s fine on her side of the wall- but when she wants to make contact with the other side, she isn’t quite sure how.
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  8. kmoss

    kmoss whoops

    I like your art! (And no worries, I think the last time I RPed anything was for D&D maybe 3 years ago. Feel free to bug us, because I plan on requesting huge amounts of help when i [inevitably] screw something up :D)
  9. wes scripserat

    wes scripserat Hephaestus

    can't wait to do this!
    my last rps were sherlock email rps, so don't worry.
    we're all stumbling around a bit.
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  10. emythos

    emythos Lipstick Hoarding Dragon

    Name: Carol Green
    Age: 16
    Gender configuration: agender, does not care about pronouns
    Where you from: Originally was from new england, moved to the nearby town at 12. Mother is a witch, father owns a small bookstore.
    Dorm: Bear, probably
    Anything else I have missed: Kinda off in their own world, Carol generally only can get pulled out of their daydreaming by extensive effort from friends. That, and quodpot. Despite this, they are surprisingly hard working and almost always have their school assignments done in advance. They're hard to annoy, and don't react to much if it is directed at them. Hurt their friends, however, and they can get vicious.
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  11. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    @Lycoris wow that is a super cute picture ouo
    Alright, have a teacher, but I am tired, so tell me if he's a good idea or not.

    Name: Miles Mills

    Age: 38

    Gender Configuration: Male

    From: Britian

    Dorm: Was a Ravenclaw

    Anything Else:

    Miles allegedly moved to America after a potion experiment gone horribly wrong. He adamantly denies this, saying he moved to “see the sun once in my life,” but it can’t be denied he seems to have a general mistrust and resentment of “the colonies.” He’s bitter, snippy, and kind of unpleasant, although it cannot be denied that he’s an effective teacher- and there’s rumors (that he adamantly denies) that he’s really a total softy to kids who are scared, hurt, or otherwise vulnerable, and that if you need help he’ll do everything he can for you. He has an intense and all consuming passion for his craft, often forgoing things like eating, sleeping, and grading homework while working on a particularly tricky or experimental potion- no matter how hard he tries to look presentable, there’s always a smudge of soot on him somewhere.
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  12. Lazarae

    Lazarae The tide pod of art

    Name: Isadora Detemple
    Age: 16
    Gender configuration: Defaults to female but largely gender-neutral.
    Where you from: Vermont
    Dorm: Raven
    Anything else I have missed: Metamorphmagus who loves using her ability to screw with people. Her most common appearance is female, with lightly tanned skin with red eyes. She has a mohawk that's half pink in the front and half purple in the back and raspberry brows.

    Name: Izetta Detemple
    Age: 16
    Gender configuration: More-or-less female
    Where you from: Vermont
    Dorm: Coyote
    Anything else I have missed: Isadora's twin, who is not a metamorphmagus. Whether they're fraternal or not is hard to tell given her sister's nature. They're both huge snark machines, but Izzy is more solitary and keeps to herself or Isa's company.


    Izzy is more solidly-female than Isa, but both are highly variable and Isa often takes neuter or male forms.
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  13. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    DADA teacher!

    Name: Ezekiel Moss (not to be confused with A. Moss above)
    Age: 28
    Gender configuration: standard factory model male
    Where you from: originally, Alabama, but was a Sage Canyon student and stuck around the area after graduation, working ranch jobs and construction while studying the magical landscape
    Dorm: was a Bear, but with typical Bear seriousness he is careful not to show favoritism to his old dorm


    other details:
    • looks a bit like heath ledger actually
    • lives in a small cabin up the canyon and rides an actual horse to school
    • the horse is a magical construct and will fuck you up if you're a baddie attacking him or his students
    • [​IMG]
    • it does poop though
    • you know you wondered
    • like many SCA teachers, he's good at wandless magic, particularly at channeling magic through other objects
    • like guns
    • and that horse
    • and an arkansas toothpick he keeps in his boot
    • [​IMG]
    • it's an antique from the civil war
    • there's a ghost attached to it, whom zeke addresses only as 'jackass'
    • he knows DADA teachers tend to have a short life expectancy; this does not seem to bother him
    • if you slack off in his class, and he knows you can do better, he will make sad cowboy eyes at you. you do not want the sad cowboy eyes.
    #yes he's a modernized version of that zeke moss
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  14. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    Name: Elliot Manchester
    Age: 15
    Gender configuration: AFAB, currently prefers to present male, They/them/their.
    Where you from: British transfer student, went to live with distant relatives in Nightvale after a dramatic disagreement with parents and hogwarts teachers about their gender issues.
    Dorm: Eagle, used to be a card carrying Gryffindor.
    Anything else I have missed: White, natural platinum blonde, grey eyes. Tallish and athletic, doesn´t really bind but wears sportsbras to reduce chest wibbles. Generally not all that curvy, very athletic. Plays quidditch or available equivalent. Comes off as very straighlaced, lawful good sort of person, but will break rules if they happen to think said rules are wrong. Often the resident newbie wrangler.

    Name: Santino Del Sol
    Age: 15
    Gender configuration: Male
    Where you from: Desert Bluffs (Nightvale´s neightbor/rival town)
    Dorm: Raven or Coyote.
    Anything else I have missed: He´s part nahua, part latino, fairly dark skinned, black straight hair down to his shoulders, and eyes that are black from lid to lid. (My headcanon for a Desert Bluffs thing, for the non Nightvalians here.) Tall and skinny, 5'11. Sharp featured in a way that will make him drop dead gorgeous by the time he´s 20, but currently mostly made of limbs and angles.
    The sort of dumbass who wears black leather in the desert. Frequently in trouble for dress code violation, and other rulebreaking. Resident pain in the teachers collective ass. Doesn´t get kicked out because he gets very good grades, but just barely.
    Tends to be snarky and standoffish, but fiercely protective of anyone who does make friends with him. Should that someone happen to be bullied he will make the bullies life hell.

    (And no, Santino and Elliot don´t like each other one bit, why do you ask?)
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  15. kmoss

    kmoss whoops

    I couldn't find the specific post but:
    bear:very similar to Hufflepuff, some slytherin. stubborn, comforting,protection
    turtle:compassion and ethics
    jackrabbit:similar to ravenclaw. clever, impulsive, talks in circles around you
    raven: wisdom, but elves in eragon level of truthfulness. they know lots of things and will tell you some of them
    coyote: similar to slytherin. trickster. (when they make a mistake, they'll fix it though)
    eagle: similar to Gryffindor. more likelihood of pranks, though

    did I miss anything?
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  16. wixbloom

    wixbloom artcute

    Herbology teacher!

    Name: Lux Fontana
    Age: 29
    Gender configuration: nonbinary agender, has achieved mythical long-haired androgyny that legitimately makes people not even dare gender them before asking (were potions involved? yes they were)
    From: Brazil, born in São Francisco de Paula (hint: click the link to see a lot of plants and a couple architectural hints that a city exists)
    Dorm: Graduated from a wizarding school in Paraná, where they were a Lobo-Guará, so they closely identify with Coyote.
    Anything else: Brown-skinned, long-haired with dark brown eyes, very tall and thin, with an angular face, Lux likes to wear bold lipstick and wears large gold-rimmed aviator glasses. Their clothing is generally a thrifted mess of lace, corduroy, denim and suede, but they can be counted on to always wear sturdy, protective rainboots in several colors and styles.
    Lux's specialty is channeling magical intent to enchant or charm plants. They're a plant whisperer, in short, and a rather mischievous one. Will often have several flowers and vines laced around their hair and/or boots, which change according to their intent. While they're ultimately a kind person and try to have a pleasant, fun and welcoming class atmosphere, Lux also doesn't indulge anyone's theatrics, manipulation or shoddy excuses, and can be very blunt to people who try to use those things against them.
    They were better at DADA than Herbology in school, to be honest, but the field is too stressful and can be triggering to them due to undisclosed personal issues, so they prefer dealing with the softer world of plants , and they know students who had some pretty intense encounters with the dark forces of the world that feel the same way (they welcome these students to the greenhouse at all hours).
    Contrary to what is whispered by students, Lux does not live IN the greenhouse. They totally have their own sleeping quarters. But it's true sometimes they sleep on the greenhouse floor instead of in their bed.

    BTW petition for the greenhouse to look like the Curitiba greenhouse

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  17. wes scripserat

    wes scripserat Hephaestus

    wait didn't do physical description heh.
    in brief for now usually wears neutral clothes (plaid. jeans) and a binder (though that depends on the day)
    only variety is scarves.
    has white hair.
  18. emythos

    emythos Lipstick Hoarding Dragon

    Shoot, neither did I
    skinny and androgynous, medium height. has short, strawberry blond hair that's always bedhead looking. light brown eyes. wears jeans and loose t-shirts constantly. has a permanent tan.
  19. kmoss

    kmoss whoops

    whoops, knew I missed something.
    moss is around average guy height and tall for a girl, so it clocks in around 5'10 something. looks skinny but it's just because they're tall, and has a pretty good muscle mass to balance out the more petite bone structure (pretty important when you play a Beater on the small local [hipster] quidditch team). probably has the ability to stay still and in one place, but most people have never seen it. brown hair that's sunbleached most of the year, light grey green eyes, and a permanent patch of sunburn on their nose, where the near constant sunglasses don't quite cover. weird love of american surplus army gear. in the wintry north, moss started out very very light skinned, but the sun here has unlocked some crazy tanning power.
  20. strictly quadrilateral

    strictly quadrilateral alive, alive, alive!

    Name: Kes Adams
    Age: 16
    Gender configuration: afab, genderfluid
    Where you from: Boston
    Dorm: Raven probably
    Anything else I have missed: Probably muggleborn. I can't think of anything right now but I'll add something later. (sorry)
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